1439 Chapter 1440, what are you doing?

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Although he had already guessed 80-90% of it, he still couldn’t help but want to confirm it.

Because Helian Manli would do such a thing, it was really somewhat inconceivable.

She was a noble of the royal family, that high and mighty heir, to actually do such a despicable thing. If this matter didn’t happen to Xiang Yi, it would really be hard for him to imagine.

Hearing the words ‘Helian Manli’, Xiang Yi’s gaze darkened slightly.

“From now on, I will not mention this name again.”

Hearing his words, although he did not directly answer, Leo was already very clear about it, so he stopped the topic.

But at the same time, he was a little worried about him.

Although as a good friend, he was also very clear that these three years, he did not have the slightest bit of feelings for Helian Manli, but Helian Tian did not think so.

If he knew that Xiang Yi didn’t have any interest in his daughter at all, and that it was impossible for him to marry her, would he let Xiang Yi off just like that?

“Then, how do you decide to deal with He Liantian?”

Although he had a certain amount of power now, he definitely wouldn’t be able to contend against the Helian family.

Xiang Yi wasn’t worried about this problem at all. He just had to take things as they came.

“Let’s wait for him to make a move first.”

After saying that, he furrowed his brows as if he was deep in thought.

After hanging up, he stood by the bed and looked down at the night view of the entire a city. A cloud of suspicion formed between his brows.

At 7:40 pm, the person on the bed slowly woke up.

Shi Nuannuan opened her eyes and tried to move her numb legs in an attempt to regain some of her senses.

The moment she moved, the soreness spread throughout her entire body and seeped into her bones, causing her to frown in pain.

Shi Nuannuan frowned and narrowed her eyes. It took her quite a while to alleviate the soreness. When she opened her eyes again, she saw a luxurious suite.

The lingering thoughts from before surfaced in her mind again. She held the corners of her mouth and revealed a bashful smile. Then, she turned around and got off the bed.

In the living room outside the room, Xiang Yi was sitting on the sofa. His dark eyes were staring at the laptop screen. In the next moment, he heard a ‘plop’sound coming from the bedroom.

He was so shocked that he raised his eyes and quickly got up to walk over!

When he pushed the door open, he saw the person who had fallen on the side of the bed. His eyes darkened. In the next moment, he had already rushed to the side of the bed and picked her up from the ground.

“What are you doing?”There was a trace of concern in his gentle tone as he placed her back on the bed.

Shi Nuannuan furrowed her brows tightly and reached out to touch her butt that had hurt from the fall!

She had gotten off the bed in a hurry just now, and as soon as her feet landed on the ground, she had fallen down the moment she stood up.

“I, I wanted to look for you.”She frowned. Her butt had hurt too much from the fall.

“How is it? Does it still hurt?”Seeing her rubbing her butt, it must have hurt.

Shi Nuannuan narrowed her eyes. “Yes… my butt is fine, but my body hurts.”

“Lie down. Tell me what you want.”

He leaned over and took two pillows to cushion her back. He let her lean against the headboard. His eyes were as warm as jade as he stared at her fair face.

Shi Nuannuan, who was leaning against the headboard, felt much more comfortable without moving.

She raised her eyes and looked at the man in front of her.

He was alive and clear-headed, and he did not look like he was about to die at all.

What did he mean by what he said on the phone earlier?

“You… Don’t have anything to say to me?”

He glanced at her, his eyes moving slightly. Naturally, he understood what she was asking.

The corners of his lips curved up a touch of light, he could not help but on her lips printed a deep kiss.