1434 Chapter 1435: urgency, the edge of life and death (5)

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Leo looked at him and asked doubtfully.

He just couldn’t understand what he was restraining.

After being injected with a soothing agent, Xiang Yi was indeed better than before, but the fire in his body was still very obvious.

“No, can you tell me what exactly are you enduring?”Leo was very worried and couldn’t understand him.

He only said two words softly, then got up and walked to the bathroom. He wanted to wash his body with cold water to lower the fire in his body.

“Xiang Yi, what’s the use of washing your body with water? Don’t catch a cold.”

Xiang Yi ignored him and walked straight to the bathroom.

After washing for more than ten minutes, he felt that the heat in his body had decreased a little, and then he returned to the bed.

Looking at him in such pain, Leo suddenly narrowed his eyes and suspiciously narrowed his eyes at the man on the bed. “You… could it be that you have a problem with your sexual orientation?”

You Don’t want a woman, so you want to find a man?

With that thought, Leo’s eyes changed and he suddenly became vigilant.

Xiang Yi glanced at him and ignored him.

“How about… I find a man for You?”

“Don’t worry, I’m normal.”

“How about I help you with the Fire?”Leo said.

Xiang Yi threw a pillow at him. “Get out if you have nothing to do!”

“That won’t do. If you die of lust, I’ll have to stay and collect your body.”

Leo cleared his throat and didn’t say anything else.

Time passed by slowly. He was quietly waiting for the arrival of warmth.

If the drug in his body doubled after two hours, would he really die and never see her again?

Thinking of this, it would be a lie to say that he was not upset.

He still had a lot of things that he had not told her. How could he be willing to die just like that.

“Can you inject that injection of yours again in two hours?”After a long while, he suddenly asked Leo with his eyes closed.

Leo glanced at him and said casually, “Sure. If you don’t want to see God Sooner, I’ll inject it into you.”

Does that mean that you can’t inject it again?

It would take at least five hours for the warmth to come back. could he really bear the remaining three hours?

“You, are you just going to wait like this? What are you going to do in two hours?”Leo became serious. It was rare for him to have a true friend. He did not want to be summoned by God just like that.

“No, to be precise, it’s one hour and fifty minutes.”

Xiang Yi closed his eyes again. It seemed that only by calming down would his body feel better.

After a long while, he said, “My fiancée, if nothing unexpected happens, she should be here by three o’clock in the afternoon.”

Hearing this, Leo was stunned for half a second. Then, he widened his eyes and looked at the man on the bed!

When did he have a fiancée?

Previously, he had always thought that Helian Manli was his fiancée. Later, he found out from his mouth that she was not.

Then who was the fiancée he was talking about now? Helian Manli?

No, he was at the entrance of Helian Castle at that time. Logically speaking..

”…”could it be that the drug in his body was administered by Manli?

While Leo was deep in thought, Xiang Yi hummed softly.

He came back to his senses and raised his eyes to look at him. “When did you have a fiancée? Who? Why did you only get here before three o’clock in the afternoon?”

“Because she’s in country Z now.”