1475 Chapter 1476, the meaning of X · s

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“Yes, Call Me Mom!”Shi Nuannuan smiled as she held his hand and said this to Xiang Yi.

Xiang Yi was stunned and looked at her.

Although he had already planned to propose, he had not done so yet.

He pursed his lips slightly at her and then looked at Shen Lanzhi. “Auntie.”

At this time, this was the most appropriate way to address her.

Shi Nuannuan pouted, feeling a little disappointed.

But on second thought, she wasn’t in a hurry.

She handed the gift to her mother. Shen Lanzhi took it, knowing that it was a token of his goodwill.

“We’re a family. Don’t bring any gifts in the future.”

Xiang Yi nodded slightly.

Then, the two of them walked towards the sofa.

“Mm, not bad. This child has grown up. He has finally slapped some people in the face,”Zuo Yi said. It was obvious that he was talking to Shi Le.

What did he say back then? Xiang Yi’s status was not worthy of Nuannuan. Look at him now. In just three years, he was much better than when he was young!

After being choked by Zuo Yi, Shi Le instantly gave him a look of disdain.

Then, he glanced at Xiang Yi’s face. “Sit down!”

Only when he spoke did Xiang Yi nod slightly. Then, he and Shi Nuannuan sat down together in a seat on the sofa.

Amidst a wave of laughter and conversation, the atmosphere finally became harmonious. Accompanied by the laughter of the children, dinner was gradually ready.

After dinner, it was still early. A few men sat in the living room and chatted.

Meanwhile, Shi Nuannuan was pulled into the bedroom by Zuo Weiyi.

“Hey, did Xiang Yi propose to you?”On the bed, the aunt and sister-in-law sat cross-legged and talked about the worries between women.

Shi Nuannuan pursed her lips shyly. “I guess he did!”

Zuo Weiyi frowned. “What do you mean by ‘he did’?”

“Uh, it was when he was in country a last time that he called to ask for help. He said he was coming back to make up for the ceremony.”

However, it had been a few days since he came back, and he did not say anything. Could it be that he had forgotten?

Thinking of this, Shi Nuannuan could not help but feel confused and puzzled.

“Oh, in that case, it should be soon. Congratulations!”

Zuo Weiyi looked at her with a smile. On the other hand, Shi Nuannuan was a little embarrassed.

“What’s there to congratulate? Maybe he has already forgotten!”

“How is that possible? He hasn’t forgotten about it in three years. How could he forget it in just a few days?”Zuo Weiyi smiled.

Shi Nuannuan was a little confused. She looked up at her blankly. “What do you mean?”

Zuo Weiyi was stunned by her question.

“Don’t tell me you still don’t Know?”

“Know what?”Shi Nuannuan was stunned.

“It’s the name of Xiang Yi Group!”

”…”name? So what if it’s a name?

Seeing her stunned expression, Zuo Weiyi finally understood. So she still didn’t know that Xiang Yi group’s name was an abbreviation of their surnames?

“X · s, you really don’t know this?”

Shi Nuannuan nodded again, “I know, isn’t it just the name of his group! Hey Sister-in-law, let me tell you, you said that his company’s name is X · s, why is his wardrobe engraved with X · s? Isn’t he a little obsessed?”

“Pa!”Zuo Weiyi couldn’t take it anymore, so she directly hit her!

Shi Nuannuan, who was hit on the head, was caught off guard. She frowned and looked at Zuo Weiyi in front of her. “Sister-in-law, why did you hit me! ?”

“Why are you so stupid?”Zuo Weiyi was angry!

“What?”Shi Nuannuan didn’t seem to understand.

“What is the initial letter of Xiang Yi’s ‘Xiang’?”