Chapter 1693

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Chapter 1693: Chapter 1687, honest and honest heavenly venerate mu

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Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He had some understanding of the grudges between Eastern Heaven’s Green Emperor and Eastern Heaven’s Green Dragon.

After Eternal Peace Calamity, heavenly venerate Wuji met Qin Mu and told him about the past of Eastern Heaven’s Green Emperor.

The Azure Emperor became trash and was abandoned. However, he survived with a belief. He broke away from the body of a treasure and cultivated into an emperor’s throne. He was respected by Xiao Tian at that time and was known as the Eastern Emperor Azure Emperor. He was used to suppress the Eastern Emperor Azure Dragon.

The grudge between him and East Emperor’s Green Dragon also started from there. East Emperor was the ruler of East Extreme Heaven while Green Emperor was the Great Emperor of East Heaven. The two of them naturally went head to head with each other, and the grudge between them grew deeper and deeper.

In Supreme Wu Ji’s palace, the East Emperor’s Green Dragon on the murals was crouching at the foot of green emperor, struggling to survive while flattering him. It could be seen how deep green emperor’s hatred towards East Emperor was.

Heavenly venerate Yun said, “Eternal Peace Imperial preceptor must have wanted the dragon scales of the Eastern Emperor in order to resurrect him and make him draw out the green emperor, forcing him to have no choice but to start a full-scale war with him. He must have used this opportunity to destroy the Army of Eastern Heaven and get rid of the gods and devils in one fell swoop. Only in this way could he free his hands to support carefree village.”

Qin Mu looked at Ling Yuxiu, who immediately got up to search for the dragon scales of the Eastern Emperor Green Dragon.

“East Emperor’s green dragon is unruly and untamable. He thinks highly of himself, but his methods are despicable and despicable. He was the first to surrender to the heavenly court and become Heavenly Venerate Green Dragon. He thought he could save his life, but how could heavenly emperor Hao let him off?”

Qin Mu smiled. “Heavenly Emperor Hao sacrificed him in order to kill heavenly venerate fire. When I married my wife, absolute beginning ordered someone to send East Emperor’s dragon scales to test if I was truly disheartened, so I didn’t revive him. When Yan ‘er and southern emperor came to see me, they didn’t mention resurrecting him, so I forgot about it. Now that I’ve resurrected East Emperor, it can be considered as returning the favor he did for me when he helped me refine the sword back then.”

Heavenly venerate Yun said, “I once heard people say that heavenly venerate Mu’s favor can not be taken, let alone a debt of gratitude. Otherwise, his life would be in danger.”

“These are all slander!”

Before Qin Mu could say anything, Ling Yuxiu came over with the dragon scales of East Emperor, she sneered. “They are all rumors spread by the tenth heavenly venerate in order to strike at my wife’s reputation! They have destroyed my wife’s reputation, so even heavenly venerate Yun believes them!”

Heavenly venerate yun immediately said, “Actually, I don’t believe it!”

Qin Mu sighed ruefully. “Those who know me, my wife.”

He took out the dragon scales of East Emperor and cast a spell to summon souls. Suddenly, Qin Mu revealed an astonished expression. “East Emperor’s soul isn’t in Youdu, nor is it in Heavenly Yin world!”

Heavenly Venerate Yun and the rest were slightly stunned. If the Green Dragon was killed and its soul was still there, it should have fallen into Youdu. If its soul was shattered and turned into black sand, it would definitely have fallen into heavenly yin world.

Yet Qin Mu said that there was no soul of the Green Dragon in either place, which was strange.

Qin Mu smiled. “Since absolute beginning killed the East Emperor Green Dragon, the soul of the Green Dragon must have fallen into the hands of absolute beginning. His soul should also have been hidden by absolute beginning.”

Heavenly Venerate Yun’s heart moved slightly. “Ultimate Void, one Qi Great Allheaven!”

Qin Mu pondered over it and said, “If it’s absolute beginning’s great overarching heaven of one Qi, then it’s fine. Great overarching heaven of absolute beginning has already descended to the origin world to threaten eternal peace. “It’s not difficult for me to forcefully cast a spell and take back the soul of the Azure Dragon. “If it’s suppressed in the hall of ancestral court, then it’ll be troublesome.”

He took a long breath and walked out with big steps. His voice couldn’t hide his excitement. “Absolute beginning sent the dragon scales over and hid East Emperor’s soul. It seems like he wants to scheme against me while I cast a spell! Since that’s the case, I’ll grant his wish!”

The sacrificial altar rose from under his feet, and his vital qi turned into all kinds of Great Dao runes to imprint on it. The runes formed dao patterns, and the dao patterns formed Dao chains, forming the most basic domain.

Behind Qin Mu, the Great Heavenly Court floated, and Jade capital city appeared. In the center of Jade Capital City, in front of Hall of chaos, his primordial spirit stood erect. His feet paused, and an sacrificial altar appeared in front of Hall of chaos as well, however, it was the opposite of the sacrificial altar under Qin Mu’s corporeal body.

Heavenly Venerate Yun looked at it for a moment and didn’t understand it. “Sister-in-law, what’s the use of heavenly venerate Mu’s other sacrificial altar?”

Ling Yuxiu also couldn’t understand it. “It has its own uses.”

Heavenly venerate Yun nodded. “That’s right.”

Qin Mu’s corporeal body was casting spells on the altar. At the same time, his primordial spirit was casting spells in front of Hall of Chaos. However, what Qin Mu’s corporeal body was casting was soul lead, which was to draw the soul of East Emperor’s Green Dragon. As for his primordial spirit casting spells.., it was something that no one could understand.

An indescribable power spread out and went deep into the void, giving people an unfathomable feeling. It was gentle, ethereal, invisible, and invisible.

When this power spread out and invaded all the worlds in the heavens, Qin Mu finally sensed the location of the soul of the Eastern Emperor Green Dragon.

The soul of the Eastern Emperor Green Dragon was hidden in primordial qi great overarching heaven, which was floating in the sky above the Heavenly Court’s camp and facing the thirty-three heavens of carefree village.

Just as Qin Mu’s power invaded primordial qi great allheaven, Primordial Qi got up under the dao tree of Primordial Qi Great Allheaven, he revealed a smile. “Heavenly venerate mu, you’re still here! You Can’t bear to part with the battle prowess of the Eastern Emperor Green Dragon. You need him to conquer the world for you! However, you don’t know that I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

Under the Dao Tree, there was a bronze jar that was about the height of a person standing beside its roots. The mouth of the jar was tightly sealed.

At that moment, the bronze jar was shaking non-stop as if there was a force shaking the jar, breaking it open and releasing the things inside!

“When your power reached my great overarching heaven, you were already weak. At that moment, I can hurt your primordial spirit and your corporeal body!”

Absolute beginning shouted out, and his corporeal body instantly became incomparably sturdy!

Over the long years, his corporeal body had always been number one in the world, and he could even withstand the attacks of dao practitioners head-on. It was only in recent years that he was surpassed by Qin Mu. He had cultivated his primordial chaos corporeal body, and his corporeal body was incomparably strong, it was even stronger than his ancient god Heavenly Emperor’s corporeal body!

And what was also as strong as the ancient god Heavenly Emperor’s corporeal body was his vital qi, innate one qi!

The Innate Yi Qi was both yuan qi and a Great Dao. It could be converted into any Great Dao in the world!

Although his innate Yi Qi was not cultivated to the level of Dao, it was still no trifling matter. He walked on the path of using strength to achieve Dao. By borrowing the power of the ancestral court’s Jade Capital, his mana was much more powerful than Dao realm cultivators!

“What you didn’t expect was that my treasure hall has already been perfected!”

Absolute beginning executed innate one qi, and the Great Heavenly Court appeared behind him. Seventy-two treasure halls guarded thirty-six heavenly palaces!

Ever since the battle between Heavenly Emperor Clear Sky and Qin Mu in the ultimate void, they had no choice but to retreat. Heavenly Emperor Clear Sky had come to a consensus with him that the father and son would exchange their respective halls and no longer keep secrets.

Regardless of whether it was heavenly emperor clear sky or absolute beginning, they had already cultivated seventy-two treasure halls. In terms of using strength to achieve Dao, the father and son had already reached a perfect level!

This was an intentional calculation but not an intentional one. Qin Mu was using all his strength to guide the soul of East Emperor’s Green Dragon. Regardless of whether it was his corporeal body or primordial spirit, he didn’t have any defense. This was the best time to counter-attack Qin Mu!

Absolute beginning roused his spirit and let out a long howl. Divine Arts followed the vine and followed the melon, killing Qin Mu one after another.

Qin Mu’s power continued to flow over in an attempt to shake the bronze pot. However, the bronze pot was in one qi great overarching heaven. Even though one qi great overarching heaven had left the ultimate void to come to the origin world, it was still an achievement of the Great Dao.., when Qin Mu’s power came here, it was weakened layer by layer and was no longer in its peak state.

Furthermore, the bronze pot was suppressed by one qi great overarching heaven. If Qin Mu wanted to shake the pot, he would have to contend with the entire great overarching heaven and the Dao of absolute beginning!

The right time and place were only on absolute beginning’s side, and absolute beginning’s victory was in his grasp!

At this moment, the corners of absolute beginning’s eyes twitched. All of a sudden, densely packed imprints appeared under the Bronze Jar!

Those imprints were spread out in rings, layer upon layer, expanding outwards. When he discovered these ring-shaped imprints, the ring-shaped imprints had already extended from the bottom of the jar to the extent of half of great allheaven!

The ring-shaped imprints were extremely peculiar. They were like the tree ring patterns, and within a short period of time, there were already hundreds of millions of rings.

“This is… The World Tree!”

Absolute beginning suddenly realized, “Oh no! He’s plotting against me too!”

The rings spun and the mark in the rings turned into a ray of light that shot into the sky. A loud, earth-shattering sound rang out. In the sky above the heavenly court camp, in absolute beginning’s Great Allheaven of one Qi, a giant tree that was half the size of the Great Allheaven suddenly appeared, its branches danced in the air, and its roots pierced into absolute beginning’s great Allheaven of one Qi!

The roots were as thick as mountains, and they tore apart the great Allheaven of one Qi. The mountains collapsed, and absolute beginning was caught off guard. He was blasted away by the giant tree and fell from the Great Allheaven of one Qi!

His Dao tree was also crushed to the ground, and the Great Allheaven suddenly let out a loud crack, splitting into two!

At the same time, the bronze jar also exploded with a bang. The three souls of the Eastern Emperor Azure Dragon flew up and were summoned by an unknown force!

The World tree split the great allheaven into countless specks of light and dissipated into the air, leaving only the great allheaven that had split into two falling from the sky!