Chapter 1428

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Chapter 1428: Chapter 1427 was not professional

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“Let’s wait here for a while. Doctor Ling will be out soon.”Zuo Cidian had a humble smile on his face. One-eighth of it was for the capitalists, and seven-eighth was for department director Huo.

Hannah, who was wearing a Prada suit, frowned slightly. She looked at the doctors and patients around her and said slowly, “I thought I could sit in the conference room today and discuss in detail some of the issues that everyone is concerned about.”

Everyone present could hear the underlying meaning of her words. She brought out a plane, and it was not easy to serve her?

Zuo Cidian gave a smile of agreement, but he said, “Doctor Ling’s personality is not quite the same. Moreover, time is indeed very tight. Please bear with me.”

Huo Congjun also had a smile on his face. He said, “Today’s surgery is full. If it were not for the requests of the few of you, Doctor Ling would not have come out to meet everyone.”

Huo Congjun was also willing to restrain his temper when it came to capitalists who were willing to pay, especially when the other party didn’t pay up.

Hannah and the others were also helpless. Things had already progressed to this stage, so they shouldn’t be throwing tantrums.

The few of them waited for a long time in boredom before they heard the greetings of “Doctor Ling”and “Doctor Ling”coming from the front. Then, they simultaneously gave a gaze salute.

There was even a hint of provocation in Hannah’s eyes. As an investor for many years, she knew very well how to deal with these self-righteous investors. She also knew how to let them understand the power of capital.

The other colleagues who came with Hannah had even more unbridled looks in their eyes. They even had the thought of watching a good show.

Ling ran walked over with a mask on. When he saw Huo Congjun and the others, he took off his mask out of politeness and threw it into the corresponding trash can. Then, he walked over and looked at Zuo Cidian, Hannah, and the others, he said, “I have about twenty minutes.”

“Thank you for your hard work.”Hannah suddenly let out a long breath. She was like a small fish that had been suffocated by water. A young deer in heat broke its leg, and the widow at the village entrance was in a mess, her voice was hoarse as she spoke in Chinese, which she was not very familiar with. “You… are… Doctor Ling?”

“I am.”Ling ran nodded.

Hannah gulped. “I… I didn’t…”

“You can use English.”Ling ran had also seen many girls like international students. When they spoke to him in Chinese, it was not only difficult for them to express themselves, but it was also easy for them to make mistakes. Whenever this happened, Ling ran would allow the other party to use English so that he could speed up and reject them.

Ling ran was quite familiar with some related languages.

Hannah could not help but let out a sigh of relief and put on the most beautiful smile, she spoke in English, “I Saw Your ID photo. I didn’t expect, didn’t expect… that your aura in real life is so different. “Of course, your ID photo is also very handsome, but it gives a different feeling to a real person. “I originally thought that you would be a man like an ordinary celebrity, but it’s obvious that your appearance is the same as your inner self. You’re very… very… uh… Extraordinary!”

Ling ran gave a smile that met the expectations of society.

Ling ran was familiar with Hannah’s performance and even the content of her words. Not only that, he even had a mature coping system. For example, don’t be in a hurry to reject her immediately. Otherwise, the other party would always feel that she had not finished her words. She might even think that Ling ran would agree if she said ‘XXX’or performed a little better..

This was like using more direct and violent methods to save time during the surgery. It was easy to prolong the surgery time, and the prognosis was not good.

Ling ran stood there and quietly waited for Hannah to speak so that she could fully explain herself.

However, Hannah was not a teenage or twenty-something-year-old girl after all. She only said a few words before she remembered her work for the day.

Even though her work was no longer that important, Hannah still steeled herself and adjusted her mindset. She asked Ling ran, “Doctor Ling, do you have any questions about the medical plane we provided?”

“Yes.”Ling ran nodded and said, “We don’t have enough equipment, and the time spent on duty is too short. In addition, the medical team provided on the plane needs to further learn and train, or be replaced.”

“These requirements of yours…”Hannah forced a smile and considered her words carefully, she said, “Your requirements are reasonable, but based on cost considerations, we can add some equipment. However, if we update the equipment, the changes to the plane will be larger, and the maintenance time will be very long. “In addition, the aircraft’s duty time is linked to the pilot’s duty time, the flight team’s duty time, and the medical team’s duty time. At least in the initial stage, we think that increasing the aircraft’s duty time is too high and almost unacceptable..

“I can give you a list of equipment. If you can update the equipment according to one type of equipment on the list, the other equipment can be postponed. The flight’s duty time can be adjusted later. What about the medical team?”

“This…”Hannah hesitated.

The middle-aged investor, who was standing at the back, he said, “Doctor Ling, the aircraft is managed by a separate company. We hope that we can still maintain relative independence. Of course, we will provide them with further training and learning in the next period of time…”

“How do we train and Learn?”Ling ran paid more attention to this question, and he was obviously more professional.

“This…”the middle-aged investor was initially just giving him a runaround, but he was suddenly a little unhappy when he was asked this question. He waited for a few seconds, he said, “Just like what I said just now, Doctor Ling, the management of a medical plane is a separate company. The medical team on the plane will also maintain relative independence and professionalism. We will arrange for their training and learning together.”

Ling ran looked into the other party’s eyes and said, “They are not professional enough…”

“You say that…”the middle-aged investor chuckled, he said, “We also have a professional company that is responsible for this aspect of management. We can’t just replace the entire team just because of your words, right? This cost is not low either.”

“Then, you can directly ask the members of the team to listen to their own opinions. You can ask them if they are professional enough and if they are able to undertake the corresponding transportation tasks.”Ling ran paused for a moment, then, he said, “You can tell them that my specialties are heart surgery, liver surgery, finger replantation, Achilles tendon rupture repair, knee arthroscopy, shoulder arthroscopy, and so on. If the patients board the medical plane, can they maintain the patient’s life and condition to be stable?”

The purpose of medical transportation was to treat patients. Since the medical plane that stopped in Yun Hua wanted to transport patients to Ling ran, it was naturally to transport patients with the diseases that he was good at.

Even if the investors present did not know what to do, they still felt a little guilty when they heard the words ‘heart surgery’, ‘Liver Surgery’, and so on.

“But, but… if we change the medical team…”the middle-aged investor frowned. After a while, he really picked up his phone and said, “I’ll make a few calls.”