Chapter 1692

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Chapter 1692: Chapter 1686, Human Emperor’s expedition

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‘this viewing mirror should be called the treasured mirror of the past, the Treasured Mirror of stories!’

When the dragon qilin saw this, he couldn’t help praising Qin Mu in his heart. He had learned Qin Mu’s path of reincarnation, but that was in his early years.

At that time, Qin Mu’s path of reincarnation was still in the stage of exploration and perfection.

Even then, Qin Mu’s path of reincarnation had already surpassed son of Yin who had created it.

However, what Qin Mu had learned was extremely complicated, and each and every one of them was extremely profound. He was full of energy and could make achievements in all kinds of fields, but the dragon qilin was unable to do so.

In the Treasured Mirror, time flowed through Bai Yuqiong’s life after life. Her memories were separated from the memories of the Southern Emperor, and in the mirror, Bai Yuqiong seemed to have gone through life after life again, the tribulations of life after life.

The story of this life was to find her original heart and awaken her memories to separate her from southern emperor.

Only Qin Mu would sympathize with Bai Yuqiong and do these things for her.

This was especially so for que feiyin, whose memories of this life were the most important.

This was her first life, and Bai Yuqiong had never awakened the memories of this life. In the Looking Glass, the memories of her first life had also awakened.

The memories of this life were the connection point between her and the memories of the Southern Emperor. Without this connection point, she wouldn’t know the connection between her and the southern emperor.

With the memories of this life, she would know the cause and effect of it.

How to make a choice, whether she wanted to forget everything about the southern emperor or become the southern Emperor would depend on her own choice.

The Vermilion Bird that was Bai Yuqiong sat in front of the mirror. The fire in her eyes was probably because she was happy to remember who she was again.

“I am Bai Yuqiong…”

The Vermilion Bird quietly looked at the mirror and muttered, “Human Bai Yuqiong! Human…”

She had already made her choice in her heart. In the mirror, she was reincarnated in this life. Her memories of Que Feiyin and Bai Yuqiong were getting deeper and deeper, but her memories of the southern emperor were gradually becoming blurry.

Finally, the memories flooded into the Vermilion Bird’s mind like a tide. The Vermilion Bird’s wings flapped, and her figure changed in the flames. She returned to the form of Bai Yuqiong.

“Loose cultivator, has white Jade Jade Jade Jade come back to life?”Crown Prince You Ming asked.

The Dragon Qilin was a little hesitant, “She’s in a similar situation to cult master and Little Earth count,”he whispered. “Cult master and Little Earth count are actually the same person, but they have two different consciousnesses. “One is a human, and the other is a god and devil. They also have the same memories, and it was only when eternal peace calamity came that they were completely separated, becoming two people.”

Bai Yuqiong’s situation was actually much better than Qin Mu’s. At that time, he only had his body and consciousness, and he didn’t have a soul. He could dissipate at any moment.

In the path fire, Bai Yuqiong opened her eyes. In front of her, Gu Shi treasured mirror had already melted and turned into ashes, leaving no traces behind.

She had come back to life, but not in a human body. She was a demigod.

She had the consciousness of a human and the body of a vermillion bird at the same time.

The Dragon Qilin stepped forward and said, “My son-in-law pays his respects to mother-in-law!”

Bai Yuqiong looked at him and suddenly burst out laughing. “I have a daughter and son-in-law before I even got married. How Strange.”

However, she had memories of Yan ‘er. Before she became que feiyin, she was still the vermillion bird of the Southern Emperor. She had an affair with the Azure Dragon of the East Emperor. Later, she sent Yan ‘er to heavenly venerate Yue.

In her memory, although she had some memories of the southern emperor, most of them were vague, and she only remembered some impressive things. As for what happened after she became magpie fiine and became white Jade Jade Jade, she was impressed.

She’s still jade white.

At this time, she has become a brand-new life, and the southern emperor, but not the southern emperor!

Carefree Village of origin world, supreme clarity realm.

Qin Mu’s gaze moved away from southern Emperor and smiled. “There aren’t many troops that eternal peace can mobilize to block the path of the defeated Army of Heavenly Court, but they are all the elites among the elites.”

Southern emperor vermillion bird asked, “May I ask who heavenly venerate is planning to send?”

Qin Mu’s gaze landed on first ancestor human emperor and smiled. “First ancestor will lead the army of Hall of human emperors and head there.”

First ancestor human emperor stood up and greeted the Vermillion Bird of South Emperor.

The eyes of the Vermillion Bird of South Emperor flickered, “Our South Sea has two emperors, Crimson Light, Yan ‘er and I, the Army of Tigers and wolves, and the Army of Phoenix race of Crimson Emperor Qi Xianyu. With an unparalleled momentum, they crushed the remnants of the military marquises of the Heaven Court. In order to survive, the military marquises of the Heaven Court fled all the way. If Prince Qin Wu blocked the way, they would be trapped. “Trapped beasts are the most dangerous. Prince Qin Wu, do you have the ability to defend yourself?”

Ling yuxiu frowned and was about to defend first ancestor when Qin Mu raised his hand to stop her and shook his head gently.

“If you can’t stop the defeated Generals of the Heavenly Court, these defeated generals will join up with the Heavenly Court army that attacked carefree village and bite me in return!”

The Vermillion Bird of South Emperor got up and her aura was like the raging fire on the battlefield. She took a step forward and pressed her monstrous aura onto first ancestor’s body, she said sternly, “You can’t Make Me Trust You. You’ve been a deserter before! Can you face the mountains of corpses and seas of blood on the battlefield?”

Her aura rose to its peak. In the Boundless Sea of fire, countless gods and demons struggled, roaring and howling miserably. They were incomparably miserable!

As the southern Emperor, the Vermilion Bird had experienced too many battles. From the war between creators in the immemorial era, to the war between creators and ancient gods, to the war between gods and demons in the Longhan era.., her aura was filled with bloodshed. Just her aura alone was enough to make the weak collapse!

First ancestor human emperor was dejected, but he faced the tragic aura head-on. His body was like a pillar that could hold up the sky even if the world collapsed.

“I can do it.”He was a little depressed, but he said resolutely.

The southern emperor vermilion bird spread her red sleeves and flashed in front of first ancestor human emperor. The Sea of fire turned into a sea of blood. Countless deaths appeared in first ancestor’s mind.

The Vermilion Bird said sternly, “Can you still do it?”? “Your Dao Heart is lacking. In the face of such a bleak battlefield, you only need to soften your heart a little. As long as the fear in your dao heart shows itself, you will become a deserter and bring us great defeat! “Can you handle it? “Can you handle it? “Qin Wu, it’s still not too late for you to withdraw now!”

The first ancestor stood there steadily, as if he was the center of the world. His voice was hoarse as he said, “I can!”

The southern Emperor Vermillion Bird’s aura trembled. Suddenly, her Qi, blood, and Dao Flames transformed into a distorted vision of the 39 army marquises of the southern sky, charging toward first ancestor!

The 39 army marquises of the southern sky were all demigods in various forms. The leader of the army marquises was even more ferocious. He had strange shapes, twisted limbs, and was abnormally savage. He pressed down on first ancestor with an overwhelming force!

When ordinary people faced such an abnormal sight, their dao hearts would have long collapsed. However, first ancestor human emperor still stood there with his hands moving. With his Qi and blood not in the center, he set up an array and turned into an army of thousands of horses, forcefully withstanding the attacks of countless gods and devils from the thirty-nine army marquises!

This wave of attacks sent countless limbs flying. It was abnormally tragic!

The Vermilion Bird of South Emperor stared at his face and eyes, as though she wanted to see the fear in his heart.

Suddenly, all the strange phenomena in the sky vanished. The Vermillion Bird of South Emperor’s red robe spread out and retracted. He smiled and said, “Prince Qin Wu, I look forward to meeting you in Eternal Peace’s southern border!”

First ancestor cupped his fists and bowed. “We await the great arrival of South Emperor.”

The Vermillion Bird of South Emperor returned the greeting and bowed to Qin Mu, Lang Bao, and the rest. “The war in southern sea is urgent, so I’ll go back first.”After saying that, it turned into a flame and fled far away, disappearing from carefree village.

Qin Mu got up and bowed. “First ancestor, please stop the defeated Army of South Heaven!”

First ancestor human emperor returned the greeting. “I won’t disappoint you!”After saying that, he turned around and left.

Qin Mu let out a long sigh and watched him leave.

Ling Yuxiu was slightly worried and asked in a low voice, “Will southern Emperor be fine if he suppresses first ancestor’s Dao Heart Like This?”

“No, it will instead rouse his fighting spirit.”

Qin Mu revealed a smile, “This battle is extremely important, so southern emperor has to be careful,”he said. “However, first ancestor is no longer the deserter of Jade Bright Palace. He had already transformed when he led the people of all races on an expedition in founding emperor’s final period. “The reason why he was a little depressed was because he regretted not being able to save the people of Jade Bright Palace back then. “And this battle will be the best time for him to walk out of his regret!”

Human Emperor Palace.

Founding Emperor Yuming Palace, Yujing City.

First ancestor walked in the palace. The scene of the destruction of Yuming Palace was still there, and nothing had changed. Yuming Palace was the place where founding emperor taught and educated people. During the peak of this heavenly palace, there were countless students studying here. It could be said that it was the highest academy and sacred place in founding emperor era.

When the calamity erupted, son of Heaven Yin cast a spell and instantly took away almost all the students’souls, leaving only their bodies.

These people still maintained their postures from when they were alive, as if they were still living here.

First ancestor walked silently among the crowd. It seemed that he was still in Yuming Palace back then. His classmates were young, and many fresh lives were moving around him. He also heard the cheers and laughter of his classmates and teachers back then.

He stopped and stood silently. Son of Yin Tianzi had cast a spell to bring down the tribulation, and everyone died. Only he survived.

This place had become the pain of his entire life.

“Classmate, teacher, this time, I will not be a deserter!”

He bowed respectfully to these old friends. When he stood up again, his dao heart was perfect, as clear as jade.

First ancestor turned around and walked out of Yuming Palace and the Hall of human emperors.

Outside the hall of human emperors, each generation of human emperors led an army and waited outside silently.

First ancestor’s gaze swept past the faces of second ancestor, third ancestor, and the others before finally landing on village chief Su Mumu’s face and revealing a smile, “For the past 20,000 years, our hall of Human Emperors has always been the protector of this land. For the past 20,000 years, generation after generation of human emperors have been alone, fighting against High Heavens, Heavenly Court, and the unfairness of the world! “But today, 20,000 years later, it’s different.”

He took a step forward and passed through the army, his voice loud and clear. “We have many dao friends, we have many comrades who share the same ideals! Behind us is eternal peace that rose from the ruins created by the gods of Heavenly Court!”

His right hand pointed to the south. “The human emperors of Hall of human emperors have spent their lives protecting this land! Follow me — kill the enemy!”

The army moved forward.

Human Emperor Qi Kang rushed forward and said with a chuckle, “Little Su, can you still do it? You’re Old!”

Human Emperor Qi Kang laughed loudly. “Deceiving a master and destroying an ancestor is a good skill. As expected of the one I taught! However, my grand disciple is even stronger!”

All the human emperors laughed loudly, and their laughter rushed into the clouds, dispersing them.

In carefree village’s supreme clarity realm, a God walked out of the teleportation gate with quick steps and sent Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor’s letter. Qin Mu opened it, and it said that Eastern Heaven’s green emperor was too cautious and wouldn’t fight even if he fought to the death, therefore, Jiang Baigui wanted to borrow a congratulatory gift from someone else when Qin Mu got married that day.

Qin Mu had a strange expression and smiled. “Why is junior brother Jiang here to borrow the dragon scales of East Heaven Green Dragon?”

Heavenly Venerate Yun’s voice sounded out. “East Heaven Green Emperor and East Heaven Green Dragon have a huge enmity. Eternal Peace Imperial preceptor wanting to break East Heaven Green Emperor and start with East Emperor Green Dragon is indeed a brilliant plan!”