1459 Chapter 1460-what are you doing there?

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Shen Lanzhi and Shi Le were very clear about old master Cheng’s health condition. “I heard that he has been living in depression for the past two years. Maybe the Cheng family is worried about his health, so they want you to solve this problem.”

Thinking about it carefully, when Xiang Yi left three years ago, Old Master Cheng didn’t know that his condition was misdiagnosed. He only found out later.

But she just felt that if they had told him earlier, maybe she and Xiang Yi wouldn’t have missed out on these years.

Well, if she really thought about it, there was indeed no deep hatred between them.

“I got it.”Shi Nuannuan answered her mother and hung up the phone.

When she walked out, Mrs. Cheng was still waiting there.

Seeing Shi Nuannuan walk out, she looked eager, hoping that she could agree to this request.

“Are you leaving tomorrow?”

“Yes. The flight is at 7:20 tomorrow morning.”

Shi Nuannuan hesitated again, and finally said, “Then I’ll go now.”

Mrs. Cheng was overjoyed when she heard that!

“Really! ?”It would be great if she could go!

Shi Nuannuan nodded, and then left the cafe with Mrs. Cheng.

In the car, Shi Nuannuan saw that it was already three o’clock in the afternoon. Thinking of her son who was still in the company, she gave Xiang Yi a call.

Xiang Yi thought that she was done with her work after receiving her call. He got up and left the desk. He said to his son who was playing, “Jing Han, come here. We’re going to find Mommy.”

He held his son’s hand and slid the answer button. “Are you done?”

Hearing his familiar voice from inside, Nuannuan was stunned for a few seconds before she said, “I’m on my way to the Cheng family. You can pick me up later.”

Hearing this, Xiang Yi stopped in his tracks. He also stopped opening the door and frowned slightly. “Cheng Family? Cheng Huan?”

“Yes.”Shi Nuannuan pursed her lips and nodded.

She knew that he didn’t like Cheng Huan.

“What are you going there for?”

Shi Nuannuan glanced at Cheng beside her, then turned her face out of the car window. “If you don’t have any wild thoughts, I’m just… going to visit old Mr. Cheng. You can pick me up in about an hour. I’ll send you the address.”

Hearing that his voice had suddenly disappeared from the phone, Shi Nuannuan frowned a little strangely.

“Okay, then I’ll hang up.”

Xiang Yi hung up the phone, looking pensive.

“Daddy, aren’t we going to find Mommy?”

He turned his head and glanced at his son who was standing next to him. “We’ll go in a while.”

However, Xiang Yi couldn’t settle down when he returned to his desk to deal with his work.

He looked at the watch on his wrist and wondered why time passed so slowly?

It had only been twenty minutes, but he felt that a long time had passed.

“An hour…”sitting in front of his desk, he fell into deep thought and muttered to himself.

Must I go there in an hour?

Why not go there earlier and say that he had finished his work and had nothing to do, so he took his son with him?

Or was it because he was afraid of traffic, so he went there earlier, but he didn’t expect that there would be no obstruction along the way?

“Daddy, What are you doing?”

In front of the huge desk, Xiang Jinghan stood there, tilted his head and looked at his father, not knowing what he was doing.

Xiang Yi glanced at his son’s face, and suddenly thought of something. He stood up and came to him.

Looking at his father in front of him, although Xiang Jinghan didn’t understand, he still nodded honestly. “Yes!”