1471 It was time for chapter 1472

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“He’s upstairs,”Shen Lanzhi said. She turned to the servant beside her and said, “Go and ask the old master to come down.”

In the study on the second floor, Shi Le took out an old photo album from the bookshelf and sat down on the sofa. He put on his reading glasses and flipped through them one by one.

In the photo album was a long-sealed photo that had not been taken out for many years.

These photos were secretly taken by Shi Xiaotian when Shi yuting and Shi Nuannuan were young.

At that time, before Shen Lanzhi entered the Shi family home, Shi Xiaotian brought his children to find her and took these commemorative photos.

After his death, Shi Le found them in his drawer. They had always been kept, but he rarely took them out to look at.

In a blink of an eye, the two grandsons in the photo had grown up and each had their own family. Nuannuan should be getting married soon.

He had to prepare a dowry for his only granddaughter, Weiyi.

There was a knock on the door, and a servant walked in.

“Master, the eldest miss is here.”

Hearing the servant’s voice, Shi Le’s gaze moved away from the family photo. He looked up at the servant, then put down the photo album, stood up, and took off the reading glasses on his face.

He walked downstairs with his walking stick.

Seeing him go downstairs, Shi Nuannuan called out to him.

After the matter was over, the knot in her heart was opened.

There was naturally no blood feud between family members, right?

Calling him “Grandpa”made Shi Le’s Heart Ache.

When he was young, he was too competitive. He wanted to be strong and ruthless in everything. He wanted to follow his plans for everything. His son’s marriage, his grandson’s marriage, and even Nuannuan’s marriage.., everything went according to his plan. However, he didn’t know that there shouldn’t be any arrangements between family members. Instead, he would lose their hearts.

Back then, if he didn’t have his own opinions, his son, Shi Xiaotian, wouldn’t have passed away that day.

Fortunately, there was still time for his grandson and granddaughter. He didn’t regret it too much.

“Hey, you’re here.”Looking at his granddaughter in front of him, Shi Le responded.

“Great-grandfather!”Seeing him, Xiang Jinghan also called out.

Shi Le was overjoyed when he called him great-grandfather. He laughed so hard that he could not close his mouth, and his voice became even louder!

“Are you feeling better?”Shi Nuannuan asked.

“Much better.”Shi Le picked up Zeng’s grandson and walked to the sofa to sit down.

Not long after, Zuo Weiyi returned with the two little guys.

The three little guys gathered together and immediately cheered happily!

Unknowingly, the sky outside the window gradually fell.

Looking at the time, there were only ten minutes left before Xiang Yi’s shift ended, right?

Zuo Weiyi, who was on the sofa, looked at her actions and could not help but smile. “Let Xiang Yi come over. As a family, it’s time to have a meal together.”

Hearing this, Shi Nuannuan raised her head and looked at her sister-in-law.

Zuo Weiyi nodded. “It’s rare that you have time.”

After thinking for a while, Shi Nuannuan nodded as well. Then, she took out her phone and walked to the window to make a call to Xiang Yi.

On the phone, Xiang Yi was about to pick up his coat and leave the office.

He seemed to understand why shi yuting could not wait to go home the moment he got off work. It turned out that he really had such an impulse after having a wife and children.

The impulse to see his wife and children as soon as he got home.