1464 Chapter 1465, What’s the condition?

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“This… Alright then.”Hearing his words, Feng Shunqing did not try to shirk anymore.

Shi Nuannuan also spoke up. If she did not go, it seemed a little unreasonable.

“There’s no need. You stay at home and take care of Hanhan. Just ask Xiang Yi to send us over.”

“It’s fine if you stay at home. Hanhan isn’t awake yet.”Xiang Yi also spoke to her.

Thinking of her son who was still sleeping soundly, Shi Nuannuan didn’t insist any further.

After the group left the house, they arrived at an apartment in the city center.

As soon as they entered the apartment, Su Xiuying was shocked to see the exquisite decorations inside.

Although this place couldn’t compare to the villa, compared to their previous house, it was like the difference between heaven and earth!

“Xiang Yi, this house… is it really for us? Is It Free?”

Looking at Xiang Yi, Su Xiuying was still in disbelief.

Xiang Yi glanced at her indifferently. “Yes, but there is a condition.”

Hearing his words, Su Xiuying was stunned, and even Feng Shunqing was a little surprised.

Staring at Su Xiuying, Xiang Yi was silent for a few seconds before he said, “If I find out that you are involved in gambling again, I will take back this house. At that time, even if your family sleeps on the streets, it has nothing to do with me.”

“No, no! I’ll never play cards again!”Su Xiuying quickly waved her hand and promised.

She would never gamble again in the future. She didn’t want to experience the days of being homeless and sleeping on the streets again.

Listening to what he said to his wife, Feng Shunqing was very grateful.

The condition he mentioned was to control his wife’s gambling addiction. If she really quit gambling, perhaps this house would really be like a home.

“Mom! Come and take a look. My Room is so beautiful! I’ve never used such a beautiful room before!”

Feng Lulu suddenly rushed into the living room and held Su Xiuying’s hand excitedly.

However, when she met Xiang Yi’s cold gaze, her expression wilted. She lowered her head and did not dare to speak anymore.

“Oh right, uncle.”Xiang Yi’s gaze turned towards Feng Shunqing again.

Feng Shunqing looked up as well. She could tell that he had something to say.

“It might be a little unfair to you, but if you think it’s suitable for you, go to my company and become a guard. I will pay you a reasonable salary every month according to the company’s regulations.”

Although his position might be a little humble to his biological uncle, he was a disabled person. This job was actually the most suitable for him.

Moreover, in such a big city, working as a doorman in a big corporation would earn him much more than when he was in the countryside.

Feng Shunqing was overjoyed when she heard that!

“Really? I… I can do it?”He was a little discouraged, worried that he was not qualified for this job.

Xiang Yi smiled slightly. “It’s not a difficult thing. Someone will explain the relevant rules and work content to you.”

“Good, good!”Feng Shunqing was extremely excited. He did not want to rely on Xiang Yi anymore and wanted to rely on himself.

Then, Xiang Yi’s gaze fell on Su Xiuying’s face.

Su Xiuying was still a little timid after being stared at by him like that.

“You don’t need to do anything. You just need to cook a warm and full meal for uncle when he returns home.”

Hearing his words, Su Xiuying suddenly felt a little guilty.

All these years, apart from staying by Feng Shunqing’s side, she had not done her duty as a good wife.

“I, I understand.”She lowered her head, her expression gloomy.