1477 Chapter 1478 is she willing to marry Daddy?

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At 7:32 am, she arrived at the restaurant and took the elevator to the 21st floor.

The entire restaurant was silent, but the moment she stepped in, a beautiful melody sounded.

She looked up, wanting to find Xiang Yi’s figure. When she looked up, she saw the elegant figure of a man sitting on the balcony.

Everything here was clearly meticulously prepared.

“What… are you doing?”

He looked at her and gazed at her with deep affection.

She glanced at the seat opposite him and immediately sat down.

When dinner was in progress, the god of music sounded again.

However, this music did not come from the restaurant, but from above her head.

With a hint of confusion, Shi Nuannuan raised her head and looked into the sky. She saw countless balloons slowly rising in the night sky, and each one of them was flickering with light like fireflies.

She could not help but be dumbfounded, because this was the first time she had seen such a scene.

At this moment, a tender and clear voice sounded.

Shi Nuannuan heard the voice and saw Xiang Jinghan, who was wearing a small suit, walking towards her in a very gentlemanly manner.

“Mommy, are you willing to marry Daddy as your wife?”

Shi Nuannuan was stunned.

Even though she had already guessed that this scene might be prepared by Xiang Yi for a proposal, she did not expect that these words would come from her son’s mouth.

She did not respond, and Xiang Jinghan could not help but call out to her again.

Shi Nuannuan came back to her senses and looked at her son, then at the man opposite her.

“Mommy, why don’t you agree? If you agree, the three of us can be together forever!”

Xiang Jinghan could not help but urge her again.

However, Shi Nuannuan did not respond in the end.

It was a marriage proposal, and it was only once in a lifetime. He actually made his son speak. He was too insincere!

She lowered her head and couldn’t help but mutter, “He didn’t even speak. What should I agree to…”

In the next moment, she caught a glimpse of something golden from the corner of her eye. Under the gorgeous light, it was dazzling.

“Are you willing to spend the rest of your life with Me Until You Die?”He took out the ring and pushed it in front of her.

Looking at the exquisite diamond ring, Shi Nuannuan was a little dazed.

“Aiya! Whether she agrees or not, Daddy will put it on Mommy First!”Xiang Jinghan, who was at the side, couldn’t wait any longer!

Xiang Yi glanced at his son, then really picked up the ring and put it on her ring finger while she was dazed. Throughout the whole process, Shi Nuannuan didn’t know how it started or how it ended.

By the time she completely came back to her senses, the ring was already on her ring finger. The size was just right.

“I’ll take it that you agree.”He gazed at her with deep affection.

Shi Nuannuan came back to her senses and felt that everything was still a little unreal. She raised her hand to touch the ring.

Only when she felt the slightly rough touch on her finger did she feel that it was very real.

“I already have a son, how can I not agree…”

He frowned as if he was deep in thought. “That’s true, you have to marry me anyway. It seems that this ceremony is a little redundant…”

“No Way!”She protested. “If you don’t propose, I won’t be bothered to marry you!”

He looked up and his lips curled into a smile.

“Daddy, are the three of us going to be together forever from now on?”

He glanced at his son and Xiang Yi bent down to pick him up and sit on his lap. “HMM… we will be together until you become an adult.”