1437 Chapter 1438: anxious, on the brink of life and death (8)

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Shi Nuannuan widened her eyes. Her clear eyes were still wet with tears.

“Yes!”She nodded desperately.

Leo dragged her and walked towards the bedroom door.

There was another series of urgent knocking sounds!

“Your fiancée is here!”

After waiting for a few seconds, there was no response from inside.

Leo could not help but panic.

Damn it, did she really die! ?

“Is she still alive! ?”

“Xiang Yi? You Said Xiang Yi is inside?”

Shi Nuannuan turned her head. Her eyes were red and swollen. It was obvious that she had been crying for a long time.

Leo turned his gaze and glanced at her. He nodded. “Yeah, I just don’t know if she’s still alive.”

When Shi Nuannuan heard that, she felt as if she had been struck by lightning. Her mind went blank.

After a long while, she turned around and knocked on the door with all her might. Her voice sounded so pale and powerless. “Xiang Yi… I’m here. Open the door… Open the door!”

She was going crazy. She knocked on the door with all her might. She did not understand why he had locked her inside!

Only when he heard her voice from outside the door did Xiang Yi, who was in the bathroom, open his eyes like a beast that had been awakened. Then, he stood up and rushed towards the door at lightning speed!

“Xiang Yi, open the door… Open the door!”

Shi Nuannuan, who was outside the door, could not hear his voice at all. Her heart was warm as she thought that he was really dead.

In the next moment, the tightly shut door was suddenly opened!

Before she could regain her senses, she saw a hand reach out and pull her in before Shi Nuannuan could touch her.

Shi Nuannuan was still a little shocked because she had no idea what had happened.

In just an instant, the door was closed again!

Shi Nuannuan had just entered when she was pushed against the door by a force.

When she came back to her senses, Xiang Yi, who was in a sorry state, was standing in front of her. At this moment, he looked very strange, and the way he looked at her was like a hungry wolf.

When she met his scarlet eyes, she was not afraid at all. Instead, she reached out and caressed his face. “Why are you… ugh…”

The kiss was quick, and it came without any warning. It was wild and domineering, and she kept asking for more.

Shi Nuannuan wanted to push him away, but her entire body was locked down by him. She did not even have the chance to speak.

In the next moment, her clothes were torn off with a ‘hiss’. She was so shocked that her eyes widened. She had never seen Xiang Yi in such a hurry before.

The kiss impatiently moved away from her lips and moved to her sexy collarbone. It sucked and chewed crazily, leaving hickeys of different depths on every inch of her body.

“Xiang Yi…”she finally had the chance to speak.

However, the moment she opened her mouth, the last line of defense on her upper body was torn apart by him!

She seemed to be a little scared because she had never seen him like this before.

Feeling her resistance, Xiang Yi used his last bit of rationality to look up at her. “I want you…”

Meeting his anxious eyes, Shi Nuannuan seemed to sense that something was wrong with him.

“You… how did you…”

Before she could finish her sentence, her lips were sealed again.

However, this time, she was not as afraid as before because she felt his anxiety.

An uncontrollable mutter completely ignited the fire in his body. He lifted her leg and impatiently found a spot to enter!