Chapter 1425

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Chapter 1425: Chapter 1424 did not move at all

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“The situation has stabilized. Once the anesthetic wears off, we should be able to wake up slowly.”Ling ran stood outside the ICU and explained the situation to department director Chen and the others.

After he finished speaking, the ICU director immediately stepped forward in a positive manner and said, “Our current life support system is extremely powerful. The technical level of our department has long reached the first-class level in the country…”

There were many people gathered in front of him. Although some of them were impatient, they all listened to the ICU director’s bragging leisurely.

The patient’s condition was really good. This was the most important thing. With this foundation, everyone was basically happy. It was just like in the stock market, where there was no short selling, during the period when the stock index was rising.., the mood of the shareholders would be very good. They could view the world and humanity in a peaceful and optimistic manner. When they encountered the mistakes or even mistakes of others, they could easily be forgiven.

The emergency department now had its own EICU. However, for the sake of greater security, the transferred patients were still sent to the ICU after the surgery.

Huo Congjun agreed with this. This was not only because the patients’symptoms were very serious and the EICU’s strength was still insufficient. It was also because of the responsibility. So many doctors from different departments had actively participated in the treatment of the transferred patients, everyone’s goal was obviously not to give a speech at the death symposium.

The ICU did a good job. They did not hesitate to send out their strongest force. Per capita, one director served the patients. It could be seen that all the numbers were trending in a good direction.

Obviously, the colleagues in the ICU also saw the advantage and strength of medical transportation. Therefore, even if the emergency department built their own EICU to make people uncomfortable, the department directors of the ICU had to endure it.

If they could not bear it, they would mess up the big plan. If they were at a disadvantage, they would be at a disadvantage. Men had gold under their knees… the ancient words were like pearls and pearls, fully demonstrating the benefits of lowering their heads.

Department director Chen and the others also clearly relaxed, he said half-jokingly, “Doctor Ling’s plan is really good, but it’s really expensive. Now that we’ve completed an important battle, can we save some ammunition and rest for a while?”

Ling ran did not really understand him. He naturally looked at Zuo Cidian.

Zuo Cidian’s expression was serious as he asked, “What chief Chen means is that you want to reduce expenses and reduce costs? The medical transportation we’re doing now is actually not expensive…”

“Not to the extent of reducing the cost…”director Chen smiled awkwardly and quickly expressed that he did not want to burn the bridge after crossing it, he quickly said, “Even if we can save some places, the basic framework will definitely not change, and we can’t change it either, right?”

“We can package a part of the mission and transfer it to the local area.”Ling ran’s answer was somewhat unexpected.

Department director Chen was stunned. “You can also pack this up?”

“Of course,”Ling ran said very naturally. “We can increase the helicopter’s capacity and increase the social helicopter rescue. This way, we can even out the cost of fixed-wing aircraft. Or we can directly subcontract the fixed-wing aircraft and reduce the cost by optimizing the helicopter’s capacity. We can also appropriately reduce the number of doctors who will be sent to the front line and replace them with rescue personnel who have received preliminary training. “Similarly, we can reduce the number of doctors who will be sent to the front line because our model is to send as many doctors to the front line as possible. Therefore, we don’t need the front line hospital to have too much heavy equipment. For example, high-standard operating theaters are not necessary…”

Chief Chen smacked his lips and laughed awkwardly as he listened. He had been in big brother for so long that he was already used to eating alone. He was not willing to tear apart the medical transportation system that he had just built.

“As for helicopters… If this is used at the front line, it definitely can’t be socialized.”Department director Chen shook his head slightly.

“If we add some socialized helicopters and use them in safer areas, we can also share the costs.”Zuo Cidian had learned from Ling ran for a period of time. In addition, he was very sensitive to costs and other related information, he had already asked Ling ran about it a long time ago. As he spoke, he took out the template in his mind.

Department director Chen still shook his head. “This will increase the cost of management, right? Besides, the places we often go to are poor and remote. Even if we buy a helicopter, no one will use it.”

“We can use it at the end. For example, in Yun Hua, we can increase the capacity of the helicopter. The pilots can communicate with each other, the parts and maintenance can be done, and the ground service can also be communicated with each other. Moreover, the helicopters in Yun Hua can also make money…”zuo cidian sincerely gave his suggestion.

“It’s too messy. No, no, no.”Director Chen shook his head. “Moreover, we need to use military helicopters at the front line, so we can’t communicate with the rear.

“Fixed-wing aircraft is the most expensive part. If we reduce this part… there is still a certain amount of space…”Zuo Cidian thought as he deliberated his words.

Director Chen said, “Fixed-wing aircraft… the aircraft and pilots are already in place. There is no need to change it anymore.”

“Then, should we introduce state-owned enterprises?”

“No. We have policies in this area.”

Zuo Cidian finally understood as he spoke. He asked a few more questions and said softly, “That means we have to save money, but it’s best if we don’t touch anything at all?”

Director Chen’s face turned slightly red, as if he had only drunk eight taels of wine.

The middle-aged man behind him coughed lightly and said, “It means to reduce costs and increase efficiency.”

Zuo Cidian acted as if he had suddenly realized something and changed the topic. “Speaking of which, when the patient wakes up, our mission will basically be completed…”

“That’s right, that’s right. Thank you, thank you.”Director Chen shook everyone’s hands tightly and thanked them. “This mission is all thanks to everyone. Wait for the news, everyone, wait for the news…”

“Wait for the news.”Everyone was exceptionally happy. A sense of honor was always easy to develop in a crowd.

At the same time, a few pharmaceutical representatives who were at the scene also spread the story of the medical transportation. Such a project with heavy assets was naturally not welcomed by capital. It was not that it did not make money, but many people were too lazy to make such money. The pharmaceutical representatives did not think that their company could do such a job. They all treated it as a joke.

The news circulated in the circle and soon spread out.

Compared to the anecdotes of the company, this kind of story involving a large sum of money but also seemed to have practical applications was always easy to spread in a secretive way.

Some people only spread it, and more people just looked at it. But in some places, there were always some people who would pay attention to it.

Zuo Cidian took out a day with great difficulty to go shopping with his girlfriend who had just confirmed their relationship.

His phone rang without any surprise.

Zuo cidian glanced at the screen and put on the mute.

The phone rang again, but it was still the same configuration.

When it rang for the third time, Zuo Cidian could only shake his head. “Looks like I have to answer it.”

“It’s fine.”His girlfriend who had just confirmed their relationship was the head nurse’s best friend. She had known about Zuo Cidian’s working style long ago, so her expression was still rather calm.

“Director Bo, why are you calling me?”Zuo Cidian picked up director Bo’s call from Jun ‘an clinic and said first, “Doctor Ling has been very busy with freelance surgeries recently, but he doesn’t have time to fly.”

“He’s not arranging freelance surgeries. He’s looking for you.”Director Bo’s voice was steady.

Zuo Cidian could not help but be surprised. “Why are you looking for me?”

“I have a few investors here who want to know about the situation of the medical treatment. Is this a good time to look for you?”Director Bo laughed twice and said, “There’s a consultation fee.”