Chapter 1430

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Chapter 1430: Chapter 1429 was not needed

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A Falcon 2000 gently glided to the end of the runway.

A few stretchers were quickly carried down, and then they boarded two Jinhui general purpose helicopters.

The medical transport company that Hannah and the others invested in only bought fixed-wing aircraft, but for the helicopter transport, they re-contracted it to minimize the risk of assets.

Ye Ming knew that he did not feel anything about this in the past. The employees did what the boss wanted them to do. In his opinion, it seemed to be the most correct model.

However, after that professional conversation, Ye Ming knew that when he looked at the helicopter marked “Jinhui general utility”again, he could not help but feel a little guilty.

It was not that they could not use the helicopter that was not his own, but the frequency and workload of the same medical transshipment mission would definitely be lower if they used the outsourcing model. If he contacted Ling ran, he would be able to use the helicopter, this was also evidence that it was not professional enough.

Ye Ming knew that he followed the patient into the second helicopter. He frowned as he headed to Yun Hua Hospital.

Ye Ming knew that he was about to meet Ling ran, and he could not help but feel a little emotional and worried.

Meeting a big shot had always been a matter of chance and danger coexisting together. What if Ling ran did not like it? What if Ling ran was unhappy? What if Ling ran wanted to destroy him? What if he was killed by the Society?

Ye Mingzhi’s expression changed as he thought about it. The assistant next to him thought that he was suffering from Yang deficiency. When he was about to land, he whispered into ye Mingzhi’s ear, “Captain Ye, who’s going to report?”

They still followed the pre-hospital emergency mode. When they arrived at the hospital, they had to explain to the local doctors about the patient’s condition and the measures they had taken. Normally, Ye Ming was the one who came to report, but he had been lazy too many times, so everyone was used to making preparations.

“Let me do it.”Ye Ming knew that he didn’t dare to give up his authority this time. The other doctors didn’t know the specific situation. If he were to screw over the team, it would be too tragic.

Even if he was going to screw over the team, he should be the one to screw over the team.

Ye Ming thought to himself and sat up straight, as if he was preparing for an interview.

The patient who was lying on the stretcher saw that the doctors on both sides were getting nervous. He couldn’t help but get nervous as well. “Isn’t it just a transfer? Did Something Happen?”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry. We’re discussing the procedure.”The vice-captain quickly comforted the patient.

Most of the patients that they had transferred recently were wealthy patients like these. They were not like the urgent cases on television where they had to race against time. In most cases, the purpose of transferring patients was to transfer them to another hospital for treatment or to perform surgery in another hospital. Simply put, they were patients who had money and requirements.

Today was no exception. A few patients needed hepatectomy. The doctors of the local hospital had discussed with the patients who originally wanted to perform freelance surgeries. The cost of the freelance surgery was changed to the cost of transferring patients to another hospital, so they directly cut the queue and sent them over.

Of course, the condition of the patients was slightly different, especially the two old men on the helicopter. Their bodies were all plugged with tubes, so they were still quite different from normal transshipment.

“Where’s Doctor Ling?”Another patient shouted with his eyes closed.

“We’ll be at the hospital soon. When we get to the hospital, we’ll be able to see Doctor Ling,”Ye Ming advised helplessly. This patient was a little hysterical. He would call Doctor Ling every now and then. However, they would often see similar patients.

Some seriously ill patients who had been sick for a long time were able to know all the doctors in their field like the back of their hand. This was similar to people who had been losing money by buying stocks for a long time. Gradually, not only could they call out names like Buffett, but they could also know the names of the fund managers, especially the financial experts.

The people who were the sickest would often regard one or a few of the doctors as a life-saving straw.

It was uncertain whether they could really save themselves, but for them, this was their last hope.

Ling ran’s hepatectomy had been carried out until now, and there were at least eight hundred patients who had been cured of liver diseases. Although there was not much publicity in the mass media, in the circle of patients with liver diseases, it was already the only one. His success rate and the prognosis of the patients could be said to have far surpassed most of the doctors in the country. In the eyes of some patients who were on the verge of death, he was more like a lifesaver.

“I want Doctor Ling to perform the surgery on me.”When the patient shouted the word “Doctor ling,”he sounded very loud.

“I know. We’re going to look for Doctor Ling to perform the surgery,”ye Ming answered.

“We want Doctor Ling to perform the surgery himself.”

“It must be Doctor Ling!”

“Yes.”Ye Mingzhi responded and increased the dosage of the medicine for the patient. Then, he smiled helplessly at the vice-captain beside him and said, “I miss the ambulance at this time.”

The vice-captain smiled and said, “You have family members following you, right?”

“How much less trouble.”Ye Mingzhi used his words to hide his anxiety. When he saw the sign of the helipad on the roof of Yun Hua Hospital, his little heart almost jumped out of his chest.

A few doctors in white coats had already been waiting on the top of the building.

The most eye-catching one among them was a doctor standing in the middle. He had a big waist and a receding hairline. His thighs were thick and strong, and his pants looked like they were made of gold.

“Hybrid operating theater, let’s go.”The helicopter had just landed when the Doctor, who was as strong as an ox, rushed forward.

Ye Mingzhi quickly cooperated. When he jumped off the helicopter, he asked, “You’re Doctor Lu, right?”

“I’m Lu Wenbin. Have we met before?”Lu Wenbin glanced at ye Mingzhi and said it very casually.

“We haven’t met before, but we’ll probably have frequent dealings with each other in the future. I’m the person in charge of the medical transportation team here, Ye Mingzhi.”Ye Mingzhi introduced himself to Lu Wenbin while he was busy with his work.

“OH.”Lu Wenbin let out a meaningful smile and helped him push the stretcher away.

Ye Mingzhi knew that he was slightly behind. He thought for a few seconds and followed behind Lu Wenbin in disappointment.

“What’s Wrong?”The vice-captain asked in concern.

“I’m afraid that we’re going to be eliminated.”Ye mingzhi sighed.

The vice-captain was shocked. “It can’t be. Did that doctor just say that? He’s so arrogant?”

“He didn’t say it. If he did, I wouldn’t be so worried.”

“Then you’re really thinking too much.”The vice-captain comforted him and said, “Since he didn’t say it, let’s not make wild guesses…”

Ye Mingzhi shook his head and glanced at the vice-captain. He said, “I just said that we’ll probably interact with each other often in the future. He just revealed a smile. This kind of smile…”

Ye mingzhi imitated Lu Wenbin. He only curled the corners of his mouth and gave the vice-captain an emoji with a fake smile.

“This…”the vice-captain sucked in a breath of cold air. “This… is not good.”

“Right? Let’s follow him.”Ye Mingzhi lowered his psychological expectations by one level again. He ran along with the stretcher in a depressed manner.

Lu Wenbin escorted a few patients who were in transit along the way. He only heaved a sigh of relief when he returned to the operating theater. He rubbed his neck and complained, “I practiced my neck yesterday. In the end, my cheeks hurt so much that I can’t open my mouth today. It’s really strange.”

“Let me take a look.”Zuo Cidian boasted that he already had a foundation in the orthopedics department, so he took the initiative to show concern for his colleagues.

The corners of Lu Wenbin’s mouth twitched, and he smiled at Zuo Cidian.

“Jaw syndrome.”Zuo Cidian put on his gloves and pinched his cheeks. He quickly came to a conclusion. “What kind of hard food did you eat yesterday?”

“Now that you mention it, I ate some bones…”lu Wenbin said and nodded. “That should be the problem. Sigh, there are too many bones left, and I don’t have a dog…”

“You can give them to everyone to chew on.”Zuo Cidian pursed his lips.

“There’s not much meat left in the middle of the elbow. It would be too embarrassing to give them to everyone.”Lu Wenbin laughed a few times and quickly ended the topic. He thought to himself, ‘If you guys chew on the bones for free every day.., ‘who will I sell the meat from my bones to?’?

Ling ran stepped on the airtight door and walked in.

“Are You Ready?”Ling ran put on his white coat and walked around the operating table to check.

“It’s a typical intrahepatic bile duct stone…”Lu Wenbin quickly went forward to report.

“Yes.”Ling ran looked at the video. To him, this was the type of surgery he was most familiar with, and he did a lot of it.

Zuo Cidian coughed twice and asked, “Do you want to meet the person in charge of the transportation team?”

“Do I need to meet him?”Ling ran looked at Zuo cidian strangely after he looked at the video.

Zuo Cidian understood what Ling ran meant and said helplessly, “If there’s a medical need, there shouldn’t be a need.”

“Okay, then let’s prepare for the surgery.”Ling ran nodded and began to enter the operating state.