1465 Chapter 1466 had arrived

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“Cousin, what job did you arrange for me?”Feng Boyu walked over and looked at him with a fawning expression.

He hoped that he had arranged a very good job for him. It would be best if he did not need to be exposed to the elements.

Xiang Yi turned to Wen Sheng and said casually, “Logistics Department.”

”…”logistics department?

“Then, logistics department, what position do I want to take?”

“Canteen, serving dishes.”

Feng Boyu was stunned.

“Nothing much, I’m going to the company.”

Xiang Yi waved at Feng Shunqing and turned to leave.

Feng Boyu came back to his senses. “No, cousin, you’re the Big Boss, why did you arrange such a job for me? Cousin… Cousin!”

In front of the door, Xiang Yi stopped and turned to look at Feng Boyu who had caught up with him.

“Why, do you think it’s not suitable for you?”

Meeting his cold eyes, Feng Boyu pursed his lips. “I, I just think… I can do better.”

With that, Xiang Yi was about to leave again.

Feng Boyu seemed to have thought of something and called out to him again, “Hey, Cousin!”

Xiang Yi turned his head and stared at him.

Feng boyu chuckled, “UM, isn’t this place quite far from your company? Why Don’t You Get Me a car? “I see that you have quite a lot of luxury cars in your villa. That Porsche is pretty good. Can You… lend me some time so that I can go to work?”

Hearing this, Xiang Yi lowered his eyes slightly and then looked up again, his gaze landing on his face.

Feng Boyu’s eyes lit up and he nodded vigorously. “Yes!”!

“My Company, the management department is on the 48th floor. When you get to this floor, I’ll give you a limited edition Porsche.”

Feng Boyu was completely dumbfounded.

“Limited, limited edition?”

“Cousin, are you kidding me?”He couldn’t believe it.

“This is my reward for you, but whether you can get it or not depends on you.”

After saying that, Xiang Yi did not speak again, but turned around and left the apartment.

Feng Boyu was still in a daze and did not come back to his senses for a long time.

Porsche, limited edition, limited edition, Porsche..

48th floor, 48th floor, he must climb to the 48th floor!

After leaving the villa, Xiang Yi drove to the X · s group.

Just as he reached the top floor, his phone rang.

The elevator door opened and he walked out. Then, he took out his phone and saw a familiar number.

He picked up the phone and walked towards the office.

“Mr. Xiang, the things you ordered have arrived. Are you going to pick them up personally, or should we send them over for you?”

After hanging up the phone, Xiang Yi walked to his desk.

As soon as he sat down, the secretary knocked on the door and entered. He placed some documents that required his signature to read in front of him.

Half an hour later, the internal line rang.

“President, a lady is looking for you.”

After ending the call, the office door was quickly knocked on. Then, the secretary walked in with a tall woman.

She was holding an exquisite box in her hand. As soon as she walked in, she flashed it at Xiang Yi. “The thing you want, it’s done.”

Xiang Yi raised his head and glanced at the person, then got up and walked around the office desk.

He made a ‘please sit’gesture to the woman, then said to the secretary, “Double the coffee.”

Then, he sat down on the sofa.