Chapter 1690

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Chapter 1690: Chapter 1684: Heaven’s Gate Dao Flame, incinerating my sparrow soul

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As soon as Meng Yungui died, his primordial spirit collapsed and his soul shattered, turning into black sand that flew out of his corpse.

His injuries were too severe, and his primordial spirit and soul had been shattered. He should have died a long time ago, but his cultivation base was too strong, so he had been holding on.

“Celestial Master Bai, you have finally put my mind at ease.”

Heavenly King Yiluo saw the black sand in Meng Yungui’s body and heaved a long sigh of relief. He walked over, he smiled and said, “Before this trip, His Majesty instructed me that the third Celestial Master, Bai Yuqiong, and the human race are also on good terms with Meng Yungui. We must not let our guard down. “Along the way, I have also been wary and suspicious of Celestial Master Bai. I have tested him many times. “Celestial Master Bai is a man of great righteousness. He killed the traitor Meng Yungui with his own hands. I admire him, but I can also put my mind at ease.”

Bai Yuqiong lowered her head and looked at the sword in her hand, her voice was filled with coldness. “The traitor Meng doesn’t know the time and doesn’t know the current situation. He doesn’t have the heart to be loyal to the emperor. He has received the favor of the Heavenly Court and has no intention of serving the heavenly court. He is worse than a beast. Naturally, I want to kill him and draw a clear line with him.”

Tears fell from her eyes, but the strange thing was that the tears turned into flames that floated beside her face.

Although her voice was cold, there was a soul burning with sacred fire struggling and roaring in her body!

Her heart was filled with endless grief and indignation, which made this unyielding soul hotter and hotter, as if it wanted to break free from the shackles of her physical body. It completely unleashed its ferocious claws and tore through her body.., it released endless firepower!

Bai Yuqiong raised her other hand and grabbed the jade pendant hanging around her neck.

This jade pendant was her inner devil and also her knot in her heart.

There was only one white jade pendant in this world!

I’m not the South Emperor!

She had once said this to Qin Mu with absolute certainty and confidence.

White jade pendant looked at Meng Yungui’s corpse in front of her and then looked at the people of South Heaven who were panicking in all directions. The Vermillion Bird of South Emperor was not only the Emperor of South Heaven, it was also the Emperor of South Heaven.

As the Vermillion Bird, it failed to protect the South Heaven and the people of the South Heaven. This was a failure of duty, a failure of responsibility, and it was the fault of the South Emperor. And all of this should not be borne by the people of the South Heaven, it should not be borne by Meng Yungui!

The people of the South Heaven had never done anything wrong. They only lived in the South Heaven, and Meng Yungui had never done anything wrong. He just happened to come to the South Heaven!

The hand holding the jade pendant trembled. “I don’t want to become the South Emperor. I don’t want to be a part of the South Emperor. I am who I am…”

The sacred fire formed by the drops of Tears flew toward the jade pendant and entered it.

Heavenly King Yiluo walked over, he smiled and said, “His Majesty gave me control of the South Heaven Gate to be on guard against you. However, you did well and did not disappoint his majesty. “Celestial Master Bai, in the future, you will become a heavenly venerate, just like the fire heavenly venerate. “The fire heavenly venerate killed heavenly venerate Yun and gained his majesty’s favor. However, the fire heavenly venerate is ambitious. Don’t repeat his mistakes.”

“Will I become another fire heavenly venerate?”Bai Yuqiong smiled.

The raging flames emitted by that crazy soul in her body became more and more intense and difficult to suppress.

That was something that she did not dare to face, because it was the soul of the Southern Emperor. This soul actually had the tendency to awaken on its own, and it did not need to go through the final reincarnation!

Was it the conscience that Meng Yungui had mentioned?

Was it Meng Yungui who had used his death to awaken the conscience of the people of South Heaven at the same time that he had also awakened her conscience?

Was it this conscience that had caused the soul of the southern emperor in her body to begin to awaken and erupt with raging flames, wanting to burn her physical body and get rid of the shackles?

The Wild Flames burned her dao heart and soul, making her want to release the unfettered fire and release the endless energy in her chest to protect the southern sky in place of Meng Yungui, to do what the southern Emperor had never done.

However, she did not want to die.

By releasing the soul of the Southern Emperor, Bai Yuqiong would no longer be Bai Yuqiong, but the southern Emperor!

Heavenly King Yiluo walked to her side and looked at the people of the southern sky who were struggling. He said, “You will do better than heavenly venerate fire. Kneel down!”

His face darkened and he shouted at the people of the southern sky, “The farce is over. Kneel down.”

However, no one knelt in front of him.

Heavenly King Yiluo’s face turned even gloomier. He sneered and said, “You maggots, do you want to die?”

Suddenly, a young man picked up a piece of broken wood and used all his strength to smash it onto his head.

This attack was not painful for an existence like heavenly king Yiluo. However, it was like he had offended a dragon’s reverse scale. It was like a great humiliation that made him unable to stop the anger in his chest!

Heavenly King Yiluo raised his hand and grabbed the young man’s throat. He lifted him up and said coldly, “Hit him again!”

The youth could not catch his breath, but he raised his fist and tried to smash his face.

Heavenly King Yiluo grinned hideously and opened his mouth. “Poor thing, you have no strength at all…”

He was about to swallow the youth when a sword light flashed by and broke the wrist that grabbed the youth’s neck!

“I am not the Fire Celestial Master!”

An extremely angry voice sounded in his ears. The sword light pierced into his glabella, eyes, throat, and chest in an instant!

Heavenly King Yiluo roared in anger. He spread his wings, and countless feathers fluttered like golden flying swords, blocking Bai Yuqiong’s sword light!

His primordial spirit soared into the sky, and the heavenly palaces were scattered, forming a small heavenly court!

Those who did not cultivate eighteen heavenly palaces were called small heavenly courts. Heavenly King Yiluo was the northern heavenly king of the Heavenly Court. Among the Four Heavenly Kings, Northern Heavenly King was the most honorable one. He already had six heavenly palaces!

The small heavenly court formed by six heavenly palaces was enough to be called the top battle strength of the Heavenly Court!

Those white jade jades were actually real. Each of them had an independent body and an independent primordial spirit. This was the unique secret of the Jade Flower Palace!

She had once been a disciple of heavenly venerate Yue. She had learned the ultimate void scripture that had yet to take shape. She had also become a Taoist nun, a Buddhist, a bodhisattva, and even a great emperor of the Heavenly Court. She had also been a disciple!

Her cultivation technique was extremely strange. It was based on heavenly venerate Yue’s ultimate void scripture and combined with various other cultivation techniques. Of course, the use of space within it could not be compared to the ultimate void scripture, however, she had fused too many things and had also walked her own strange path.

Five white jade jades instantly pounced over. They ignored Yi Luo’s small heavenly court and Yuan Shen and went straight for their physical bodies.

With his body injured, heavenly king yi Luo immediately unleashed all of his combat power. He no longer restrained his body. Layers of golden feathers burst out from his body, and his body grew larger and larger!

As a heavenly king, he was in charge of the Heavenly Court’s combat functions. He had experienced too many battles. be it his combat experience or ability, he was far above a Celestial Master!

However, before his body could completely break free from the human form, one of the white jade jades pierced through his head. It pressed down on his head and smashed him onto the deck of the huge ship!

The other four white jade jades formed a formation. Before Heavenly King Yiluo could stand up, the formation had already erupted. In just an instant, he was attacked countless times. His body exploded and blood and flesh splattered everywhere!

Heavenly King Yiluo’s immortal soul transformed into a golden-winged ROC and spread its wings. Carrying the small heavenly court formed by the six great heavenly palaces on his back, he flapped his wings and shouted, “Divine martial guards! Activate the South Heavenly Gate and kill the traitor White Jade Jades!”

Between the two mountains of the South Heaven Gate, flames burst to the extreme in an instant. The Flames swept across the sky and evaporated the water of the Heavenly River. The Starry Sky of Tomorrow was distorted and collapsed!

The tongues of fire licked the starry sky and the Heavenly River. Wherever it passed, everything turned into nothingness!

The five white jade jades could not care less about chasing after heavenly king Yiluo’s primordial spirit. They hurriedly blocked the South Heaven Gate!

She could dodge the power of the South Heaven Gate’s Dao Fire, but the people of South Heaven on the ship could not. She could not let the awakening of the people of South Heaven that senior brother Meng Yungui had sacrificed his life for turn into nothingness!

The Raging Dao Fire came at her face, but it was blocked by the five white jade jades. The dao fire seemed to have met an invisible wall, and it kept on attacking and shaking, trying to break through the wall.

In front of the wall was the figure of the white jade jades, and behind the White Jade Jades was a ship full of living beings.

The bodies of the five white jade jades were burned, and their snow-white arms became as black as charcoal. Suddenly, one of the white jade jades turned into ashes and was swallowed by the Dao Fire. Then, the second white jade jades was cremated by the DAO fire, then the third, and the fourth!

Soon, only the white jade jades were left on the ship. Their bodies were trembling, and they could no longer hold on.

Heavenly King Yiluo’s primordial spirit shouted sternly, “Burn her to death! Burn the maggots on this ship!”

He was flustered and exasperated. He mobilized the other armies and ordered the tens of thousands of heavenly gods to activate the South Heavenly Gate of the ancestral court.

The South Heavenly Gate of the ancestral court was a natural gate of Great Dao, and it contained the most sacred dao fire. Even the 20,000 experts of the Divine Martial Guards, the Jade Capital, Ling Xiao, and the emperor thrones were unable to unleash the power of this gate to the extreme.

Now, with the addition of tens of thousands of other gods and demons, the power of the South Heaven Gate of the ancestral court instantly increased in a straight line!

Bai Yuqiong was pushed back continuously. Her body was trembling more and more. She had already retreated to the front of the South Heaven people on the ship. Her feet had already stepped on the lapels of Meng Yungui’s corpse.

Bai Yuqiong cried loudly. She grabbed the reincarnation jade pendant in front of her chest with one hand. Her heart trembled and she suddenly exerted force.

The Ancestral Court’s South Heaven Gate’s dao fire engulfed her. Her voice came from the flames, “I am human Bai Yuqiong –”

Her voice was clear and crisp. It sounded like the cry of a Phoenix, but it was also different.

Although the dao fire engulfed her, she could not take another step forward. Heavenly King Yiluo and countless gods and devils of the heavenly court saw that Bai Yuqiong’s figure was still standing in the DAO fire. She was still not burned to ashes by the DAO fire.

The woman was bathed in the dao fire, and an incredible high temperature came from her body. The Incredible Flame was connected to the DAO fire of the South Heavenly Gate of the ancestral court and was compatible with it.

Something seemed to have suddenly awakened in her body, and it was about to tear her body apart, tear her body apart, grow out of her body, and escape from her.

At this moment, the gods of the heavenly court saw that Bai Yuqiong’s body began to change. Pieces of extremely gorgeous feathers drilled out of her body, which looked exceptionally beautiful in the dao fire of the South Heavenly Gate.

“It’s a Phoenix!”A general shouted.

“It’s not a Phoenix! A phoenix is made of flesh and blood!”

Heavenly King Yiluo sensed the terror brought by his natural enemy and shouted, “It’s a Vermillion Bird! Quick! Stop the South Heaven Gate! The dao fire can’t do anything to her. Instead, it increases her strength!”

At this moment, all the gods saw an extremely beautiful vermillion bird soaring into the sky from Bai Yuqiong’s body. It broke away from the shackles of her body and spread its beautiful wings in the dao fire.

At this moment, all the gods and demons in the Heavenly Court who were controlling the South Heaven Gate immediately felt that they had lost control of the South Heaven Gate. The power of the Dao fire in the South Heaven Gate was even stronger than before, however, they were no longer the ones controlling the gate of the Great Dao.

Heavenly King Yiluo roared in anger. He flapped his wings and flew away with his heavenly palace on his back!

On a ship in the distance, Shang Ping, who had always been crazy, suddenly woke up when he saw this scene. He shouted sternly, “You can’t retreat! Immediately form a formation and fight!”

However, it was already too late.

Heavenly King Yiluo’s order had become a death warrant for the Heavenly Court’s army. If the gods and devils of Heavenly Court didn’t retreat, they could still fight against the power of the Dao fire of South Heaven Gate.

Their abilities were extremely powerful, and the formation of heavenly court was also extremely profound. Even though it wasn’t as exquisite as the formation of eternal peace, they could still fight against the Vermilion Bird when they formed a formation.

However, Heavenly King Yiluo wasn’t a heavenly teacher after all, so his ability to judge the situation wasn’t as good as Shang Pingyin’s.

With this retreat, without the protection of the formation, the Vermilion Bird flapped its wings and the Dao fire of South Heaven Gate instantly changed direction. It whistled and spewed out, drowning everyone!

Countless gods and demons of the Heavenly Court struggled in the Dao Fire and fled. As they fled, they turned into ashes. Countless gods and demons had their primordial spirits separated from their bodies and flew up. However, they did not have the time to escape from the dao fire before they turned into ashes!

“I am White Jade Jade Jade Jade!”

The Cry of the Vermilion Bird came from the sky. A huge figure burning with dao fire flew past the Sea of fire formed by the Southern Heaven Gate and the Dao Fire. It flapped its wings and chased after heavenly king Yiluo who had turned into a great ROC and fled with the Heavenly Palace on its back!

The fastest god in the world was not the nine-headed Phoenix Scarlet Emperor Qi Xianyu, the ancient god Great Sun Star Lord who was famous for his speed, or heavenly king Yiluo, the leader of the golden-winged great rocs.

It was the southern Emperor Vermilion Bird that was flying on Dao Fire!

The southern Emperor Vermilion Bird’s dao fire distorted countless spaces as it flew. The various heavens flapped their wings and arrived!

“I am White Jade Qiong, a human white Jade Qiong!”

The Vermilion Bird flapped its wings and caught up to heavenly king Yiluo’s Yuan Shen. After a few ups and downs, Heavenly King Yiluo’s Yuan Shen was torn apart and turned into ashes by the Dao Fire, burning his soul into black sand.

The Vermilion Bird flapped its wings and landed on the bow of the slave ship. Its body became smaller and smaller as it looked up at the sky and wailed, “I am Bai Yuqiong, the human Bai Yuqiong –”

Confusion appeared in her eyes as all sorts of memories flooded into her mind, causing her mind to be in a mess.

“I am Bai Yuqiong, the human Bai Yuqiong…”

She seemed to only know how to repeat this sentence, but she did not know what it meant. She could only cry out sorrowfully over and over again, trying her best to recall the past.

Behind her, a little girl from the Southern Heaven Human Tribe mustered up her courage and walked forward. She reached out her trembling hand. The dao fire was not as hot as the little girl had imagined. Instead, it was very gentle.

The little girl gently stroked her feathers, trying to calm her down.

She turned her head and looked at the little girl. Her eyes were still filled with confusion. “I am Bai Yuqiong, the human Bai Yuqiong…”

“You are the human Bai Yuqiong,”the little girl said to her.

The Vermilion Bird quieted down.

The southern Emperor Vermilion Bird had billions of years of memories. When the Vermilion Bird’s soul was awakened, it was also the time when the southern Emperor’s memories were awakened.

The memories of a mere 197 generations of white Jade Jade Jade Jade had been completely washed away. All kinds of memories were extremely messy.

She could no longer remember who she was.

“I am White Jade Jade Jade Jade Jade.”The Vermilion Bird would occasionally say this.

She only remembered the voice of a man in her heart. That voice had turned into a belief, asking her to protect the land of the southern sky and the people on this land.

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