1466 Chapter 1467: Aren’t you afraid that your fiancée will be jealous?

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“Xiang, I’m a little curious. Why Did You Engrave Your Company’s name on it?”The woman looked at him, her beautiful face bewitching and full of curiosity.

Xiang Yi only glanced at her a little, but did not answer.

“Thank you, thank you for your trouble.”

The woman smiled. “Thank you so much. Please treat me to a meal. It’s rare for me to come all the way here personally.”

“So it’s settled then?”

Xiang Yi lowered his eyebrows. After two seconds of silence, he said, “Yes, I will thank you together with my fiancée.”

Hearing his words, the woman paused for a moment, then gave a sexy and charming smile, “I thought you were the one who invited me. After all this time, I was with your fiancée. Why? Are you afraid that your fiancée will misunderstand something?”

“Miss demille is thinking too much. You are the famous chief designer of international jewelry. I’m afraid that the men who want to treat you to a meal will have to queue from home to abroad. There’s no place for me.”

Demille raised her eyes and the corner of her sexy lips slowly rose. She smiled charmingly. “I like to hear that. However, if Xiang invited me alone, I’m willing to reject all of them just for you.”

Xiang Yi also smiled. “You’re still so fond of joking.”

As he finished speaking, he lowered his head and took out the things in the exquisite box.

“How is it? You’re still satisfied with this big CEO, right?”

“Since it’s from you, I’m naturally satisfied.”

The door was pushed open, and the secretary walked in with two cups of coffee, placing them in front of the two of them.

Demi-er smiled at him and didn’t say anything else. Instead, she picked up the coffee and took a sip.

After looking at the things in the box for a while, Xiang Yi put them away. Then, he looked up at demi-er. “When are you going back?”

Demi-er put down the coffee cup. “It’s rare for you to come over. Let’s play for a while before you leave. It’ll be a good time to relax.”

“TSK, I thought you were going to invite me to your house to play. I’m a little disappointed.”

“If you want to go, I’ll naturally welcome you.”

“Aren’t you afraid that your fiancée will be jealous?”

Xiang Yi looked at her and was silent for a few seconds. The image of Shi Nuannuan being angry and jealous appeared in his mind, and the corners of his mouth could not help but curl up slightly.

Dai Mi’er saw happiness on his face.

“I really envy your fiancée. She found a good man like you. He’s gentle, warm, and more importantly, he’s so rich!”

Xiang Yi chuckled. “She probably won’t even take a fancy to my little money.”

“Really? That’s still enviable… sigh, when will I be able to find him?”

“As long as you want to, it won’t be a matter of time.”

“PFFT, forget it. In this world, either a good man hasn’t been born yet, or he’s already married. As for the rest… maybe, there are still a few of them.”

Xiang Yi smiled but didn’t say anything.

“Oh right, I’ve been holding my pee for so long. Where’s the bathroom?”

Before Xiang Yi could speak, daimei said again, “Eh, I don’t want a public one. It’s best if it’s independent!”

She was a germaphobe and didn’t like public bathrooms.

Xiang Yi pointed to the opposite side with his eyes.

Demi-er turned her head to look, then turned back and smiled charmingly. “Thank you, Oppa!”

As she finished speaking, she had already turned around and walked to the bathroom.

Xiang Yi’s gaze finally landed on the exquisite small box. Then, he got up and walked to the office desk, placing the box in the drawer.