1481 Chapter 1482 Xiang Jinghan was snatched away (1)

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The snow was still falling. The figure of the mother and son was like a beautiful scenery in the heavy snow, making people want to take another look.

After crossing the road, they came to the front of the Red Maserati. Only then did Shi Nuannuan let go of her hand and put the paper bags in the trunk.

Needless to say, these things were quite heavy.

She had been holding them in one hand all the way, and she could not help but feel sore.

She took out the key and opened the trunk. She was about to put the things in..

Suddenly, her son’s scream came from behind her!

Shi Nuannuan turned around when she heard the sound and saw that Xiang Jinghan was suddenly snatched away by two men in black. They left her sight as fast as they could!

Xiang Jinghan stomped his legs and wanted to struggle, but he was weak and was not a match for the men in black!

Shi Nuannuan was so shocked that she threw away the things in her hands and dashed past the men in black!

“Mommy — Mommy! You bastards, Let Go of Me!”

Xiang Jinghan stomped his legs desperately, trying to struggle free from the arms of the men in black, but it was futile!

“Stop! Who Are you people! ? Let Go of my son!”

Han Han… Xiang Jinghan..

Although she was puzzled by the sudden situation, Shi Nuannuan knew very well that they had come with bad intentions. Their motive for taking away Han Han was definitely not simple!

“Mommy, it’s Han Han. Han Han was taken away by someone!”

Across the road, Zuo Weiyi, who had put her things away, was also holding a pair of children as they were about to cross the road.

Mo Mo, who had sharp eyes, suddenly saw Xiang Jinghan being carried away by two men in black!

Hearing her son’s voice, Zuo Weiyi looked up in horror and saw Nuannuan chasing after the man in black and disappearing around the corner!

Zuo Weiyi was also shocked, but it was still a red light at this time, so she could not rush to the other side of the road!

“Stop! You guys stop!”

Shi Nuannuan was still chasing, but her pace was not as fast as those men. In the next moment, she saw two other men in black behind her, who were one step ahead of him.

In her panic, she did not know what was going on, but her heart seemed to be torn to pieces.

“Han Han… Han Han!”

“No, don’t…”she couldn’t catch up with those people at all. When she looked up again, she saw the two men in black taking Xiang Jinghan into a sports car.

Shi Nuannuan was stunned. She watched as Xiang Jinghan was taken into the sports car and then sped away. In two seconds, he had disappeared from her sight.

She seemed to have gone mad. She stood at the intersection, not knowing what to do! She fell into a state of helplessness and collapse..

However, in the next moment, a black car chased after the sports car!

Despite her collapse, she still turned around and ran to her own car. She opened the door, started the car, and rushed in the direction where the sports car had disappeared at an astonishing speed of 180 kilometers per hour.

At this moment, the gray sports car had long disappeared from the bustling city center.

The snow was getting heavier and heavier..

“Ah! ! !”In the center of Z City, almost every road was connected in all directions.

Shi Nuannuan had chased to an intersection, but she did not know where to start.

She pounded on the steering wheel, and her entire body was on the verge of breaking down..

Behind her, a series of sirens sounded, as if to remind her to occupy the driveway and block the way.