1447 Chapter 1448 why did he want to touch Xiang Yi?

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“What are we doing here?”

Xiang Yi pulled her and walked straight towards the main door.

“We can’t go back to the hotel. Tonight, we can only stay here.”If it was possible, he also hoped to fly back to country Z at night.

No matter how strong HE LIANTIAN’s power was, it was limited to country A. when he arrived at country Z, he naturally had the power to contend with him.

After shifting all his focus to country Z, he could only fight alone here. He was unable to contend with HE LIANTIAN’s forces!

The large black iron door was slowly opened. Xiang Yi pulled the person beside him. His footsteps were swift as he walked towards the front door of the mansion!

Leo walked out of the house. When he saw that he was holding a gun in his hand, he was so scared that he suddenly stopped moving forward and shrank back. “F * ck, what are you trying to do?”

Looking at the pretentious Leo, Xiang Yi’s expression was very serious. “I’m being targeted.”

Leo put away his playful mood and became serious. “What happened?”

“Let’s talk inside.”He pulled Nuan Nuan and walked into the house!

Leo followed closely behind.

When they reached the house, Xiang Yi’s heart finally felt a little more at ease.

He turned around and looked at Leo. “I might have to bother you tonight.”

Whether or not he would bother them was nothing to Leo, but he was a little worried about the two of them.

“He liantian has made a move?”

He nodded, then turned around and glanced at Nuan Nuan beside him. He was so focused on escaping just now that he didn’t even notice if she was injured.

“I told you, he won’t let you off so easily.”Leo didn’t seem to be afraid of He liantian. He pouted and walked to the sofa to sit down.

He snapped his fingers and signaled the butler, “Take my best wine!”

After a while, the butler walked over and took a bottle of good wine and three glasses.

Leo took the glasses and wine and poured them straight away.

“Drink first to calm your nerves. You Don’t have to worry about me at all!”He liantian smiled casually as if he wasn’t afraid that he liantian’s people would find him here.

However, Xiang Yi didn’t have the mood to drink.

On the other hand, Shi Nuannuan could hear some clues from Leo’s words.

“Helian Tian? Helian Manli’s father? Why did he touch Xiang Yi?”

Leo raised his eyes, and his gaze fell on her face.

Looking at her suspicious face, it seemed that she still didn’t know about Xiang Yi and Helian Manli?

“Sister-in-law… could it be that you still don’t Know?”

“The matter between Xiang Yi and Helian Manli.”

”…”the matter between them?

Shi Nuannuan turned her face and her gaze fell on Xiang Yi’s face, just in time to meet his black eyes.

“Isn’t there nothing between them?”Her gaze turned to Leo again and asked in puzzlement.

Leo took a sip of wine and immediately placed the wine cup on the coffee table.

“It’s precisely because there’s nothing, that’s why he liantian wanted to touch him.”

Shi Nuannuan was even more confused.

“Because, he liantian wants Xiang Yi to marry his daughter, that is, Helian Manli!”

Hearing this, Shi Nuannuan turned her head to look at Xiang Yi in a daze.

He had never told her these things. Although she also knew that in these three years, because of his career, he had to cooperate with the Helian royal family, but regarding the things that he had to bear and carry.., she had always thought that it was only the Outsiders’opinion of him and Helian Man, but she did not know that even Helian Tian was putting pressure on him.

Looking into her clear eyes, Xiang Yi raised the corner of his lips and held her hand, “It’s nothing.”

How could it be nothing? Helian Tian was a noble of the royal family. Other than the monarch of country A, he liantian was the King!