1452 Chapter 1453 Baby, I’m sorry

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“Cousin, I was wrong. Open the door, open the door! Dad!”

Feng Lulu’s knocking came from outside the door. She didn’t want to be locked outside the door all the time, and it was almost lunchtime.

Hearing her daughter’s voice from outside the door, Su Xiuying, who hadn’t figured out the situation, couldn’t help but walk down the stairs, wanting to open the door for her daughter.

However, when she walked into the living room, she realized that everyone was just standing there quietly. Everyone had heard the knocking on the door, but no one seemed to dare to open the door.

Su Xiuying’s heart skipped a beat. When she turned around, she saw Xiang Yi’s cold and heartless face.

What was going on? What exactly happened.

“Mommy, it hurts…”

Carrying her son, Shi Nuannuan walked towards the second floor.

Xiang Yi walked towards the kitchen and came out with an ice pack in his hand as he walked towards the second floor.

Seeing that both husband and wife had gone upstairs, Su Xiuying turned around to look at her husband. “Hubby, what exactly happened?”

“Dad… Open the door for me! I don’t want to stay outside!”

Feng Lulu’s voice came from outside the door again. Su Xiuying heard it and couldn’t help but look in the direction of the second floor.

Seeing that Xiang Yi was no longer there, she was ready to walk to the entrance and open the door.

“Xiang Yi said that no one is allowed to open the door!”

Looking at his wife’s back, Feng Shunqing spoke.

Perhaps she really should let her daughter suffer and learn a lesson!

Hearing her husband’s words, Su Xiuying hurriedly stopped and didn’t dare to open the door.

In the bedroom on the second floor.

Shi Nuannuan was using an ice pack to cover her son’s face. The red and swollen fingerprints made her heart ache.

Not long after, sister Chen also sent two boiled eggs up.

Because she had asked her to take good care of the young master on the phone, now that she saw the young master get slapped, sister Chen felt very guilty.

“Madam, I’m very sorry.”

At that time, she was busy in the kitchen, and the noise was quite loud. It took her quite a while to hear the argument in the living room. When she walked out, it was already too late to stop Feng Lulu’s action.

Shi Nuannuan took the peeled egg from sister Chen. “It’s okay.”

“Ah, it hurts.”Xiang Jinghan frowned in pain as soon as the egg touched his face.

That slap was really ruthless and accurate. Sister Chen, who was at the side, felt her heart ache when she saw it, but she couldn’t stay here forever. She took a glance at Xiang Jinghan and retreated.

After applying it for a while, the finger marks on the little guy’s face only faded a little, but they could still be seen.

“Does it still hurt?”

The little guy raised his head. Although it still hurt a little, he shook his head. “It doesn’t hurt that much anymore.”

Only then did Shi Nuannuan put down the egg and look at her son’s face again.

“Why did Mommy Say Sorry?”

“Because Mommy wasn’t around, that’s why you got beaten up.”

“It’s okay. Didn’t Mommy Beat You Back? And Daddy also locked her out!”

Shi Nuannuan still felt a little guilty. No matter what she did after that, her son still got beaten up.

She had always treasured her son. If he fell, her heart would ache to death. Yet, he was actually beaten up by someone!

“This Feng Lulu really doesn’t know what’s good for her!”

“Mommy, will they stay in our house for a long time?”

Shi Nuannuan was stunned by her son’s question. She could not help but raise her head to look at Xiang Yi.

She also did not know how he would settle down her uncle’s family.

It was not that she was petty. After this incident, she did not want Feng Lulu to continue staying here. It did not matter even if she bought them a new house.