1484 Chapter 1485 where is my son! ?

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In the end, he even insulted his daughter!

Helian Manli slowly stood up and raised her eyes to look at her father.

“You don’t need to say anything. I will make the decision for you!”

Helian Manli glanced at him and finally walked out of the room with a dejected expression.

Just as she reached the living room, her phone rang.

She took out her phone and saw the name that lit up on the screen. It was the two words that would never take the initiative to call her other than work.

When she saw those two words, she even had a moment of excitement!

After a long while, she calmed down and picked up the phone.

“Why are you doing this?”

Once the phone was picked up, Xiang Yi did not beat around the bush and went straight to the point.

His cold and emotionless voice was like an ice-cold blade, piercing into her heart once again.

However, she was also very clear that she had brought this upon herself.

If she had not fallen in love with him from the start, why would she feel pain and resentment?

“Why Must I hate you so much before you’re willing to stop?”

“Do you really hate me that much?”

“Previously, I didn’t. In fact, I was filled with gratitude towards you.”

“Helian Manli! It’s really you! Why did you kidnap my son! ?”Upon hearing Helian Manli’s voice from the phone, Shi Nuannuan, who was sitting in the passenger seat, could not help but snatch the phone.

Upon hearing her voice, Helian Manli paused for a moment and then laughed at herself.

“You guys are really inseparable.”

“Then let Xiang Yi come alone.”

“Why should I listen to You?”

“It’s fine if you don’t listen, then you… just wait to collect your son’s corpse.”

Helian Manli laughed, “Why don’t I Dare?”

“If you dare to touch my son, I feel that I will destroy your Helian family’s reputation! Beyond Redemption!”

Helian Manli once again hooked up a smile of ridicule. She raised her gaze and saw that not far away on the highway, a few cars were driving over from afar.

“Xiang Yi, if you want to see your son, it’s best if you stop the car now and let all of your people, including the one beside you, get out of the car. Otherwise… I can’t guarantee what you will do next time due to my jealousy!”

When she said this, Xiang Yi turned on the speakerphone.

In the next moment, he couldn’t help but slam on the brakes! The other people behind him also stopped the car.

After a long time, he finally spoke into the phone.

“If you dare to touch my son, I absolutely, won’t let you off!”After stopping the car, he forced out each word from between his teeth.

Helian Manli seemed to have finally gotten used to his bloodlust and ruthlessness.

For the past three years, he had always been gentle in front of others, but cold behind others.

“I’ve changed my mind.”As if she suddenly thought of something, the corners of Helian Manli’s mouth suddenly curved into a smile.

In the car, Xiang Yi and Shi Nuannuan were both startled at the same time, but their hearts were gripped even tighter. They didn’t understand what she was trying to do!

“Bring the person beside you over.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Helian Manli had already hung up the phone.

She returned to the house and saw her father sitting in the living room.

“Father, I want to handle this matter myself.”

“Last time, you also said that you would handle it yourself, but in the end? You made a mess of yourself!”He liantian’s expression darkened.