Chapter 1691

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Chapter 1691: Chapter 1685, two mothers-in-law

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When Prince Youming returned to the southern sky, he saw Bai Yuqiong, who had transformed into a vermilion bird, on the bow of the ship.

Bai Yuqiong was still muddle-headed. It was as if she had instinctively brought the entire group of southern sky humans far away from the battlefield, away from the Heavenly River.

Prince youming stepped forward. Bai Yuqiong seemed to recognize him, but she couldn’t recognize him, so she didn’t attack him.

Prince youming examined her and frowned. There were too many memories in Bai Yuqiong’s mind. There were so many memories, and they were all chaotic, causing her to lose her consciousness.

Prince youming tried to comb through her memories, but her memories were too complicated, making Prince youming unable to make a move.

“What happened to her?”He asked the people of South Heaven.

The people on the boat told him what had happened, but they, the common people, could not know why the White Jade Jade Jade Jade Jade had such a change.

The prince was at a loss as to how to deal with the situation.

In the distance, Shang Pingyin led the remnants of the heavenly court, not daring to approach.

Here is the granary of the heaven, although Yi Luo Heavenly King lost, but the heaven will certainly send more powerful presence and more troops to come, the southern disaster will continue.

Prince youming looked at Shang Pingyin from afar. Shang Pingyin was standing on a distant ship with the azure glazed sky canopy.

The azure glazed sky canopy had been snatched away by Heavenly King Yiluo, and now it had fallen into Shang Pingyin’s hands.

Prince youming was at a loss. Although he was the crown prince of the Xuanwu two emperors, he was not good at leading troops in battle. It was especially so for him to lead these mortals of South Heaven, who basically had no strength. His eyes were dark.

The people on the ship he had rescued had been sent to other heavens for temporary refuge. However, this was also a temporary measure. If the heavenly court sent more troops, these humans would not be able to escape.

His heart moved slightly. This aura was the Dragon Qilin’s aura. He was very familiar with it, so he didn’t resist.

After a moment, the dragon qilin stood on the head of a huge void Mother Beast and descended from the Beast World.

“The battle in South Heaven has ended?”

The Dragon Qilin looked around and was a little surprised. He asked, “Where’s Meng Yungui?”

Prince youming told him about the matter. The Dragon Qilin was silent for a long time before saying, “A true warrior.”

Prince youming invited him to look at the white jade pendant. The Dragon Qilin examined it for a moment, “Her current situation is very strange. It’s like the southern Emperor Vermilion Bird’s memory awakening. It’s mixed with her memories from nearly two hundred lifetimes, causing her mind to be confused. “If the two memories are completely fused, she will wake up.”

“After waking up, is the white jade pendant still the white jade pendant?”Prince youming asked.

The dragon qilin shook his head. “It’s the southern emperor. I just checked and found that their memories have already begun to fuse.”

“Then, is white Jade Jade Jade dead because of this?”

Prince You Ming felt somewhat regretful and said, “I feel that White Jade Jade Jade is not a part of the southern emperor. She is a living person. If she becomes an insignificant part of the southern emperor, it would truly be a pity for such a female hero.”

Prince youming looked at him, and the people of South Heaven on the ship all had looks of anticipation on their faces.

The Dragon Qilin looked at the faces of these people and hesitated for a moment, he gritted his teeth and said, “The Sectlord’s path of reincarnation can allow her to retain her own memories, allowing her to remain as white Jade Qiong. Actually, the Sectlord had always had a good impression of white jade qiong, probably because they were in the same boat. White Jade Qiong was the reincarnation of the southern Emperor’s soul, but she had her own consciousness and was an independent life. The sect leader was also the second consciousness born from the same body. Back then, because of Bai Yuqiong’s words, the sect leader didn’t directly make her become the southern emperor. “If I go and beg, the sect leader will most likely agree to awaken Bai Yuqiong. “But if I do this, I’m afraid I’ll offend the Southern Emperor…”

He hesitated, “The southern Emperor Vermilion Bird’s determination to retrieve her soul is very firm. When Bai Yuqiong awakens her Vermilion Bird Soul, she definitely won’t be able to hide it from her. She will definitely sense the awakening of her Vermilion Bird Soul. “I will go and seek the cult master. If she finds out, even though she wouldn’t dare to complain to the cult master, she would definitely have some opinions about me. “She is my mother-in-law, and my daughter has already married me…”

The people of South Heaven on the ship knelt down one after another and begged, “But please, God, save our benefactor…”

The Dragon Qilin’s expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly dodged. “Eternal peace doesn’t have such a rule of kneeling down and worshipping others! All of you, quickly get up, I’ll agree to it. At worst, I’ll just offend my mother-in-law!”

His expression fluctuated as he walked back and forth, “No matter what, Bai Yuqiong is still half of my mother-in-law. Even if I offended the other half, it’s still worth it… you people of South Heaven always pray to the gods and pray to Buddha, placing your hopes on others. How can I break the Spirit in your hearts? You do indeed need Bai Yuqiong’s mother-in-law…”

“How will you go to Eternal Peace?”

Prince You Ming said, “Even with your speed, you’ll still need several years to go to eternal peace. By the time you meet Heavenly Teacher Mu, I’m afraid that heavenly teacher Bai will have already been assimilated.”

Crown Prince Youming jumped in shock. “Is this the power of heavenly venerate mu?”? He locked onto loose cultivator long Shan’s position in an instant and teleported him over! ‘right, why would celestial venerable long Xiao Show mercy and let loose loose cultivator long shan and give him so much military power?’

The dragon qilin spun around in circles, and in the next moment, his feet landed on the ground. He appeared in a hall in carefree village’s supreme clarity realm, and Qin Mu and ling Yuxiu were sitting on the main seat, beside them were Lang Bao, heavenly venerate you, founding Emperor Yiyue, and first ancestor human emperor.

Qin Mu and ling Yuxiu were receiving guests. The guest was dressed in bright red and looked like a raging fire. She was a beautiful woman, and she was none other than the Vermilion Bird of South Emperor!

The Dragon Qilin’s heart jumped, and he immediately took a few steps forward. He didn’t have time to greet Qin Mu and hurriedly greeted the Vermilion Bird of South Emperor. “My son-in-law greets Lord mother-in-law!”

He muttered in his heart, ‘South Emperor, South Emperor has arrived! As expected of the fastest in the world. Could it be that mother-in-law sensed the awakening of mother-in-law’s Vermilion Bird Soul and was worried that cult master would ruin her plans, so she rushed over?’

Just as he was thinking, the Vermilion Bird of South Emperor said with a smile, “Good son-in-law, he’s really my good son-in-law. Pi’er, get up. Aren’t you in South Heaven? How’s the battle there?”

The dragon qilin stood up and lowered his head, his eyes darting around as he thought about how to answer.

Qin Mu smiled. “Pi, South Emperor brought good news this time. He’s here to tell me about the great victory of South Sea. The Battle of South Sea had a great momentum. The Red Emperor Qi Xianyu surrendered, and the Red Emperor and the Ming emperor led the Chi Ming Yu clan to meet up with the Red Emperor and Yan ‘er. After a few fierce battles, more than half of the thirty-ninth route army marquises of South Heaven were wiped out. They had already landed and forced the enemy toward carefree village.”

Ling Yuxiu smiled. “South Emperor wants eternal peace to send another army to block the path of the defeated Army of Heavenly Court so that the defeated army won’t be supported by the Army of Heavenly Court.”

When the dragon qilin heard the words of the husband and wife, his heart moved slightly. “Cult master and cult mistress are helping me smooth things over. Looks like cult master has already noticed something.”

“Cult master, Mistress, I’m not here for South Heaven, but for the Beast World.”

The dragon qilin was dejected and choked with sobs. “My foster father, Celestial Venerable Long Xiao, has already lost his soul because he went against the agreement of Little Earth count. Pi, his morals are shallow, and now he has inherited my foster father’s position as the Master of the Beast Realm.”

The southern Emperor couldn’t help being moved and couldn’t contain his joy. He smiled and asked, “In that case, my Yan ‘er is the female Master of the Beast Realm?”

Qin Mu smiled. “Congratulations, Sister Vermillion Bird.”

Southern emperor immediately asked, “What’s there to be happy about?”? What’s there to be happy about? Long Xiao was the adoptive father of the wise son-in-law. Even though he had died because he deserved it, I was also very sad. “Wise son-in-law, even though you are the new Master of the Beast World, you shouldn’t be proud. You must be humble and cautious, be careful of arrogance and impatience!”

The dragon qilin remembered how long Xiao had treated him well and couldn’t help feeling sorrowful.

Southern emperor immediately comforted him and said, “Wise son-in-law, Long Xiao’s death is fate. You Can’t blame others or you.”

Qin Mu Sighed. “Pi, I know about your relationship with long Xiao and his father, so there’s no need to be sad. “Now that you’ve become the new Master of the Beast World, you really have to be like what sister Vermillion Bird said — be careful of arrogance and impatience. “Even I have to reflect on myself three times a day and review my actions every day to see if I’ve done anything wrong.”

Light circulated above his head, and a clear mirror flew out. “This mirror is called Gu Shi, and it’s a treasure that I use to look at myself every day. I’ll give it to you today.”

The Dragon Qilin went forward and took the Gu Shi treasured mirror.

Qin Mu encouraged him once more, “The war in South Heaven is also extremely important. If we protect South Heaven, we can cut off the rations and logistics of the Heaven Court. I’m unable to split my body, so I can’t go personally. You’re the Master of the Beast World and have great power, so you should protect South Heaven!”

The dragon qilin said, “Cult master, the people of South Heaven are ignorant, so how do we break their hearts?”

Qin Mu pondered for a moment and said, “Isn’t there eternal peace in the Beast World? I’ll allow you to make a move on those people.”

The dragon qilin was overjoyed and was about to leave the hall when Southern Emperor immediately got up and smiled. “I haven’t seen my good son-in-law for a long time, I’ll send him off!”

The dragon qilin was helpless and could only walk out of the hall with Southern Emperor.

Outside the hall, southern Emperor Vermillion Bird smiled. “Good son-in-law, let me admire the inspection mirror that heavenly venerate mu gave you.”

The Dragon Qilin had no choice but to take out the mirror. The southern Emperor Vermillion Bird looked at the mirror and then at the back of the mirror. He didn’t find anything strange, so he passed it to him and smiled, “Virtuous son-in-law, how do you want to return to South Heaven?”

The dragon qilin replied respectfully, “Mother-in-law, this matter is simple. I will reverse summon myself to the Beast World. When I reach the Beast World, Prince Youming will use his summoning ability and summon me. Then, I can descend.”

The southern Emperor Vermilion bird nodded and said, “Take care.”

He took the mirror and came in front of the Vermilion Bird that Bai Yuqiong had transformed into. The Vermilion Bird looked at the mirror and after a moment, two streams of fiery tears flowed out of its eyes.

In the mirror, not only was there Bai Yuqiong’s life, there was also her past life, Que Feiyin, from a long, long time ago.