Chapter 1441

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Chapter 1441: Chapter 1440 meeting the son-in-law

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The helicopter that Ling ran took landed on the roof of the building. It took a few quick steps before it entered the elevator that went straight to the surgical floor.

The reason why he chose Dongguang Hospital was because it had the foundation to transfer medical treatment. Especially when the new hospital was being built, the first aid before the hospital was considered, this was already better than many of the old hospitals in Shanghai.

The quality of the elevator was also very good. It could accommodate two gurneys, and its operation was stable enough. It was even more enclosed. Standing inside, Ling ran could hear Tian Qi’s thumping heartbeat.

Ling ran took a deep breath and calmed himself down first.

Tian Qi looked up at Ling ran and asked, “Are you nervous too?”

Ling ran nodded slightly. Every surgery was a new challenge, and the development of modern medicine was far from reaching a hundred percent level. On the other hand, the patient this time was his father-in-law. Ling ran had to consider that this was the first time the two of them met.

According to the book, the first meeting between husband and son-in-law should have been something to talk about, but today..

The elevator door opened. At the same time, the system also released a notification that the mission had been completed.

[ mission completed: flying to save the patient. ]

[ mission details: arrive at the operating theater of the hospital before the patient dies. ].

-LSB- mission rewaAdvancednTreasuresChesthest. ].

Ling ran opened the treasure chest without saying a word. As expected, what appeared inside was the one-time skill book that he had read in advance: 100% successful surgery. No matter how difficult the surgery was, as long as there was a theoretical success rate.., there was a 100% chance of success.

“Don’t worry. As long as the person is sent here, the surgery will definitely be completed smoothly.”Ling ran gave Tian Qi a piece of reassurance. Then, he nodded at the people in front of the elevator and asked, “Who is department director Wan?”

“Doctor Ling.”Department director Wan of the Department of Cardiology of Dongguang Hospital was a thin middle-aged man who was about 50 years old. He greeted Ling ran politely and amicably and said, “The operating theater is ready. Do you have any requests for your assistant?”

Ling ran had the Tian family on his left hand and academician Zhu on his right hand. He was also a rising star in the department of cardiac surgery in the country. Department director Wan did not have the mood to fight against Ling ran from the very beginning. He only wanted to send Ling ran away in a good manner — no.., ling ran should have accepted him in a bad way.

“Are you willing to be an assistant?”Ling ran asked Department director Wan without any preparation.

From the social etiquette of the hospital, this was a very impolite thing to do, especially when it came to things like being an assistant. It was not easy to directly ask for an assistant unless one had reached a certain level. Otherwise, when everyone got drunk one day.., it is possible to say “Who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who-who -. No credit, no ability, and easy to find fault with.

However, Ling ran himself has never been afraid of this kind of thing, he rarely met with himself to talk about the etiquette of the industry. Just like department director Wan, he actually agreed without much consideration.

“I’ll be your first assistant. If you want to be your second assistant and nurse, do you want to use our people as well?”Department director Wan even lent him the operating theater, so there was actually nothing much to consider. The most important thing now was to complete the surgery smoothly, he knew very well that as long as he could save the patient, he could live a good few days where he could get what he wanted. If there was a problem with the patient, then there would be a big problem.

In comparison, social etiquette was a completely trivial matter. Even if the other party wanted to be particular about it, department director Wan would have an explanation.

“Alright. Let’s enter the operating theater.”Ling ran confirmed his team in the operating theater with just a few words. He then glanced at Tian Qi before he followed department director Wan into the Operating Theater.

Tian Qi’s eyes were wide open. Tears welled up in her eyes, but she did not dare to let them fall. She was afraid of disturbing Ling ran’s mood.

She washed her hands, changed her clothes, and checked all kinds of equipment. When everything was ready, she saw a patient being pushed in.

“Mr. Tian, can you tell me your name?”The nurse grabbed the patient’s foot tag and immediately confirmed it with the patient who was still conscious.

“Yes, it’s me…”father Tian endured the pain and opened his eyes.

“Can you tell me your name?”The nurse asked in a serious and serious manner. The more important the surgery was, the more they were afraid of making mistakes in their rush. The nurses in the audience, who had heard countless negative stories, were also very nervous at that moment.

Father Tian saw Ling ran, who was wearing a mask, at first glance. This made his emotions fluctuate even more. He was a little unwilling to give in so easily to the young nurse, but it only took two seconds. After another bout of pain.., father Tian said slowly, “My name is Tian Guoli.”

“I’m your chief surgeon today, Ling ran.”Ling ran walked over at that moment. He looked at Father Tian’s face and hesitated for half a second before he said the greeting he had prepared beforehand, “Hello, uncle. I’m Ling ran.”

“You… Hello…”Tian Guoli’s lips trembled. He had thought of many ways to meet a son-in-law. There were ways to show off, ways to kill, ways to set rules, ways to knock down mountains and Shake Tigers, ways to be gentle and majestic..

No matter what, he could not use any of them at that moment.

Tian Guoli could only feel tears welling up in his eyes, but he did not dare to let them fall. He was afraid that Ling ran would discover his weakness.

“We are ready to make preoperative preparations.”Ling ran’s voice came from above and brought Tian Guoli back to the real world.

Tian Guoli tore his lips and wanted to say, “Okay.”.

At that moment, the nurse from before said loudly again, “I’m going to shave off your chest hair now.”

“HMM?”Tian Guoli’s mind froze again.

His chest hair… his chest hair was so that he could look good when he worked out, and he spent a lot of money to get it… it did not matter whether it was money or not, but the hair follicles used to grow hair were taken from the back of his head..

The young nurse was too skilled. She could shave faster than Tian Guoli could shed tears.

“Anesthesia…”Tian Guoli heard Ling ran’s voice again. This time, he decided..

Tian Guoli fainted during the process of making the decision.

“Let’s begin.”Ling ran patted the book he just received.

Even though the success rate of his aortic dissection surgery was already very high, he did not need any additional support from the system to complete it smoothly. But now that he had a book to use, Ling ran did not hesitate at all.

He performed a thoracotomy and established extracorporeal circulation.

After the temperature dropped to 30 degrees, ling ran blocked the ascending aorta and perfused the cardioplegia fluid.

Only when all the operations were completed did the real part of the surgery begin.

At that moment, the operating theater was also crowded with spectators.

Academician di from the capital city and his favorite disciple, Wei Jiayou, stood at the front of the crowd. Wei Jiayou’s body emitted a faint smell of ginseng. He looked at Ling ran and the patient on the other side of the glass with a focused expression.

Li huaying from Hong Kong City and his team had just arrived. Under his slightly tired face, there was a serious and surprised expression.

These people were rarely seen together. Today, they were still quietly watching the surgery without saying a word.

Normally, they would not take such a long time to watch a complete surgery performed by another doctor. At most, they would wait for the person to finish the surgery and pull the progress bar to take a look at the main part of the surgery. However, today, since they were all here, a group of people wanted to see who had the skills to snatch their jobs.