Chapter 1434

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Chapter 1434: Chapter 1433

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Huo Congjun stood at the fountain of Yun Hua Hospital with his hands on his waist, looking at the sky.

A helicopter flew over from afar. When it was not even the size of a pigeon, it made a beeping sound that was louder than a pigeon’s pot.

Huo congjun scooped up fragrant garden that was passing by and gently twisted its neck. He casually patted its face to the other side and gently stroked its wings, he sighed, “Another helicopter. The Sign of Yun Hua Hospital’s emergency department is so bright that it’s turning purple.”

Xiang Manyuan turned its head with a “Ga”sound, and its throat was once again grabbed by fate.

Huo Congjun slowly played with it for a while before he threw it out.

Xiang Manyuan ran away like a bunch of doctors who were running to pick up the helicopter.

Huo Congjun returned to the emergency room with his hands behind his back, feeling satisfied. He then watched the group of doctors and nurses busy themselves.

In the past, if there were patients being transported over by helicopter, there would definitely be doctors who were at the level of chief physicians or associate chief physicians attending to them. This was because these were all extremely complicated situations.

But now, not to mention that the doctors and nurses in the emergency department were used to it, the abundant manpower also made Huo Congjun and the others not have to run around tirelessly anymore.

Chief physician Tao jogged past Huo Congjun. As he ran, he asked in surprise, “Old Huo, why are you here?”

“UH… to take a look?”Huo Congjun did not know how to answer. He just watched director Tao stomp in front of him.

“If there’s nothing else, come and help. We’re all busy.”A man like director Tao who was about to retire was the most reckless. He did not even need to think before he spoke. When he commanded the director, it was as if he was commanding a disobedient Husky, in any case, he could just shout. If he was disobedient, then it was his fault.

Huo Congjun was slightly surprised. “Why are you busy?”

“You’re joking. We’re in the emergency department. Why are we busy in the emergency department?”Department director Tao looked at Huo Congjun like he was looking at a king of Huskies.

Huo congjun nodded slowly and shook his head firmly. “Our recent expansion has almost tripled in size. Will we still be unable to handle it?”

The emergency department had already filled up the number of staff needed to upgrade the emergency medical center. Correspondingly, the number of advanced doctors, housemen, and interns had also increased significantly. All in all, the current Yun Hua Hospital Emergency Medical Center could easily pull out two hundred doctors. This number was extremely terrifying in any hospital in the country.

In fact, almost all departments with this number of doctors would be able to set up their own hospital branches. If they did not set up their own hospital branches, or if they could not set up their own hospital branches, most of them would have to be split up.

Huo Congjun was nervous for a third of a second for no reason. In the blink of an eye, he relaxed and said to himself, “What are you panicking about? We Have Ling ran.”

“Of course. If it weren’t for Doctor Ling, we wouldn’t be so tired.”Department director Tao Gasped for air.

Huo Congjun was stunned for a moment before he came to a realization. “They were transported here by medical treatment? There are so many of them?”

Department director Tao replied with an “En”, he said, “All of them are seriously and seriously ill. Moreover, yingren company has started adding helicopters over there. Currently, four helicopters are on duty. Excluding the time for maintenance and repair, there are still two helicopters that can fly into the sky. Do you think that private companies will specialize in the airport business? “The ambulance business in the neighboring county has been stolen.”

“Transferring patients from other counties? It will be very expensive, right?”

“No matter how expensive it is, can it be more expensive than a black car? It’s several times more expensive than a proper ambulance. There will always be people who can afford it.”Director Tao chuckled, then, he said, “They have the cooperation of banks and securities firms. They are in finance. I don’t know anything about this. I just know that we are really an emergency medical center. The radiation range is two to three hundred kilometers.”

When Huo Congjun heard this, his eyes lit up.

He did not have many hobbies in his life. Other than insulting people, smoking, drinking, tea, insulting people, treating patients, performing surgeries, insulting people, watching anti-japanese dramas, patrolling the ward, holding international conferences, and insulting people, he did not have many hobbies, what he looked forward to the most was to see the expansion of his emergency medical center.

In this regard, Huo Congjun was a little like a farmer who grew vegetables. He always liked to dig a little bit of the land next door when he was renovating the trench to expand it a little.

Of course, Huo Congjun was even more comforted by Ling ran’s behavior, which made it seem like he had bought all the land next door.

“Let me help.”Huo congjun rolled up his sleeves and went into action.

Department director Tao pretended to stop him and said, “Department director, you just need to be in charge of the center. You Don’t have to go down personally.”

“Why would a doctor be in charge of the center? Besides, Ling ran will be in charge of commanding. He should be very familiar with this kind of situation by now,”Huo Congjun said, he casually followed department director Tao into the resuscitation room.

Department director Tao Chuckled and said in agreement, “Indeed. Ling ran sewed up a plane full of people in one breath this morning. There’s also an Englishman who flew over from Cambodia.”

“An Englishman who flew over from Cambodia? What’s the situation?”Huo Congjun entered the resuscitation room, but he did not have any work that he could interfere with. He could only remain in charge of the center.

Department director Tao was also not in a hurry. He explained calmly, “I heard from them that he probably went to the local hospital to have a heart stenting done. He did not succeed, and then he was transferred directly to our side.”

“The patient was chosen?”

“The Doctor chose him.”

“Doctor? A doctor from Vietnam?”

“Yes, I heard that he watched Ling ran’s teaching videos, and he even saw his case reports and the like.”When department director Tao said this, he sighed, then, he sighed. “I heard that all the local doctors will watch Ling Ran’s reports and videos of him performing surgeries. Can You Guess Why?”

In the resuscitation room, doctor Zhou, who was slacking off because he was the third assistant, could not help but laugh out loud.

The others did not laugh because their attention was focused on the resuscitation work. Doctor Zhou laughed because he was the one who was unnecessary during the resuscitation process.

The smile on Huo Congjun’s face disappeared quickly. Then, he pulled a long face and turned his head to say, “Little Zhou, tell me, why?”

Doctor Zhou did not even need to change his role, he said seriously, “I guess they want to look at something that can make their mood happy while they gain knowledge… of course, the most important thing is that Doctor Ling’s skills are too good. He attracted the attention of his foreign counterparts and was willing to learn from them.”

“HMM, the person who had a sexual intercourse that caused a myocardial infarction… was it a myocardial infarction?”Huo Congjun knew that Ling ran did not perform brain surgery, so he guessed that it was a heart problem.

Department director Tao nodded and said, “Yes.”.

Huo congjun nodded. “Then, where is the Big Brother? Let me take a look.”

“Little Zhou, take department director Huo there.”Department director Tao called out his name.

“Alright.”Doctor Zhou took off his gloves and went forward to lead the way excitedly, he even introduced, “That foreigner is quite interesting. His chest oil is two feet thick, and his bones are quite hard. It’s just that his heart is relatively small, so he should have some congenital malformations. He even called out two at once…”

“Little Zhou.”Department director Huo Interrupted Doctor Zhou’s excitement.

“HM?”Doctor Zhou keenly sensed the danger.

Department director Huo asked, “Do you know why Old Tao asked you to lead the way for me?”

“Because there are so many people here, and you’re the only one who has nothing to do.”

“You can’t say that.”Doctor Zhou pretended to be unhappy and acted coquettishly. “Didn’t that patient also lie down and fall asleep…”

Department director Huo looked at Doctor Zhou sternly.

Doctor Zhou thought hard and said in a low voice, “I hope that no one in this world is sick. Why bother putting the medicine on the shelf and giving birth to dust…”

“I should put you on the shelf of the pharmacy.”Department director Huo was finally amused.

Doctor Zhou also secretly let out a sigh of relief. It was another day spent with intelligence. It was really hard to be a doctor.