1453 Chapter 1454 you can stay outside the door with her

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She did not want to see her son get hurt again. If there was a next time, she might not only slap him, she might even take a knife!

Looking at his son, Xiang Yi smiled gently. “It won’t be long!”

Hearing his words, Shi Nuannuan seemed to understand his decision.

Not long after, sister Chen came up.

“Sir, Madam, it’s time to eat.”

“Hanhan, let’s go downstairs and eat!”

Shi Nuannuan held her son’s hand and went downstairs.

Lunch was being served on the dining table.

However, from time to time, the sound of Feng Lulu knocking on the door could be heard from outside.

“Dad, Mom… Open the door for me!”

Through the window, she could smell the fragrance of the food.

Because she had woken up late in the morning, she had not even eaten breakfast. At this moment, she could not help but feel so hungry that her chest was pressed against her back.

Su Xiuying had always doted on her children. Now that she heard her daughter’s voice, she naturally hoped that Xiang Yi would let her in because she did not want to see her daughter starving outside the door.

“That, Xiang Yi…”

Normally, if she was at home, she might not be so humble. But now that she was under someone else’s roof, she naturally did not dare to be arrogant anymore.

Xiang Yi ate his meal calmly and ignored su xiuying.

Su Xiuying glanced at him and also heard Feng Shunqing tell her what happened.

“Lulu knows she’s wrong. Can you let her in to eat? She… she hasn’t eaten in the morning.”

Xiang Yi finally raised his eyes and glanced at Su Xiuying coldly. “You can stay outside with her.”

”…”Su Xiuying was stunned.

In the next moment, she didn’t dare to say anything more and quickly lowered her head to eat.

Feng Shunqing didn’t say anything. Although she felt sorry for her daughter, she also hoped that she could learn from this lesson and let her daughter grow up a little.

After breakfast, Xiang Yi had to go to the company to deal with some matters.

The door was opened. Feng Lulu thought that Xiang Yi wanted her to enter the house, so she couldn’t help but stand up straight.

However, what she saw was Xiang Yi’s cold and emotionless face.

“Cousin, I was really wrong…”

Xiang Yi glanced at her, then passed him and drove away.

Seeing that his car had disappeared, Feng Lulu hurriedly turned around and pushed the door, but the door still could not be opened.

“Dad, Mom! Open the door for me!”She was really starving to death!

Suddenly, a thunder flashed across the sky, scaring Feng Lulu so much that her whole body trembled!

Very soon, a bean-sized rainstorm poured down. Although there was still a place to hide from the rain in the corridor, the wind still blew the rain to the door. In an instant, the thin clothes on her body were wet.

The weather in October was already a bit cold. Being wet by the rain, Feng Lulu immediately felt a bit cold.

Inside the house, looking at the sudden storm, Su Xiuying became even more worried.

However, when she thought about the possibility of her staying outside together, she did not dare to open the door for her daughter. She could only turn her head and look at Shi Nuannuan who was on the sofa.

Shi Nuannuan raised her eyes and glanced at her coldly.

“Um, I know Lulu got cold, but you’ve already punished her. Can you let her in? It’s still raining outside…”

“Do you feel sorry for her?”

“What about my son? He’s only two and a half years old!”

Feeling her anger, Su Xiuying knew that she was still angry.

“I know. I promise that Lulu will never bully Hanhan again. Can you let her off this time?”

She believed that in these two days, Xiang Yi might find a new house for them.