1491 Chapter 1492 I want to wash again

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Xiang Yi walked over wearing a set of casual pajamas. He glanced at his sleeping son and walked over to pick him up. Then, he turned around and walked out of the master bedroom.

After sending her son back to his room, Shi Nuannuan came back. She took her clothes and was about to enter the bathroom.

However, he followed her all the way to the bathroom.

He had already finished showering and followed her in. Shi Nuannuan could not help but feel strange.

“What are you doing?”

He stared at her. “Showering.”

”… aren’t you done showering already?”

He reached out and wrapped his arm around her waist. “I want to shower again.”

Before Shi Nuannuan could snap back to her senses, his sexy thin lips covered hers and pressed her against the wall.

His kiss deepened and his hands started to move around her chest.

One move was enough to let Shi Nuannuan know what he was going to do next. She could not help but raise her hand and grab him!

He lowered his eyes and looked at her thick and curly eyelashes. His voice was muddy and hoarse. “What’s Wrong?”

“Today, I can’t…”she lowered her eyes and was a little shy.

He was stunned. “Why?”

She wanted to find a reason. “Because… I’m having that.”

He was stunned for two seconds. Naturally, he understood what she meant by ‘that’.

He thought that she just wanted to find a reason to reject his ‘demand’, but after careful calculation, it was indeed time for her holiday this month.

“You’re really coming?”

She raised her eyes and glanced at him, afraid that he would suspect something, so she changed her story.

She nodded. “HMM… I think I’m here. I was just planning to take a look.”

After staring at her for a few seconds, he finally let go of her.

“If you’re not here, remember to tell me.”

”…”I don’t want to!

Shi Nuannuan responded to him in her heart, so she naturally did not dare to say it out loud.

Looking at the person who walked into the bathroom, the fire in his body could not be extinguished in time. He could only walk out of the room and go to another bathroom to take a shower.

Twenty minutes later, after taking a shower, Shi Nuannuan was about to take a test, but she realized that she could not find the test paper.

Strange, where did she put it before?

She rummaged through her bag, but there was no trace of the test paper.

Puzzled, she stood where she was in her pajamas. After thinking carefully for a while, she finally remembered!

After buying the test paper, she seemed to have stuffed it into the pocket of her coat!

She turned around and looked for her red woolen coat in the room.

It was not in the room.

Then, she went downstairs to the living room and saw her coat on the back of the sofa.

Then, she saw sister Chen walking to the sofa, as if she wanted to put her coat away or wash it.

She was still on the stairs, so she quickly stopped sister Chen.

Hearing her sudden voice, sister Chen was shocked. She looked up and saw her running down the stairs!

She chuckled, “I’ll wear this tomorrow!”

As she said that, she reached into her pocket. Sure enough, the things were still inside.

She smiled at Sister Chen, then took her coat and prepared to go upstairs.

Looking at her back view as she went upstairs, sister Chen could not figure out what had happened to her.

Seeing that she was almost done with her work, sister Chen was ready to return to her room.

However, the moment she turned around, she took a step forward, and a ‘dong’sound suddenly came from behind her!

Sister Chen was startled and quickly turned her head. She saw that Shi Nuannuan, who was smiling at her earlier, had suddenly collapsed on the stairs!