1478 I Won’t fight with Daddy for Chapter 1479!

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Xiang Jinghan tilted his head. “What about when you’re an adult?”

“When you’re an adult, you’ll Be Like Daddy. You’ll meet the person you love, marry her, and take care of her. Everything you have will only exist because of her.”

“Then can I marry Mommy?”

”…”Xiang Yi paused, squinting at his son in his arms. He paused for a few seconds before saying, “That won’t do.”

“Because Mommy is Daddy’s.”

“HMM… Alright then, I won’t fight with Daddy for it!”

He smiled. “Good boy.”

“What do you want to eat?”

“This!”The little guy pointed at the steak.

Xiang Yi immediately picked up the cutlery, cut a piece, and brought it to his mouth.

Xiang Jinghan ate very happily!

After the dinner, it was already ten o’clock in the evening when he returned to the villa.

After sending her sleeping son back to his room, Shi Nuannuan also took a shower and lay down.

Leaning against the bed, she could not help but raise her hand, and her gaze fell on the ring on her ring finger.

Suddenly, her brows twitched, and she caught a glimpse of the two sides of the diamond, with the words ‘x’and ‘s’carved on them respectively.

When she thought of her sister-in-law’s words, the corners of her lips unconsciously curled up.

Late at night, back to the room Xiang Yi, walked to the bedside, Shi Nuannuan female warm still.

The weather gradually became a little cold, with a prosperous engagement party, Xiang Yi and Shi Nuannuan also became the focus of attention of Z city people recently.

It is said that the spirit of a happy occasion, but warm to this is no exception.

Recently, she had been in a good mood. Sometimes, she was a little lazy, and sometimes she was even too lazy to get out of bed. Perhaps it was because the weather was getting colder.

After all, it was winter. Who wouldn’t want to stay in bed early in the morning?

However, Xiang Jinghan didn’t let her sleep. He ran to the master bedroom early in the morning and dragged Shi Nuannuan to accompany him on the street!

“Mommy, get up. The Sun is shining on your butt!”Xiang Jinghan climbed onto the bed and began to flip over the blanket on Shi Nuannuan.

“Son, it’s snowing today. There’s no Sun.”When she woke up just now, she had already looked out of the window and found that the first snow of the year had already fallen.

“Aiya, Mommy… didn’t you say that you would accompany me to the streets to see Santa Claus today?”

Hearing this, Shi Nuannuan finally opened her slightly drowsy eyes.

That’s right, it’s Christmas Eve today!

Glancing at her son, she did say that she would take him to see Santa Claus on the street today.

“I’m sorry, Baby, Mommy will get up now!”

As she said this, Shi Nuannuan made a series of movements, got out of bed, and walked to the bathroom to wash up as quickly as possible.

Everything was ready, and she put on a scarf for her son. Only then did Shi Nuannuan get ready to go out.

The sound of the car engine was gradually heard. As she turned the steering wheel, the car slowly drove away from the Jinghai Villa.

She found a parking spot and parked the car. Then, she led her son to the bustling pedestrian street.

A large snowflake fell down, adding a strong atmosphere to this year’s Christmas Eve.

“Wow, there are Christmas Trees!”Xiang Jinghan, who had sharp eyes, saw at a glance that many stores were decorated with all kinds of Christmas trees.

Shi Nuannuan also looked up and followed her son’s line of sight. As expected, she saw all kinds of Christmas trees decorated at the door, which was particularly eye-catching.

While the mother and son were shopping, their cell phone suddenly rang.

“Hello?”Seeing the caller ID, Shi Nuannuan answered with a smile.

“Nuannuan, today is Christmas Eve. Grandpa and mom want you to come back for dinner.”