1490 Chapter 1491, you want to take a Bath?

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Looking at the bowl of soup in front of her, an image suddenly flashed across Shi Nuannuan’s mind!

Oh right, she had bought a test paper today and had not tested it yet!

“What’s wrong with you?”Xiang Yi could not help but ask when he saw that there was something wrong with her expression. A subtle observation flashed across his eyes.

The moment Shi Nuannuan raised her eyes to look at him, her gaze actually flickered.

“It’s… It’s nothing!”

She picked up her chopsticks and decided to eat a few mouthfuls of rice. Then, she would take a shower to check if she was pregnant.

She ate mouthful after mouthful of rice. Unknowingly, she had also finished a bowl of white rice.

After dinner, Xiang Jinghan returned to his energetic appearance. He played with his toy car crazily in his room. In a short while, he was covered in sweat.

Because it was winter, even if the heater was on, Shi Nuannuan was worried that he would catch a cold.

“Jinghan, let’s go take a bath, okay?”

“Mommy, do you want to come?”

“Of course!”She smiled and walked to the bathroom, filling the bath with warm water.

However, Xiang Yi frowned at the side, as if he was thinking about something.

“HMM?”Xiang Jinghan raised his head and felt that his Daddy’s expression was a little strange.

“You want to take a Bath?”

”…”Xiang Jinghan was stunned for a few seconds. Then, he looked at his pair of bright black eyes and asked in a daze, “But I’ve already made an appointment with Mommy.”

“Then do you want to go with Daddy or Mommy?”

”…”Xiang Jinghan furrowed his thick eyebrows. This choice was too difficult!

“En…”he was trying hard to make a choice!

“En…”should he go with Daddy or Mommy?

“En…”it was still very difficult to make a choice!

Seeing that he was still unable to make a choice, at this moment, Shi Nuannuan had already filled the bathtub with bath water. She walked out to get her clothes.

The next moment, Xiang Yi picked up his son who was standing there and walked towards the bathroom in big strides!

Shi Nuannuan was still stunned. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to bathe with him!”

Thinking about it carefully, it seemed that the father and son had never taken a bath together before.

Sitting in the bathtub, Xiang Jinghan suddenly thought of a very good suggestion!

Looking at Xiang Yi beside him, he said, “Daddy, why don’t we ask Mommy to join us? The three of us can bathe together!”

Xiang Yi refused without thinking.

“Why?”The little guy looked confused.

“Because… men and women are different.”

”…”what is the difference between men and women?

“What do you mean by the difference between men and women?”

“That is…”Xiang Yi turned his face and looked at his son next to him. “Men and women can’t take a bath together.”

“But, I always take a bath with Mommy!”Occasionally, he would take a bath first.

Hearing that, Xiang Yi felt jealous. “Always?”

Xiang Jinghan nodded heavily. “Yes!”

After staring at his son for a few seconds, he turned his head. “We can’t take a bath together in the future.”

“Because your mommy can only show me her whole body.”

”…”Xiang Jinghan furrowed his thick eyebrows again, not understanding what he meant.

After soaking for nearly half an hour, the father and son stood up and went to the shower to rinse their bodies. Then, they walked out of the bathroom with a fragrant smell.

Seeing that the father and son had finished bathing, Shi Nuannuan quickly brought some clothes for her son to put on.

Perhaps it was because he was too tired from playing just now, Xiang Jinghan actually fell asleep on the bed unknowingly after soaking in a bath.