Chapter 1439

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Chapter 1439: Chapter 1438, one hundred percent

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“Open the treasure chest.”At this time, Ling ran did not hesitate at all. He chose to open the high-level treasure chest as his first choice.

A golden and gorgeous book immediately jumped out of the high-level treasure chest.

In the air, the book automatically opened its title page, revealing a line of words inside:

A surgery with one hundred percent success rate — no matter how difficult the surgery was, as long as there was a theoretical success rate, there was a one hundred percent success rate.

Ling ran could not help but read this line of words twice.

As a doctor, he knew the power of this surgery much better than ordinary people.

This was not just a surgery that could be completed with 100% success rate. If he used this book to verify the theoretical surgery, it would be even more amazing. For example, the “Head-changing surgery”that was once hyped up by the media was not only an ethical problem, but it was also more of a technical constraint in reality. It was a super surgery that involved dozens of people working together, but whether or not it would be completed in the end.., it was too much of a test of luck.

And there were very few chances for such verification. Very few people would be willing to perform such an experimental surgery. It would take a lot of time to apply for and carry out the surgery, and the probability of failing once and then doing it again was even lower. Therefore, if there was a theoretical success rate and there was a 100% chance of successfully completing the surgery, then it would be of great significance for an experimental surgery or a pioneering surgery.

“Ling ran, Will Father Be Alright?”After Tian Qi completed a series of coordination tasks, she looked at the plane turning around and became even more worried. She grabbed Ling ran’s arm tightly.

Ling ran waved his hand and put away the gorgeous golden book. Then, he nodded at Tian Qi and said, “There’s a 100% chance that he’ll be fine.”

It was absolutely irrational to answer like that when he was still uncertain about his father-in-law’s condition. However, when he saw Tian Qi’s worried look, Ling ran’s rationality wavered without hesitation.

“You should follow up on the situation. It’s best if you ask a random doctor about his condition directly. Also, if you need surgery, you must promise that I’ll do it.”Ling ran made a serious request to Tian Qi. He had seen too many cases where family members changed their minds during his years as a doctor. In this regard, the wealthy families or high-level intellectual families that he had come into contact with were not always able to calmly make decisions that were beneficial to the patient when they were faced with a life-and-death test.

Tian Qi immediately picked up the microphone after being reminded and connected again.

Soon, low voices of debate could be heard from the microphone.

Tian Qi frowned and listened for half a minute. Then, she signaled for the others in the cabin to leave and turned on the speakerphone.

A man and a woman were debating in Chinese and English respectively, and there were people constantly joining in the middle.

The focus of their discussion was precisely the question of where Father Tian would be treated and who would be the one to treat him.

Compared to Ling ran’s initial proposal, the few of them had suggested cities, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo. There were seven or eight medical teams available to choose from, and they could all be said to be reasonable.

After all, according to the judgment of the Tian family’s family doctor, Father Tian’s most likely cause was an aortic dissection, and although an aortic dissection was extremely dangerous, the death rate would increase by one point every hour, however, Father Tian’s Gulfstream 650 could fly 1,200 kilometers in an hour at its maximum speed, which was equivalent to the distance between Shanghai and Tokyo. If he immediately adjusted the direction now, he could save some time. Therefore, the distance was not the biggest problem.

As for the medical team, regardless of whether they were professionals or non-professionals, they could make their own judgment with reasonable evidence. Every name that was mentioned at this moment could be said to be famous, it could be said that it was the best choice for the Great Vascular Surgery Department in the Flying Circle for a few hours.

Ling ran listened quietly for two minutes before he interjected, “I’m Ling ran. I have a suggestion.”

The conference call that was in progress came to an abrupt end.

Someone said in a low voice, “Tian Qi, you didn’t say that Doctor Ling was listening… we didn’t mean to target him. Doctor Ling, you’re one of the best heart surgeons. I’ve seen you on many lists, but I’m more worried that your relationship with Miss Tian Qi will affect your medical judgment. I don’t have any other intentions. I just want to find the most suitable doctor…”

“I don’t object to you looking for other doctors, but I suggest that you invite them to Shanghai.”Ling ran paused for a moment, he then said, “I only need fifty minutes to reach the hospital in Shanghai. When Mr. Tian arrives, I’ll have just finished preparing to wash my hands before the surgery. I can guarantee that as long as Mr. Tian is sent to the operating theater where I’m at, he won’t die.”

The phone that was slightly ringing just now suddenly seemed to have crashed.

Ling ran did not care about that. After waiting for a few seconds, he said, “After your doctor arrives, you can decide whether you need to take over or not based on the situation. I think that this is the plan with the highest survival rate for Mr. Tian at this stage.”

“I understand. We’ll follow the plan that Ling ran said.”When mother Tian heard Ling ran’s extremely confident answer, she no longer hesitated.

Her thoughts were very clear. When it came to medical skills, Ling ran surpassed the family doctors in the cabin. When it came to trust, Ling ran was at least not inferior to the few family members in the conference call, then, after Ling ran made a serious suggestion for the second time, mother Tian did not hesitate anymore.

Tian Qi trusted Ling ran even more. When she saw this, she immediately said, “I think that the medical suggestion should first be based on Doctor Ling’s opinion. I hope that all the departments can work together to ensure that the hospitals and operating theaters in Shanghai…”

Over the phone, mother Tian continued, “If anyone has any problems, look for me or Old Huang immediately. You can also look for Tian Qi. We’ll confirm it again in twenty minutes. “Also, just as Doctor Ling said, everyone can continue to invite the team of doctors mentioned just now. We can invite them to Shanghai to be backup so that we can be prepared. “Doctor Ling, do you have any other requests?”

“Please get the hospitals in Shanghai to arrange for assistant doctors and surgical nurses. They must have a certain level of experience. Prepare all kinds of consumables, especially the artificial blood vessels to be replaced. Prepare a few more types. “Also, my team should be on their way. They’re using the plane of the Medical Transportation Company…”as Ling ran spoke, he looked at Tian Qi.

Tian Qi said, “I’ll go and confirm it again…”

Ling ran nodded. He did not say anything else. He sat beside her and took out an IPAD. He started to read it himself, and soon, he became engrossed in it.

After Tian Qi finished a conference call, she made another call to ensure that the various parts of the conference call went smoothly. This was not a normal time. She could order her team to quietly wait for the results. She could not allow anyone to make mistakes or delay the results.

After another round of confirmation was completed, Tian Qi looked back at Ling ran and immediately felt at ease.

She sat beside Ling ran rather tiredly and leaned against his shoulder, wanting to find some support.

At the same time, Tian Qi also looked at Ling ran’s IPAD very naturally. She was curious about the content he was reading at the moment.

The brightness of the IPAD was very high, and Ling ran did not intend to hide it. Tian Qi looked over and easily found the name of the PDF file in the upper left corner: “Surgical procedures for the improvement of acute aortic dissection.”