1446 Chapter 1447 gives you five seconds

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Shi Nuannuan’s heart subconsciously thumped.

Looking at the woman sitting in the car window, the man reached out his hand and wanted to open the car door.

Shi Nuannuan was one step ahead and quickly reached out to lock the car door!

The car door could not be opened. The man furrowed his brows and his dark eyes shot out a cold gaze.

In the next moment, Shi Nuannuan saw him raise his hand and suddenly take out a pistol from his waist and point it at her!

Her eyes widened, and her face turned pale.

Was she being aimed at by a gun now! ?

It was not her first time seeing a gun, but now that a gun was aimed at her glabella, saying that she was not scared was simply showing off!

Xiang Yi, who was not far away, naturally caught sight of the man walking towards Xiang Nuannuan from the corner of his eye. While he was fighting against the two men in black, he could not help but turn his head and saw a gun aimed at Shi Nuannuan!

His heart suddenly tightened and his expression changed!

And just as he was in a daze, one of the men took the opportunity to punch him!

Being punched, Xiang Yi could only feel a salty taste coming from the corner of his mouth.

He moved quickly and raised his leg to kick the man in front of him away!

Then, in a flash, he rushed towards Shi Nuannuan’s direction!

Sensing his approaching figure, the leader suddenly turned around and aimed the cold pistol at Xiang Yi who was sprinting towards him.

Xiang Yi stopped in his tracks. Facing the cold muzzle of the gun, he was not afraid at all.

“Mr. Xiang, you’d better come with US obediently.”The leader stared at him and said coldly.

Xiang Yi’s gaze passed him and saw the person sitting in the car. He suddenly became restless.

He frowned, not knowing what she was going to do.

“Go to hell!”Shi Nuannuan suddenly opened the car door and kicked the man’s Butt!

The man was caught off guard. Just as he was about to turn his head and aim the pistol at Shi Nuannuan, Xiang Yi could not help but agilely extend his hand and grabbed his arm to make his movements freeze!

In the next moment, he tightened his strength and snatched the gun from the man’s hand. He turned the situation around and aimed the muzzle at the man’s glabella instead.

Facing the muzzle of the gun, the man was stunned and did not dare to act rashly. Instead, he looked at him warily.

He had underestimated this Xiang Yi!

“I’ll give you five seconds. If you don’t want to die, then take your men and leave this place as quickly as possible!”With the gun in hand, Xiang Yi’s stern face shot out a chill. Every word was filled with killing intent.

The leader of the men was slightly stunned and was still hesitating.

However, Xiang Yi’s lips were already counting down.

The hand holding the pistol tightened slightly.

The leader of the men stared at the gun in his hand. From his bloodthirsty cold eyes, he could feel the killing intent.

The man turned around and made a hand gesture. He brought the other men in black and quickly left the underground parking lot!

Xiang Yi only took a few steps back when their figures completely disappeared into the darkness. Then, he turned around and got into the car. He quickly started the car and drove toward the Manton Hotel!

The two-door sports car sped through the traffic like a gust of wind. It did not stop for a moment.

About half an hour later, it stopped in front of a luxurious house in the suburbs.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Shi Nuannuan looked at the luxurious mansion in front of her with a surprised expression.

Xiang Yi opened the car door. He definitely could not stay in the hotel anymore. He was afraid that in a few minutes, he and Nuannuan would be in trouble again.

Shi Nuannuan also opened the car door and got out of the car. However, she was a little confused.