1480 Chapter 1481 you scared mommy to death!

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“Han Han… Where are you? Xiang Jinghan! ?”

Shi Nuannuan felt suffocated when she couldn’t see her son’s figure. Her heart felt as if it was being pricked by Needles!

Tears soaked her eyes!

Just when she was flustered and at a loss, Xiang Jinghan’s figure suddenly appeared at the entrance of the shop not far away. He was waving at her with a smile.

The moment Shi Nuannuan heard his voice and saw her son’s figure, she finally let go of her tightly clenched heart.

“You scared mommy to death!”

She rushed over, squatted in front of her son, and pulled him into her arms!

Xiang Jinghan was stunned. When he let go of her, he saw the tear stains on her face.

“Mommy, what happened to you?”

Shi Nuannuan wiped her eyes. At that moment, she really felt that her heart was going to stop beating.

“Baby, can you not suddenly disappear from Mommy’s sight next time?”

Xiang Jinghan was a little stunned. A pair of beautiful black pupils looked at her. “I’m sorry, Mommy. Because you were on the phone just now, and I saw how big the Christmas tree was, I couldn’t help but walk over.”

As he spoke, he even raised his hand and pointed at the spot in front of them.

As expected, the boutique was decorated with a big Christmas tree.

She retracted her gaze and looked at her son’s fair and clean face.

He was not even three years old yet, so it was inevitable that he was still childish.

“Mommy Knows. At night, we’ll let Daddy decorate a huge Christmas tree and hang many presents on it, okay?”

“Okay!”Xiang Jinghan was extremely excited when he heard that!

“Baby, Mommy Needs to go shopping. You’ll accompany me to the pharmacy first, and then when Aunt Comes, we’ll go shopping with brother Mo and sister Lian Lian to buy presents, okay?”

She was somewhat eager to know the reason for the postponement of her period.

Xiang Jinghan was extremely happy when he heard that he was going to see Shi Mo and Shi Lian.

Shi Nuannuan held her hand and went to a pharmacy to buy some test strips.

After buying the test strips, she held her son’s hand and went to a restaurant to sit down. It was about time for Zuo Weiyi and the others to arrive.

Just as she was thinking about it, her phone rang. It was Zuo Weiyi Calling.

She said that she had already arrived at Shengjing Pedestrian Street and asked where she was.

Shi Nuannuan gave the restaurant’s address and soon, she saw Zuo Weiyi walking in with her two little babies.

After ordering a few glasses of fruit juice in the restaurant, Shi Nuannuan and Weiyi brought the three babies to buy Christmas presents.

“Alright, let’s go have a big meal now!”

At 11:30 pm, Zuo Weiyi said to the little ones.

Shi Nuannuan thought of the time she had agreed with Xiang Yi, and could not help but send him a wechat message: stay with sister-in-law, I’ll send you the restaurant’s address in a while, come over yourself.

After sending the message, the two of them then led their son to the parking lot.

As the parking spots for the two of them were not quite the same, they walked to the opposite positions and put the Christmas gifts and some new year clothes in the trunk. This way, it would be much more relaxed when they ate.

The yellow light was still flashing. Shi Nuannuan pulled her son who was about to walk on the sidewalk. Then, she turned her head and waited for the green light in front of them to light up before she led her son to the parking lot opposite.

“When you cross the street, you must see clearly before you move.”Shi Nuannuan held her son’s hand with one hand and carried the shopping items in the other. As they walked, she taught her son how to cross the street.