Chapter 1694

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Chapter 1694: Chapter 1688, horse trampling the sky

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The Heavenly Court’s camp was in chaos. If the Great Allheaven fell, the damage it would cause would be disastrous!

Just as they were about to come into contact with the Great Allheaven, a dao flower suddenly appeared. It spun and grew bigger and bigger, lifting up the falling great allheaven.

Absolute beginning’s face was ashen as he executed the Dao Tree to fly over. The roots of the Dao tree stretched out in all directions, piercing into the split great overarching heaven in an attempt to connect the split great overarching heaven together.

Great overarching heaven was the brand of the Great Dao in the ultimate void, the manifestation of the Dao. Even though Qin Mu had cracked his great overarching Heaven Open, he was still unable to damage his dao.

He only needed to merge the cracked great overarching heaven and he would be able to return to his peak condition. However, the Blow Qin Mu had dealt to his dao heart couldn’t be recovered for a moment.

He had deliberately plotted against Qin Mu and had made preparations long ago. However, he was helpless because Qin Mu was no longer the Qin Mu from Eternal Peace Calamity. Regardless of wisdom or methods, he had already surpassed him by a lot.

Back then, Qin Mu was at his mercy and incomparably sullen. He was like a muddle-headed boy.

But now, everything seemed to have been reversed. The plan he had planned for more than twenty years was like a muddle-headed boy in front of Qin Mu. Not only was it easily broken, but he had also suffered heavy injuries as a result.

Suddenly, great overarching heaven split open once more. Absolute beginning gave a muffled groan and a mouthful of blood surged up his throat. He closed his mouth, but fresh blood surged up from his nasal cavity and spewed out from his nostrils.

He was still injured. Not only had Qin Mu snatched away the soul of the Green Dragon, he had even seriously injured him!

“Retired Emperor, if you make any moves in the future, it’s best to inform me in advance.”

Heavenly Emperor vast heaven came behind him and said indifferently, “Every time you fail, it’s a blow to the morale of the heavenly court. Now, the Heavenly Court will not allow more failures.”

The muscles on absolute beginning’s back tightened, and he didn’t turn around. He also didn’t dare to wipe the blood that was flowing out from his nose, he said in a deep voice, “Your Majesty, I understand what you’ve taught me. “However, heavenly venerate mu should also be injured. “In order to plot against me, he needed to summon the soul of the Azure Dragon while scheming against me. However, he had no way to protect himself, so he would definitely be severely injured by my supernatural power!”

Heavenly Emperor Haotian said with a faint smile, “Do you really think that he would be seriously injured by your supernatural power? Retired Emperor, you are still so self-righteous. In today’s world, there was no one who could seriously injure him by plotting against him. “You are already old and can’t defeat him. “What you need to do is to obediently listen to my orders and stop being self-righteous.”

Heavenly Emperor Haotian raised his hand and vast mana surged out to help him stabilize Daluo heaven, which was about to split again. “Your set of things are already old and can’t deal with him.”

Absolute beginning fell silent, and after a moment, he said, “I think he’s injured too.”

Heavenly Emperor Vast Heaven didn’t say anything else. After helping him stabilize great overarching heaven, he turned around and left.

At the same time, Qin Mu summoned the three souls of East Emperor Azure Dragon and sealed them in the dragon scales, handing them over to the soldiers from Jiang Ling. The soldier immediately brought the dragon scales and left, returning to Jiang Ling through the teleportation portal.

Qin Mu dispersed the sacrificial altar and kept his primordial spirit, he sighed in admiration. “Absolute beginning is indeed powerful, injuring me. My estimation of him is still a little lacking. He should have already cultivated seventy-two treasure palaces, and his magic power cultivation should have reached another level. With his strength, he would have become even more mature.”

Ling Yuxiu went forward and took out medicinal pills to wipe the wounds on his knuckles. Her heart ached for him. “Next time, you can’t force yourself like this.”

Qin Mu nodded. “What Madam taught me is right. Next time, let Shang Jun block him.”

Heavenly Venerate Yun stared at the wounds on his knuckles and didn’t say anything.

This was what shocked heavenly venerate Yun the most!

Similarly, he was also extremely proficient in the path of absolute beginning. His Dao realm had also been cultivated to a far-reaching level, reaching more than twenty heavens of Dao realm.

Ling Yuxiu helped Qin Mu take care of the injuries on his knuckles. Qin Mu raised his head to look at the sky and saw the huge face of the heavenly duke enveloping the west. Countless Sun Guardians dragged the sun and gathered under the face of the heavenly duke, the army of Xuan Du was already prepared.

‘The power of the heavenly court is really too huge.’

He frowned slightly. The Heavenly Court had ten times or even ten times the military strength of carefree village and eternal peace. Now that the Army of the Heavenly Court was blocked by carefree village, the battlefield had yet to be spread out. However, as long as the battlefield was spread out, carefree village would probably not be able to escape unscathed!

“At that time, even heavenly venerates and Dao practitioners would have to go into battle!”

Qin Mu’s chest swelled up. The most dangerous one wasn’t carefree village, but West Earth. West Earth would definitely be lost!

“Before carefree village is defeated, we must flatten the forces of the east, south, and north. Otherwise, we will surround and annihilate eternal peace!”

Jiang Ling’s envoy walked out from the teleportation gate and came to the camp of East Sea with quick steps. The envoy passed through the Army of Eternal Peace Gods and devils.

Under the Tiger’s tent, Eternal Peace Imperial preceptor Jiang Baigui raised his head and saw him. There was still no emotion in his eyes, but he couldn’t help but stand up.

The envoy quickly came to the front and offered the dragon scale of the Green Dragon. He said solemnly, “Imperial preceptor, heavenly venerate mu has already summoned the three souls of East Emperor’s Green Dragon and sealed them in the Dragon Scale!”

Eternal Peace Imperial preceptor took the dragon scale and said, “You’ve worked hard, Go Down and rest.”

Eternal Peace Imperial preceptor looked at him and revealed a smile. “Alright. When the war begins, follow me to battle. Men, invite Earth Virtue Primordial Lord!”

“There’s no need, I’ve already arrived!”

A gentle voice sounded out and eternal peace imperial preceptor looked in the direction of the voice. He saw Earth Virtue Primordial Lord Gongsun Gong walking over. He hurriedly turned his head back and looked in the direction of eternal peace capital city. When he saw that primordial wood was still there, he let out a sigh of relief.

Gongsun Gong said, “I’ll leave my main body in the capital city and bring my corporeal body here to avoid alerting East Heaven’s Green Emperor.”

Eternal Peace Imperial preceptor greeted him, “Primordial Lord is right. If primordial Lord’s main body comes, even if Green Emperor hates Green Dragon to the bone, he won’t dare to fight. If he doesn’t fight, we won’t be able to capture him alive and subdue him. Listen to my orders and reorganize the three armies!”

As his orders were passed down, military bugles instantly came from the camps on the sea. Duke Wei, general of Heavenly Strategies, King Tai Shan, Qin Feiyue, and the rest of the military officials inspected the army.

Eternal Peace Imperial preceptor calculated the time precisely to the smallest detail and suddenly said in a deep voice, “Beat the drum and invite East Emperor’s Divine Weapon!”

The Azure Dragon Divine weapon sat on the huge platform on the surface of the sea as if East Emperor was still alive!

The green dragon coiled around, and in front of its claws was a spirit treasure mountain that was used to grind its teeth!

It was a spirit treasure mountain that Qin Mu had lost to the East Emperor Green Dragon when he had gone to visit the East Extreme Heaven back then!

The two sides were one big and one small, and their military strength was vastly different. However, East Heaven’s Green Emperor was defending his camp to the death. No matter how Eternal Peace Imperial preceptor provoked him, he didn’t make a move.

If eternal peace attacked forcefully, they would fall into a disadvantageous situation, so they could only remain in a stalemate.

The green dragon was ferocious and ferocious. Its corporeal body was boundless and suffused with the great dao fate unique to ancient gods, suppressing east ocean. However, the Green Dragon didn’t have a dragon head and its head had been chopped off. It was the corporeal body of East Emperor Green Dragon!

Absolute beginning had killed East Emperor Green Dragon and sealed the head of Heavenly Venerate Green Dragon in a box to give it to heavenly emperor vast heaven while leaving his corporeal body to East Emperor Green Dragon!

Not only that, the Qi and blood in East Heaven’s camp was like the sky and sea hanging upside down. The blood and qi pervaded the sky above the sixty armies and marquises of Heavenly Court. It was incomparably dense and was the birthplace of East Heaven’s East Emperor Azure Dragon, the sacred land of the ancestral land, the Ten Thousand Dragon Nest, had also been moved over!

Even though their strength and power were far stronger than eternal peace and their treasures were also extraordinary, East Heaven’s Green Emperor still closed his door and didn’t fight.

On the other side, Eastern Heaven’s camp was still as calm as ever. No one went out to fight.

Jiang Baigui’s small boat came to a stop. Jiang Baigui took off the crown on his head and placed it on the bow of the boat. He then took off his hairpin and let his hair fall over his shoulders.

There was still no movement on the other side.

East Heaven’s Green Emperor climbed up the city tower and sat down calmly. He ordered people to prepare fine wine and delicacies and brought them up. Looking at this scene from afar, he smiled. “Eternal Peace’s Little Jiang Baigui is full of tricks, and now he’s pretending to be mysterious to lure me out to fight.”

Just as he finished speaking, the surface of the sea suddenly surged and green light shot out in all directions from the dragon scales. An incomparably huge green dragon rose into the sky from the dragon scales. It was vast and boundless, and for a moment, the dragon’s roars shook non-stop. The sea cracked open with a crack, a heavenly moat that spanned tens of thousands of miles appeared!

Those who survived were demoted to slaves and locked up with dragon-binding ropes. They were used as livestock for the army under his command to fight and avenge his hatred.

However, the ten thousand dragon nests of the east extreme heavenly ancestor’s land suddenly stirred up their qi and blood, causing the blood and Qi of countless soldiers of the east extreme heavenly ancestor’s land to become chaotic. It was extremely uncomfortable!

The eastern Sky Azure Emperor’s expression changed drastically. The wine cup in his hand exploded with a bang. He suddenly stood up and looked at the Azure Dragon Soul that suddenly appeared on the surface of the sea!

The Green Dragon coiled its body and grabbed the spirit treasure mountain to grind its teeth. It ground its teeth until they were bright, and its voice was incomparably loud. “Green Emperor, you dare to humiliate my corpse and my descendants like this? I will not rest until you die! Jiang Baigui!”

The head of the Green Dragon Hung Down, and its huge head was like an incomparably huge mountain floating in front of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor Jiang Baigui. Its aura spewed out, causing Jiang Baigui’s clothes to flutter backward, the Old Red Horse on the small boat had long since been scared to the point of prostrating on the boat, pissing its pants.

“Jiang Baigui, how many troops do you have for me? I’ll slaughter my way into the enemy camp and bring you the head of the Green Emperor!”

Eternal Peace Imperial preceptor pulled the old red horse up and said solemnly, “Heavenly Venerate Green Dragon, a famous general with a horse, a treasure sword given to a hero! This is a fire dragon steed, it has extraordinary bravery and can assist heavenly venerate in battle.”

Jiang Baigui’s voice was like thunder as he shouted, “Heavenly venerate’s horse tramples the heavens, I’ll drum for heavenly venerate to cheer for him, this trip will definitely be a success!”