1454 Chapter 1455 can not kick US out

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When Su Xiuying heard this, she mistakenly thought that she wanted to kick their family out. Her face could not help but change!

“Nuannuan, I, I know Lulu offended you, but… but you can’t kick US OUT!”Su Xiuying’s face was full of tears. She almost knelt down to Shi Nuannuan and continued, “Although Xiang Yi wasn’t born by us, he was still considered to be raised by us. Besides, his uncle… if it wasn’t for saving Xiang Yi in the collapse when he was young, he wouldn’t have become a disabled person and our family’s living conditions wouldn’t be so poor…”

Shi Nuannuan looked up at Su Xiuying in front of her and said coldly, “You’re right. If it weren’t for uncle’s sake, do you think you and your children would be able to enter this place?”

Hearing this, Su Xiuying paused, pursed her lips and lowered her face. She could not help but feel guilty.

Shi Nuannuan looked at her again and then looked away. Her expression was neither angry nor angry. “Don’t worry. Even if I don’t like you, Xiang Yi won’t turn a blind eye to you.”

Su Xiuying carefully looked up and looked at her. “Then what did you mean just now?”

Shi Nuannuan glanced at her. “I’ll find a house for you guys to live on your own.”

After saying that, she stood up and walked towards the second floor.

Su Xiuying was stunned on the spot. Looking at her back as she went upstairs, she suddenly remembered something and shouted, “Nuannuan!”

Shi Nuannuan stopped walking upstairs and turned her head to look at her.

Su Xiuying looked at the direction of the door and begged, “Um, can you let Lulu in? The weather has turned cold and it’s still raining outside…”

“Xiang Yi said that if you want her to come in, why don’t you go out and stay with her?”

As she finished her sentence, Shi Nuannuan turned around and continued to walk towards the second floor.

She also wanted to take this opportunity to teach Feng Lulu a good lesson. She wanted to let her know what she should do, what she shouldn’t do, what she should say, and what she shouldn’t say.

She was living under someone else’s roof, yet she was still the host. She was flaunting her power and acting recklessly in her home! If she didn’t punish her properly, she might do it again next time.

“Mom… Dad! It’s so cold outside, hurry up and open the door for me!”

Feng Lulu’s cries came from outside the door again. Now she was hungry and cold, and her clothes were soaked through!

Damn the weather, when did it not rain? It just had to rain at this time, and there was actually such a strong wind, as if it was deliberately going against her!

Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, the wind and rain stopped. At this time, Feng Lulu was already hungry and extremely unbearable.

She curled up and sat at the door, her back leaning against the door. Her body was slightly trembling.

So Hungry… so cold.

From the window on the second floor, she saw Feng Lulu curled up at the door. Shi Nuannuan turned around and walked downstairs.

Just as she reached the corner of the stairs, she saw Feng Shunqing.

Seeing Shi Nuannuan, Feng Shunqing opened his mouth to speak to her.

Shi Nuannuan also glanced at him. From his troubled expression, she could tell what he was about to say.

Hearing this, Feng Shunqing’s eyes lit up and he revealed an excited smile. “Hey! Thank you, Nuannuan.”

Shi nuannuan tugged at the corner of her mouth and did not say anything else.

The door was opened and Feng Lulu slid to the ground along with the opening of the door.

Seeing her daughter, Feng Shunqing’s heart ached a little, but she knew very well that she had brought this upon herself!