1483 Chapter 1484-xiang Jinghan was snatched away (3)

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“Do you need me to help?”

He spoke weakly, as if he had already guessed the reason behind Han Han’s sudden kidnapping.

On the phone, Shi Yuting was silent for a while, as if he also felt that there was a reason for this incident.

If the purpose of kidnapping Han Han was Xiang Yi, then naturally, only by going personally could he resolve the matter.

“Then make up your mind. If you need anything, call me again.”

After hanging up the phone, he glanced at the person on the sofa. Although he couldn’t put his mind at ease about her, he had no choice but to leave at this moment!

He turned around and strode towards the door.

Feeling that he had left, Shi Nuannuan, who was on the sofa, suddenly raised her head. “Where are you going! ?”

Her eyes were anxious. She felt that he seemed to know Han Han’s whereabouts.

“You’re at home. Rest well.”

“Do you know Han Han! ? where is He! ? where is He! ?”Tears poured down again. She grabbed his arm in jealousy!

The way she cried made his heart ache.

Her voice was a little hoarse. “Don’t worry, I will bring Han Han to you safely.”

“You know who kidnapped him? You know where he is, don’t you! ?”

“I want to go with you!”

“No.”If she went, it would only distract him.

“I want to Go!”She insisted!

“I want to Go! ! !”She yelled anxiously.

It was her son who was kidnapped. It was a piece of flesh that fell from her heart. How could she sit still and wait at home?

In the end, he could not persuade her, so he could only take her with him.

On the cliff, an old villa that had been empty for a long time was still standing.

The waves hit the rocks, making a sound of crashing waves that came in through the window.

In an empty room, Xiang Jinghan’s hands and feet were tied.

“Who are you! ? My Daddy will definitely not let you go!”

Seeing the woman who pushed the door open and entered, Xiang Jinghan’s eyes actually shot out a cold light.

That gaze was exactly the same as Xiang Yi’s.

Helian Manli walked over and gradually approached Xiang Jinghan.

“You look like your daddy…”

Not a trace of it could be seen on her calm face. Instead, looking at Xiang Jinghan’s face, she was somewhat lost in thought. She reached out her hand, wanting to caress that face that was exactly the same as Xiang Yi’s.

Unexpectedly, before her hand touched the face, she was bitten by Xiang Jinghan in the next moment!

She instinctively exerted force and wanted to pull her hand back, but because of that, she pushed Xiang Jinghan to the ground. The back of his head hit the wall, causing him to frown in pain, but he gritted his teeth and refused to make a sound.

Looking at her bitten hand, Helian Manli raised her head and glanced at Xiang Jinghan in front of her, asking with a frown.

Xiang Jinghan hissed and then raised his eyes to glare at her. “Of course, you’re a Bad Woman!”

She was a little heartbroken. Although these words came from his mouth, it was more like they came from Xiang Yi’s mouth.

“Why… why do both of you hate me so much?”

Xiang Jinghan didn’t understand.

“Because you’re a bad woman. My Daddy hates bad women the most!”

Helian Manli was startled by his words.

The door was pushed open and he liantian walked in.

“Manli, why did you come in?”He liantian glanced at Xiang Jinghan, then his eyes fell on his daughter.

Today, he must have an explanation.

This Xiang Yi, he had taken a fancy to him back then, but in the end, he dared to use his daughter!