1457 Chapter 1458 then why don’t You Come with me?

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Of course, this request was only made in order for him to leave.

Perhaps at that time, he didn’t see Xiang Yi either. He felt that it was impossible for him to achieve anything in three years.

“You already have a child. As long as your relationship with that Helian Manli is clean, I naturally have no objections.”

Shi Le lowered his head. It could be considered that he had agreed to let them be together.

Since he already had a child, perhaps he would not be able to accomplish anything today, so he would not stop him.

After all, he did not want to lose this biological granddaughter of his again.

Shi Le glanced at him and did not say anything else.

At noon, Shi Yuting and Zuo Weiyi booked a private room and the four of them gathered together.

After lunch, Shi Nuannuan and Nuan Nuan left the restaurant. They happened to be close to the coffee shop and had not visited it for a long time, so the two of them came to the warm time coffee shop again.

As soon as the two of them entered the door, they saw Cheng Huan who seemed to have just finished his coffee and was about to leave.

Looking at the man in front of him, Xiang Yi’s expression naturally turned colder.

He raised his hand and walked past him with Nuan Nuan in his arm into the coffee shop.

Cheng Huan stood rooted to the ground. He paused for a few seconds before walking away as well.

“I’ll go to the company. Call me when you’re done.”

After sending her to the coffee shop, he spoke.

As his focus had shifted to country Z, he had been quite busy recently. However, he still took time out. He had both his career and family.

Shi Nuannuan turned her head and looked at him. “There’s no need for that. You Go ahead with your work. I’ll take a taxi back with Han Han later.”

He said softly, then squatted down and touched his son’s little head. “Daddy is going to the company. See You Later.”

“What’s Daddy’s company like? I really want to see it!”

“Xiang Jinghan, you have to be good. You Can’t Disturb Daddy’s work!”

Xiang Jinghan pursed his lips. “But I just want to see where Daddy Works…”

“Then why don’t you come with me?”

“Okay, okay!”Xiang Jinghan was extremely happy.

Shi Nuannuan was a little concerned. She looked at him. “How can that be? If he goes, can you still work well?”

“It’s okay. I’m just going to take a look. Call me when you’re done.”

With that, he smiled and stood up. He carried his son and turned to walk towards the entrance of the cafe.

Watching the father and son leave, Shi Nuannuan stared at them for a while before turning around to look at the still busy coffee shop.

A waiter walked over and greeted her.

She smiled and walked towards the independent office. She called for Dina and asked about the recent business situation.

An hour passed after she finished understanding the situation.

She walked out, found a seat, and sat down. She held a cup of coffee and enjoyed this moment of silence.

After finishing the cup of coffee, Shi Nuannuan got up. She planned to go to Xiang Yi’s company, so she was too lazy to make a call. It was only a few minutes’walk from his company anyway.

She picked up her bag and got up to leave.

When she looked up, she saw a familiar figure walking into the coffee shop.

When she saw that long-lost figure, Shi Nuannuan froze in place.

Cheng walked in. Although she was already forty-five years old, her temperament was still the same as before.

When she walked into the coffee shop, her gaze seemed to be searching for something as well. When she turned her head, she saw Shi Nuannuan’s figure. Finally, her gaze landed on her face.

Besides Cheng Huan, she had not seen anyone from the Cheng family for more than two years.