1458 Chapter 1459 needed me again?

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Shi Nuannuan walked over. Even though she still had a grudge against old master cheng and Cheng Huan for concealing the misdiagnosis of the illness three years ago, her parents only found out about it later.

After three years, she had regained Xiang Yi. Perhaps it was time to let go of the knot in her heart.

Mother Cheng walked over with a gentle expression.

She also knew that what happened three years ago had left a mark in her heart.

“You… are you here for coffee?”

“No, I’m here to look for you.”

Shi Nuannuan was startled. “Looking for me?”

“Looking for me? What’s the matter?”Looking at Madam Cheng, Shi Nuannuan felt that she had come for nothing.

Cheng lowered her eyes slightly and looked at her again. “I know that the last person you want to see right now is someone from our Cheng family, but…”she wanted to say something but hesitated. After thinking for a while, she couldn’t help but say it, “We’ve decided to emigrate, but Cheng Huan’s grandfather has been very depressed. Can You… see him before you leave?”

This matter had already become a knot in Old Cheng’s heart.

He liked Shi Nuannuan very much, so naturally, he did not want her to hate him.

All these years, knowing that she had not forgiven him, old Cheng’s mood had always been very depressed. In order to let him enjoy his old age better, Cheng’s parents decided to bring him to emigrate.

But he was always depressed. They were very worried that he would still be like this when he went abroad.

Perhaps before he left, he would be able to meet Nuannuan and talk about the things in his heart. The knot in his heart would naturally disappear.

After hearing Cheng’s mother’s words, Shi Nuannuan’s expression suddenly turned cold.

“Heh, is it because old Mister Cheng’s health isn’t good again, so he needs me as a good medicine?”

Knowing that she had misunderstood her meaning, Cheng hurriedly explained.

“No, nuannuan! Cheng Huan’s grandfather is real… I really hope that you can forgive him. We’re going to emigrate early tomorrow morning, there’s no need to lie to you.”

Seeing that she was eager to explain, Shi Nuannuan fell silent.

They should not repeat the same mistake. If that really happened, it would only make her feel disgusted and even more disgusted with them.

“Nuannuan, for more than two years, he has been hoping that you can forgive him. Really, he doesn’t pray for anything else. He just hopes that you can forgive him.”

After a while, she looked up and glanced at Cheng. “Wait for me.”

She turned around, walked to the lounge, and called her mother.

“Mom, let me ask you something.”

“What is it?”Shen Lanzhi’s gentle voice came from the phone.

“That’s right. Did you hear that the Cheng family is going to emigrate?”

Shen Lanzhi paused for a moment and then sighed softly.

“Yeah, I heard a few days ago. I think they’re leaving tomorrow.”

Shi Nuannuan really emigrated?

“What’s wrong? You suddenly asked this.”

“Uh, nothing. Just now, Auntie Cheng came to look for me.”

“She came to look for you? Why?”

Shi Nuannuan pursed her lips and hesitated for a few seconds before saying, “She said she’s going to emigrate. Before she leaves… she hopes that I can meet old Mr. Cheng.”

On the phone, Shen Lanzhi couldn’t help but sigh after hearing her words.

“If the knot in your heart is over, it’s also good to go and have a look.”

Her mother’s words surprised her a little. “Why do you also want me to go and See Him?”

“Xiang Yi has already returned. You and the Cheng family don’t have any deep hatred. Moreover, when the incident happened, they didn’t know that the illness was misdiagnosed. It was only later that they found out that Xiang Yi had already left at that time, right? “Since you can even forgive Grandpa, why can’t you forgive Mr. Cheng?”