1438 Chapter 1439 you can leave now

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His craziness caused Shi Nuannuan to be unable to control herself in an instant. She took deep breaths..

The moment she spoke, it made it even harder for him to extricate himself. From the door to the bed, he fiercely wanted her.

Because she knew that there was someone else outside the door, Shi Nuannuan bit her lips. She did not dare to make too much noise, but she could not help it. The more she tried to suppress it, the more uncomfortable her body felt.

The fire in her body had finally subsided a little. He raised his head and looked at her delicate and moving appearance. His face was so red that it was as if water could drip out of it.

“Can you bear it?”His voice was hoarse. He asked carefully, afraid that his urgency would hurt her.

She nodded. Her furrowed brows could not tell if it was uncomfortable or comfortable.

After making sure that she could still bear it, Xiang Yi did not restrain himself anymore.

Outside the door, when he heard the sounds of men and women letting loose, Leo’s heart finally calmed down.

He turned around and glanced at the woman who was still waiting there. He said softly, “You can leave now.”

Being called over urgently and then leaving like this, the woman was obviously a little disappointed. She pursed her lips.

It was said that the man inside was the CEO of the X · s group. Initially, he thought that he could take this opportunity to get his hands on his body and heart. He did not expect that a woman would replace her halfway!

The woman kicked her feet, but in the end, she could only turn around and leave in a bad mood!

Leo turned his head and looked in the direction of the door. It seemed that he did not need him anymore.

In order not to disturb the two’s enjoyment, Leo smiled, then he took his things and left the hotel room.

On the bed, after a series of intimate and intimate acts, the lust in his body finally eased, but he still could not bear to let go of her.

He knew that she had been holding back from just now, trying her best not to make too much noise. He pressed his face against her ear and said in a low and hoarse voice, “There’s no one outside, you don’t have to hold back so much…”

Hearing his low muttering, Shi Nuannuan’s face instantly turned red.

No One? But there was clearly a man and a woman standing outside just now, wasn’t there?

(the following plot can not be described… cough cough, everyone can freely imagine!)

The sky gradually darkened, and after a series of lingering weariness, Shi Nuannuan was already exhausted. She lay on the bed and gradually fell asleep as the night approached.

She was really tired, and did not even have the strength to speak.

Compared to her, Xiang Yi was currently in high spirits. He sat on the bed and gently gazed at the person beside him.

She was really his timely rain. If it had been a little later, he did not know what he would have become.

At that moment, he only felt that all the blood in his body was swelling, as if it was going to burst through his blood vessels and splash out from his body!

After leaving a kiss on her lips, he got off the bed and walked to the bathroom to take a shower. Then, he went to the outer hall to give Leo a call.

“It seems that even God doesn’t dare to have you. Even this won’t kill you.”

The moment the call was connected, Leo’s teasing voice came from the other end. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, but he felt relieved because of Shi Nuannuan’s arrival.

Xiang Yi pursed his thin lips lightly. “Anyway, I still have to thank you.”

Leo was silent for a moment. “Then, why don’t you treat me to a meal before you return to China? It’s best to bring your fiancée along and let me get to know her properly!”

On the phone, Leo smiled in satisfaction.

But then he remembered, “The one who drugged you, was it really Helian Manli?”