Chapter 1438

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Chapter 1438: Chapter 1437, high-level treasure chest

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“Your son is going to see Tian Qi’s parents?”Ling Jiezhou repeated Zuo Cidian’s words, and his expression immediately looked as if it had become a lump.

Tao Ping’s hand that was brewing the tea also stopped. Then, she carefully put the purple clay pot away. She touched the neck of the pot and asked with surprise, “So fast?”

Zuo Cidian put on a solemn look and nodded his head vigorously.

“Actually, I should have expected it.”Ling Jiezhou noticed his wife’s bad expression and quickly persuaded her, “Our son… Girls will definitely cut the Gordian knot with a quick knife…”

“Who is the quick knife and who is the Gordian Knot?”Tao Ping glared and said, “You are not allowed to talk nonsense in the future, especially in the future. You have to be more careful with your words and actions…”

Ling Jiezhou glanced at Zuo Cidian next to him and said in a steady tone, “I will listen to you, wife.”

Zuo Cidian was expressionless, as if he did not hear the boss’father admit defeat.

Tao Ping acknowledged him with a satisfied “Mm.”Then, her expression repeated itself before she glared at Ling Jiezhou again. “What if Ling ran also listens to his wife?”

Ling Jiezhou’s eyes were glazed over. He thought to himself, ‘why did the difficulty of coaxing his wife suddenly increase by so much? !’!

Zuo cidian whispered to help, “Doctor Ling always has his own way of doing things. It’s very difficult for him to change because of other people.”

“I don’t know if Tian Qi’s parents are easy to get along with.”Tao Ping sighed again and stood up. “I’ll go get some tea.”

“What tea? I’ll go,”Ling Jiezhou said quickly.

“When I Married You, didn’t I bring some class chapters here and let my son take some with him? Back then, he was old time tea. Now, it’s not a disgrace to take it out,”Tao Ping said, she stood up and said, “They’re in the innermost part of the tea room. Come with me to get them.”

“Okay…”ling Jiezhou answered, and then he said with some doubt, “I remember that you drank all the tea long ago, right?”

“I bought some later,”Tao Ping said, and then she emphasized, “I bought them later. These are still the ones I brought when I married you back then.”

Ling Jiezhou nodded wisely. “Alright, I’ll remember them.”

The Old Butler, Ba Zhang, who had served the family for many years, personally drove his Aston Martin to and fro between the family’s various pastures and vacation homes.

The manpower resources in these places were meager, and it was impossible for them to receive the same attention as the buildings in the city. There were many historical problems and hygiene blind spots. Even though they were not sure if Ling ran would come and take a look, but.., considering the character of this new son-in-law and the fact that he was highly regarded as an adult, the family assets management committee and the Professional Management Committee did not dare to let their guard down. Not only did they hire several meeting companies on a temporary basis.., they also mobilized the younger members of the family to participate actively.

Ba Zhang was gratified to see that in every ranch and farm, there were young family members helping to wash the horses, wash the cars, tidy up the wine cellar, and tend to the hunting grounds. The older family members.., would command the service staff of their small family,

they would be busy in the family grounds.

After continuously supervising the work for a few days, Ba Zhang returned to the family mansion and saw a thriving scene.

Hundreds of kilometers of the mansion’s internal roads had been repaved. The hiking trails that had not been repaired for more than a decade, as well as the rockery, sculptures, lighthouses, and other large buildings had been re-examined and redecorated, the Central Lake, which had not been cleared for many years, as well as the neighboring Wind Lake, Shenhu Lake, and the house’s internal waterways had all been cleaned up. Some of the thousands of tons of fish turtles that had been netted were returned to the lake, and some were used to improve the food.

Ba Zhang only felt that his entire body was full of energy. He excitedly came to mistress’side and slightly suppressed his voice, still, he could not help but raise his voice. “Mistress, Ba Zhang is back. The Zhuangzi outside has prepared quite well. There are some minor problems that have basically been resolved. I will follow up later.”

“Okay, we’re not afraid of anything. The more we prepare, the easier it will be to talk.”Mother Tian said with a light sigh and a smile on her face, she said, “I remember the first time I heard the word ‘leftover woman’, I felt a little nervous. Qiqi was too picky. When she was young, she had to pick out the broken rice grains when she ate rice. Later on, she became more and more beautiful, read more and more books, and the company became better and better. I became more and more worried…”

“Miss Tian Qi is so outstanding. Madam, you don’t have to worry.”Ba Zhang chimed in at the right time.

Mother Tian snorted smugly, but she shook her head, she said, “How can a mother not worry about her daughter. “In fact, if she were ordinary, like those young ladies in the family who married after they studied in Cambridge or Oxford, I wouldn’t be afraid even if she picked a little more. But she’s so good. If she could only marry an ordinary boy, I wouldn’t be convinced, let alone Qiqi.”

BA zhang said, “Doctor Ling ran is indeed very special.”

“He’s more than special.”Mother Tian laughed. “He’s very good-looking.”

Ba Zhang was silent. He could not catch up with her words.

Fortunately, Mother Tian’s emotions came and went quickly. When her expression was satisfied, father Tian also slowly walked over.

However, unlike mother Tian’s luxurious clothes, Father Tian was dressed casually. The t-shirt on his upper body was short-sleeved, revealing his well-dressed and powerful arms.

“You went to the gym?”Mother Tian looked at her husband and was not surprised at all.

Father Tian hummed and said, “I let coach Liu practice boxing with me for a while to vent his anger.”

“Everyone said that your heart is not good, why did you go to boxing again?”Mother Tian could not help but complain, “Little Ling is coming, so you should take care of the group’s matters and rest more. When you see people, you should be more energetic.”

“I’m not happy.”Tian Qi’s father’s face was stiff. “When I think of my daughter bringing a brat to my house, I want to beat him up. Otherwise, my heart will be pumping so hard… just like this… hmm…”

“Don’t think that way. Even if my daughter gets married…”as Tian Qi’s mother spoke, she suddenly realized that her husband’s expression was surprisingly terrible.

“Doctor.”Tian Qi’s father held his chest and slowly sat down. The T-shirt on his chest was wet with sweat, revealing his excellent figure.

Tian Qi leaned against Ling ran and introduced the luggage in the cabin to him one by one. From time to time, she would even touch ling ran with her hand, she then said, “The tuxedo… sportswear… suit… Zhongshan suit… hunting suit… is prepared for you… When you wear it. You can choose what you like… You Don’t have to be so strict. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to wear it. No one dares to say anything…”

Ling ran replied casually, “Okay.”He could not say whether he liked clothes or not, so he just followed Tian Qi’s arrangements.

Tian Qi felt a little relaxed and at ease. She simply enjoyed the pleasure of going out with Ling ran. After a while, she even pointed at the clouds outside the porthole and started to chat.

While she was happy, the phone on the plane suddenly rang.

“Dad…”Tian Qi picked up the microphone. When she heard the voice inside, her eyes were filled with tears.

“Tell them to fly to Shanghai. We’ll also turn to Shanghai.”Ling ran heard the voice inside and immediately made a decision. He said, “Tell the helicopter to prepare at the airport. I’ll inform the hospital to prepare now.”

Tian Qi silently calculated the distance and time. She felt a little more at ease in her heart. She gave Ling ran a gentle hug, then picked up the phone and started talking.

After making various arrangements, Tian Qi put down the microphone again. She then looked at Ling ran and asked, “Do you want to prepare any equipment? I remember that all of you doctors have some equipment that you’re used to using…”

“I brought them with me.”Ling ran pursed his lips at a big black box at the end of the cabin.

Tian Qi looked at the inconspicuous black box and hid in the bushes of her LV box. She could not help but be stunned for a moment.

At the same time, the system interface popped up in front of Ling ran.

[ mission: fly to save people. ]

[ mission content: arrive at the operating theater of the hospital before the patient dies. ].

-LSB- rewaAdvancednTreasuresChesthest. ].