1463 Chapter 1464 she treated you the same

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“The construction site and the car accident were all done by you?”Xiang Yi’s malicious eyes emitted a threatening coldness as he locked Cheng Huan tightly.

Cheng Huan did not deny it, but he did not admit it directly either.

He would leave this city tomorrow. He did not want to let his guard down and let others have some leverage over him.

“You’re really lucky. But I’m also glad that you avoided those two disasters. Otherwise, the current me might be in prison.”

Xiang Yi stared at him but did not speak.

“But from now on, you can rest easy. Tomorrow, I’ll leave this place.”

So what he meant was that he would not interfere between him and Nuannuan in the future?

“Do you know? Sometimes, I’m really a little jealous of you. Why can you, who has nothing, Win Her Heart? Even though three years have passed, she still treats you the same.”

On the sofa in the living room, Shi Nuannuan was a little restless. From time to time, she would look in the direction of the backyard. Under the night sky, she could not see the two men.

Half an hour later, Xiang Yi’s figure finally walked over slowly.

She stood up and went up to him. “What did he say to you?”

Looking at the person in front of him, Xiang Yi smiled gently. “It’s nothing. Let’s go home.”

As he said that, he held her in his arms and walked towards the Cheng family’s main door.

After that, Cheng Huan entered the living room and watched the two of them leave.

If it wasn’t his, it wouldn’t belong to him in the end.

Only by giving up could he continue his life.

It was already seven o’clock at night when they left the Cheng family’s residence.

Shi Nuannuan, who didn’t see her son, couldn’t help but ask, “Where’s Han Han?”

“He was a little sleepy when he came over, so I sent him back first.”

Shi Nuannuan heard that.

But then she thought about it.

“What exactly did he and you talk about?”

After the incident three years ago, the current Shi Nuannuan was really worried that Cheng Huan would cause trouble and make him disappear in front of her for three years again?

The red light lit up. Xiang Yi turned his head and looked at her slightly nervous face. He suddenly chuckled. “What are you nervous about?”

As she spoke, she pretended to be calm as she brushed her hair.

He turned his head and continued to start the car.

“He said that he won’t interfere in our affairs anymore.”

Hearing this, Shi Nuannuan turned her face and looked at the side of his face with disdain.

Would Cheng Huan really say that?

It was already a little late when they arrived at Jinghai Villa.

In the room on the second floor, Xiang Jinghan had already eaten dinner and was sleeping soundly.

And up until now, the two of them had not eaten yet.

Sister Chen prepared some food for them and then left.

After eating dinner, she took a shower. As there were still some emails that needed to be processed, Xiang Yi went to the study room, and Shi Nuannuan went straight to sleep.

She slept until she was in a daze and felt that there was a place that was very warm. She could not help but burrow into that place and find a comfortable place to continue sleeping..

Early in the morning, Feng Lulu’s cold was almost gone. Feng Shunqing decided to move into the house that Xiang Yi had bought for them.

He was a person who knew his own limits. No matter how Righteous Nuan Nuan was, he did not want to stay here and disturb the three of them.

“I’ll send you there.”

After breakfast, Xiang Yi looked at Feng Shunqing and said.

“No need. You can ask someone to call a car. We can go there ourselves.”Feng Shunqing declined. Because she knew that he was very busy, she didn’t want to trouble him anymore.

“It’s okay. After I send you there, I’ll go straight to the company.”