1445 Chapter 1446 danger approaching

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He glanced at Shi Nuannuan, who had just come down, and came to her side as fast as he could.

“What’s Wrong?”Shi Nuannuan raised her head. She could sense that the atmosphere was not quite right from his solemn face.

Xiang Yi ignored her and subconsciously shielded her behind him.

Vaguely, Shi Nuannuan seemed to have sensed something as well. When she raised her head, she saw a few figures suddenly approaching them from the darkness not far away.

They came with ill intentions!

This was the first feeling in Shi Nuannuan’s heart!

The few black figures got closer and closer until they could clearly see their faces. Only then did Xiang Yi’s dark eyes narrow slightly.

It was he liantian’s men.

He was not familiar with the appearance of the others, but the one leading them was the assistant beside he liantian.

“Nuannuan, get in the car.”

His low voice sounded. Shi Nuannuan raised her head and saw a trace of worry flash across the side of his face.

She knew that he was worried about her. If she forced herself to stay outside, it would only distract him and cause him to lose focus.

“Then be careful.”Although she knew his skills, Shi Nuannuan was still a little worried.

She glanced at him, then opened the car door and sat inside. She watched everything outside through the car window.

“Mr. Xiang, our Mr. Helian wants to see you.”The one who spoke was he liantian’s assistant. It was not a discussion tone, but a threat.

Xiang Yi did not seem to be afraid of the nameless black-clothed man in front of him. His expression was calm.

“From now on, the two words ‘Helian’have nothing to do with me.”

Hearing this, the leader was stunned.

“Mr. Xiang, I am not discussing with you. In other words, it is not up to you whether you want to see him or not.”

Xiang Yi smirked. “That will depend on whether you have the ability.”

He knew that he wouldn’t comply with them and go see Mr. Helian. The leader knew that he could only use force!

“Then we can only offend him!”

As he spoke, his eyes turned cold. He made a hand gesture to the few men in black behind him. Then, he saw a few men swarming up together!

Looking at the scene of the fight outside the car window in an instant, Shi Nuannuan was so frightened that her heart clenched tightly. She wanted to get out of the car, but she was afraid that she would cause trouble for Xiang Yi. She could only sit in the car and be anxious!

The leader stared at the scene in front of him quietly. He only brought a few people because he did not want to attract too much attention, and secondly, because these people’s skills were extraordinary, it was naturally difficult for Mr. Xiang to block them with his strength alone!

However, the situation in front of him was beyond his expectations.

Although he had a few encounters with Mr. Xiang, he had never fought with him before. At this moment, he could not help but feel that he had underestimated him.

In three minutes, he had already released two of his subordinates.

When she saw that a man in black took advantage of Xiang Yi’s inattention to attack her from behind, Shi Nuannuan, who was in the car, widened her eyes in shock. She rolled down the car window and let out a scream behind him!

Following her scream, Xiang Yi nimbly turned his head and dodged the attack.

However, Shi Nuannuan’s scream caught the leader’s attention.

His eyes narrowed. Could that be Xiang Yi’s fiancée?

Thinking of this, the leader walked towards Shi Nuannuan’s position!

Shi Nuannuan’s gaze was focused on Xiang Yi, who was in the middle of a confrontation. She did not notice that danger was approaching her.

Only when a shadow completely covered the car window did she look up in horror. She saw an expressionless man walking towards him, his entire body exuding a cold aura.

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