1450 Chapter 1451: Who Are You Calling Ugly! ?

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Leo personally sent the two of them to the international airport.

“If there’s a chance, come to Country Z.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely go.”

Looking at this one and only best friend, Xiang Weiyi patted him on the shoulder, then pulled Nuannuan and turned around to enter the boarding gate.

After five hours of flight time, when they arrived at country Z, Shi Nuannuan naturally didn’t have to worry anymore.

Even though Helian Tian was a noble of the royal family, her Shi family wasn’t ordinary either. At the very least, the He liantian family couldn’t be arrogant in front of her brother!

It was already noon when they arrived at Country Z.

Shi Nuannuan couldn’t wait to see her son.

However, as soon as she arrived at the Jinghai Villa, she heard a clamor coming from inside the house.

She got off the car and walked towards the main door.

“You’re just an outsider. What right do you have to strut around in my house! ?”

“Ha! I strut around? I’m an outsider? Little Thing, do you even understand the situation? You and your mommy can live in such a good house because your daddy understands? In the end, it’s all because your mommy seduces people. She just lives here. She really thinks she’s a member of the Xiang family!”

In the living room, Feng Lulu crossed her arms and stared at the little figure in front of her arrogantly.

She had observed the house for the past two days. There was not even a single wedding photo in the house. Her mother and Xiang Yi were not married at all!

“Your mother is the one who seduces people!”Staring at Feng Lulu in front of him, Xiang Jinghan did not want to be outdone. He hated this woman called Feng Lulu to death!

“What are you guys arguing about?”

Hearing the argument, Feng Shunqing, who was building a potted plant in the backyard, walked in.

Because he had been living for free for the past few days, he always felt uneasy, so he wanted to find something to do as much as possible.

Seeing her father walk in, Feng Lulu sat down on the sofa. She knew that every time her father would only help Xiang Yi’s family, he would only give her a hard time.

But the little guy’s eyes were red with anger!

“Lulu, are you bullying Hanhan again! ?”

Feng Shunqing had just walked in and questioned her daughter. Hearing his questioning tone, Feng Lulu naturally felt unbalanced.

“When did I bully him! ? He has already learned to scold people at such a young age, who can bully him?”

“You are an old witch! A bad person, an ugly freak!”Looking at Feng Lulu who was sitting on the sofa, Xiang Jinghan’s small face was filled with anger!

When Feng Lulu heard that, her face turned extremely ugly!

“Who are you calling an ugly freak! ?”

“It’s You, you are an ugly freak that no one wants!”

“Bad Person, Ugly Freak!”

Feng Lulu stood up in a flash, her face turning green. She raised her hand and slapped her!

“What are you doing! ? How dare you! ?”

The moment she slapped her, Feng Shunqing immediately stopped her. At the same time, he rushed over, afraid that she would really slap him!

Sister Chen, who heard the argument, also ran out of the kitchen. She looked at Feng Lulu’s actions in shock, and her face changed in fright!

However, Feng Lulu was so angry that she didn’t care about her father’s order. She didn’t even consider the consequences and had no intention of stopping!

A loud slap landed on Xiang Jinghan’s face. In an instant, a few red fingers were reflected on his fair and tender face.

Shi Nuannuan had just entered the living room when she saw her son being slapped. She was furious! ! !