1470 Chapter 1471, aren’t you afraid that I will steal your man?

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Looking at the dishes in the bowl, Xiang Yi was still a little stunned.

In the next moment, that piece of ribs was picked up by another pair of chopsticks and thrown onto the table.

“I’m sorry, my husband doesn’t eat sweet and sour ribs. You remembered wrongly!”

After picking up the piece of ribs in Xiang Yi’s bowl and throwing it onto the table, Shi Nuannuan raised her eyes again and smilingly said to Chen Jiaqi opposite her!

Looking at the piece of ribs that was ‘abandoned’, Xiang Yi’s lips unconsciously curled up into a smile. Then, he looked up and looked at Shi Nuannuan’s delicate little face lovingly.

Facing her fake smile, Chen Jiaqi raised her eyebrows and looked at her meaninglessly.

“You’re still so bossy and domineering.”

Shi Nuannuan smiled again. “That’s inevitable. If not, how can I drive away those annoying ‘flies’?”

“Are you talking about me?”

Shi Nuannuan picked up her chopsticks and picked up a dish for Xiang Yi. Then, she fed her son another mouthful of food. “No! Of course, if you want to put yourself in my shoes, there’s nothing I can do.”

Chen Jiaqi glanced at her. Her character was still the same as back then. It was easy to change a country, but hard to change one’s nature.

However, she really envied her. She could actually find a man who spoiled her so much. Sigh!

Chen Jiaqi sighed. This made Shi Nuannuan a little uncomfortable. She raised her eyes and looked at her.

According to her character in high school, shouldn’t she be picking a fight with her now? What, did she change her character?

The lunch ended. The process was not very pleasant, but it had a different flavor.

After leaving the hotel, Cheng Jiaqi also planned to return to the hotel.

“Thank you for your hospitality, I’m leaving.”

After calling a taxi, before boarding the car, Chen Jiaqi looked at Xiang Yi and glanced at Shi Nuannuan.

“Then I won’t send you off.”

“Don’t send me off, in case your fiancée is unhappy.”She glanced at Shi Nuannuan lightly, but there was no hostility in her eyes.

Shi Nuannuan looked at her and couldn’t help but ask, “Hey, what’s your real name now?”

“My real name is naturally Chen Jiaqi. Daimi’er is just my name as a designer.”

“Are you still developing in C Nation?”

“Do you have time… to come to my house to play?”

Hearing this, Chen Jiaqi could not help but squint her eyes. “Why? Aren’t you afraid that I will steal your man?”

“I’m not afraid,”Shi Nuannuan said confidently.

“Because…”she leaned over. “You’re too ugly.”

“Shi Nuannuan!”Chen Jiaqi, who had always been very elegant, couldn’t help but be furious at this moment!

However, in the blink of an eye, she returned to her elegant posture. “Forget it. I want to be an elegant woman. I Won’t argue with you.”

“Tch!”Shi Nuannuan gave her an annoyed look!

After Chen Jiaqi left, Shi Nuannuan followed Xiang Yi back to the X · s group. She waited until his lunch break was over and he was back to work. Only then did Shi Nuannuan leave with Xiang Jinghan.

Thinking of the fact that she had not been to Shi mansion for a long time, she took her son there in the afternoon.

“Nuannuan? Why are you here?”

Upon seeing her daughter, Shen Lanzhi, who was on the sofa, could not help but stand up. She was a little surprised.

“Why? You Don’t Welcome Me?”

“Look at you, child. How can there be a mother in this world who doesn’t welcome her daughter?”Shen Lanzhi scolded her in a bad mood.

Shi Nuannuan smiled and looked around the living room. “Where’s sister-in-law?”

“Today is Friday. The kindergarten ended early. She went to pick up Mo Mo and Lian Lian. She should be back soon.”