Chapter 1424

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Chapter 1424: Chapter 1423: Serious

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The transport plane changed to a helicopter and was sent to the ward. Ling ran looked up at his watch again and said, “Four hours and 37 minutes. It’s too slow.”

The doctors who were preparing for the surgery and were about to high-five each other looked at each other and sensed that something serious was going on.

“The time limit is so strict?”Ma yanlin mumbled softly, “The surgery requirements will also follow, right?”

Yu Yuan chuckled as she moved a stepping stool. She was not qualified to go on stage today. She only wanted to stand a little higher so that she could see the surgery on the spot, therefore, she said in a relaxed mood, “Will doctor Ling’s requirements be more relaxed if we transport the patient back from a thousand miles away?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Huo Congjun was the first to walk in.

“You, Doctor Ling, don’t like to talk, but you have to be proactive. The patient that was transported back from a thousand miles away, so many people, and so much energy and time spent to buy time, if anyone wastes it for me, I will send him to Bazhaizi village. Do you understand?”Huo Congjun did not even have the slightest bit of politeness in his tone, the pressure in his eyes became even more intense.

“Understood.”Almost subconsciously, everyone answered obediently at the first moment.

Only then did Huo Congjun nod and stand aside. He did not interfere with the specific work of Ling treatment group.

At this moment, Ling ran was only doing his usual first aid work. Although this work had started on the plane, when he arrived at the hospital, his needs and goals were naturally different.

“Mews (Early Warning Rating Scale-RRB- score is tIt. it’s still relatively stabDepartmentment direcTao tao also came to the scene and took the initiative to reportLingling ran.

This scene was a little abrupt, but it also looked very natural.

As a chief physician, department director Tao’s authority in the emergency department was not strong. Especially after the countdown for retirement sounded, department director Tao appeared even more buddhist-like.

However, at the same time, chief physician Tao was also the oldest and most experienced doctor in the emergency department. He was a buddhist-like doctor, and his freedom and ease in doing things also came with it. Other than being chief physician Huo’s assistant, chief physician Tao did not need to lower himself to be an assistant, especially when he was an assistant in the emergency department. It was even more unnecessary. He could either start his own group or rest on the spot, and no one would say anything about it.

However, the scene today was like a rehearsal. Department director Tao joined in as if he was receiving an emergency patient as usual. However, it felt a little strange for him to voluntarily report this to Ling ran.

“Let the orthopedics department join in.”Ling ran gave the order according to the planned plan. Everyone could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

Before the transfer plane arrived, everyone understood the patient’s condition. They also held a consultation and discussed it, and they also invited doctors from other departments. However, after the patient arrived and was examined, the patient’s condition was very likely to change. In other words, it was bound to change. The crux of the problem was what kind of changes would be needed for the change, and whether the contents of the previous consultation needed to be changed drastically.

If it did not need to be changed drastically, then from a medical point of view, it was already a very smooth start.

Immediately after that, Ling ran put on his surgical gown and performed a laparotomy on the patient.

Patients had performed X-ray, CT, or magnetic resonance imaging examinations many times before, but for surgeons, these were not as accurate and complete as the information that could be obtained through an laparotomy. Most importantly, several patients had undergone surgery, and the few patients who were transferred out were not performing well. Not only were they not performing well, but there were even some serious complications after the surgery.

This was not surprising. When the hospital performed surgery, they would often have to go to the palace twice and go to the palace thrice. Some complicated surgeries would require multiple surgeries at the beginning. However, similar to going to the palace twice and going to the palace thrice, many serious complications after the surgery were very difficult to cure, and the probability of death was also very high.

“There is fluid in the abdominal cavity, and the infection is not completely controlled. The reduction of the bone joints is still fine, but the intestinal tract… well, basically, the intestinal obstruction… department director Tao, are you here to perform the surgery?”Ling ran had examined the first patient, he did not perform the surgery himself.

Intestinal surgery was not his specialty. More importantly, his mission was not just this patient. He just needed to give priority to the diagnosis of the patient’s symptoms based on the judgment made on the plane.

After leaving the patient with intestinal obstruction to the group led by department director Tao, Ling ran began to arrange for another patient with a head injury. After a brief examination, he said, “Hand him over to the neurology department.”

The Neurology Department’s doctors had been waiting outside for a long time. They happily came in to take over.

Even though they were not sure that they could cure patient number two, it was not easy to die in the internal medicine department. Most importantly, the sense of participation was very strong.

The patients who were transferred to the hospital were given a wide range of medication and treatment. Not to mention the opportunity and honor behind it, this type of treatment was also what doctors liked the most.

After leaving the third patient who suffered multiple injuries to the general surgery department, Ling ran dealt with the fourth patient on his own.

At this time, a voice came from outside the viewing room. “Doctor Ling, this patient must wake up.”

Ling ran lowered his head and looked at the patient before him, but he did not answer.

From his point of view, the patient’s condition was not very complicated, but he might not necessarily be able to accomplish the task of waking up.

There were all kinds of people coming and going outside the viewing room. Some were there to watch the surgery, some were there to watch the show, and some were there to watch the people.

What was different from the past was that there were a lot of doctors from the surgery department today.

Huo congjun chuckled as he exited the room. He squatted in a corner and watched the doctors from other departments come and go.

He knew very well what these people were thinking.

In the past, the people who came to watch Ling ran’s surgery were really all kinds of people. Some of the medical staff from the outer hospital did not have any serious business at all. They were not even surgeons, but they would come to see Ling ran. Huo Congjun had to reorganize himself a few times, only then did the visiting room resume its normal work. In terms of numbers, the number of medical staff from the outer hospital was often greater than that of the hospital itself. This was also a very interesting topic within Yun Hua Hospital.

However, today, the doctors from the surgical department of the hospital occupied the majority of the seats. They occupied the seats, and the number of people from the outer hospital who could come in later decreased. According to the rules of the visiting room set up by Huo Congjun, they could watch for a longer period of time, which resulted in a huge change in the proportion of visitors.

As for the reason, it was just that all the people in the world came for benefits.

In the past, no matter how Big Ling ran’s reputation was, so what if his flying knives became armed patrols? The doctors from other departments did not need to pay too much attention to this point. As long as they were not jealous, at most, the doctors from small departments would be worried, the ordinary doctors from small departments could not be bothered to worry.

However, medical transportation was too attractive.

It was to pull patients from other departments to the hospital. Moreover, it was not just to pull patients from other departments. Most of the time, they were patients from multiple departments.

In the past, how could a department of internal medicine like the Department of Neurology expect to receive such an important resource from Ling ran.

Yet, such a thing really happened.

“The power of this thing is much greater than expected,”Huo Congjun muttered to himself.