Chapter 1695

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Chapter 1695: Chapter 1689, Imperial Preceptor was unparalleled

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East Emperor Green Dragon took a glance at him and felt that the current eternal peace imperial preceptor and the previous eternal peace imperial preceptor were both described as annoying and displeasing.

East Emperor Azure Dragon was an incomparably powerful existence to begin with. Jiang Baigui didn’t have any means to break east emperor Azure Dragon, so he could only revive him and ask him to take action.

However, he didn’t give him a single soldier, so was he going to fight alone?

There were more than a million soldiers and heavenly generals in the sixty armies of East Emperor Azure Dragon?

All kinds of heavy weapons, all kinds of formations, and East Emperor Azure Dragon. If he charged forward alone, would he be sending himself to his death?

A purple light flashed in the eastern sky emperor’s eyes, “Jiang Baigui, you mean to say that you only gave me a horse to fight against the 60 Army Marquis of the Eastern Sky and take the head of the eastern Sky Azure Emperor Xiang Shang among the millions of gods and demons?”

The eastern Sky Emperor narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath, “Then when will you lead your troops to meet me?”

Jiang baigui said, “The eastern Sky Emperor is charging forward. When the time is right, I will send my troops.”

The Eastern Emperor stared fixedly at this refined man. “A horse?”

Jiang baigui said unhurriedly, “Celestial Master Azure Dragon, your physical body, your ancestral land, and your countless descendants are all in the enemy camp. You can choose not to fight and abandon all of this.”

The eastern emperor laughed loudly and turned around.

Jiang baigui said indifferently, “Celestial Master Azure Dragon, Celestial Master Mu has already repaid your favor. He no longer owes you anything. If you die in the future, then you are truly dead.”

East Emperor Azure Dragon’s heart skipped a beat. He understood what he meant and turned his head around. “If I let him owe me a favor again, then even if I die in the future, he will resurrect me again.”

Jiang baigui smiled and nodded slowly.

East emperor azure dragon continued, “Now, there is a great opportunity for him to owe me a favor. As long as I can help the Imperial preceptor break through the 60 military marquises of the East Heaven, it will be a great merit. Celestial Master Mu will definitely be grateful!”

Jiang baigui nodded with a smile.

Jiang Baigui led the horse forward and handed the reins to him.

The eastern emperor Azure Dragon’s Qi circulated and the Dragon Qi entered the body of the old horse.

Just now, this horse was just an ordinary horse, but now, it really had turned into a fire dragon steed!

Sitting on the Dragon Steed, East Emperor glanced at Jiang baigui and said, “You’re very bad, you’re a bad person.”With that, he clamped his legs together, and the dragon steed leaped into the air. It let out a long cry as it stepped on the surface of the sea, charging straight toward the East Heaven Camp!

The dragon steed galloped wildly, and east emperor’s voice shook the surface of the sea as he said loudly, “East Heaven Azure Emperor, do you still remember how you were broken into pieces by me with my bare hands back then?”

His dragon roar spread throughout the eastern sea. Everyone could hear it clearly!

The eastern emperor laughed out loud, “I thought you were dead. I threw you away casually. I didn’t expect you to be so lucky. You actually survived. I don’t know where you have taken root. It must be because the soil is fertile and there is yellow soup all over the place!”

In the Eastern Sky Camp, the bugle horn sounded. Emperor Qing stood on the city tower with a livid face. He waved his hand and the headless body of the Eastern Emperor was brought over. Emperor Qing sneered, “Pour black dog blood on it!”

Immediately, some soldiers poured black dog blood on the headless body of the Eastern Emperor!

The Eastern Emperor stopped his dragon horse, he laughed out loud, “I came here to challenge you, one man and one horse. Emperor Qing, you are still as cowardly as before, using black dog blood to humiliate my body!”! “Emperor Qing, you are only fit to be a firewood stick. You are useless when you are held in the hands of others and played with. “You are such a dirty person. Once you are tired of being played with, you will be used to wipe the filth on your butt!”

Emperor Qing flew into a rage and shouted sternly, “Bring the Dragon Race of the extreme east heaven out and behead them! We will serve them on the dragon slaying platform!”

The eastern emperor was calm and composed, he smiled and said, “My descendants are all over the universe. There are more than billions of them? From the Heaven Dragon to the snakes and insects, there are my descendants in all the races. You can just kill them. “Emperor Green, you are only fit to hide among the thousands of soldiers. It is disgraceful. “If you come out of the city and fight with me, I will admire your courage. Then, I will beat you back to your original form and turn you into a shit-wiping stick!”

Emperor Qing couldn’t hold it in any longer. He looked at Jiang Baigui’s camp from afar and gave orders to his left and right, “I’ll go out of the city to kill this guy. You guys guard the main camp and don’t move out. “If Jiang Baigui leads his troops to attack, you guys can’t come out to save me either! “Just guard the main camp well and don’t mess up the formation! “As long as the formation isn’t messed up, Jiang Baigui can’t do anything to us!”

The soldiers accepted the order.

The eastern emperor laughed out loud and rushed toward Emperor Qing.

When his enemies met, their eyes turned red. Emperor Qing let out a long cry. Suddenly, a heavenly palace appeared behind him. His heavenly palace was different from the others. The buildings in the Heavenly Palace were like precious trees!

Countless palaces were piled up like a precious tree, and his heavenly palace had a total of seven. The seven precious trees had the same root and origin!

The moment the two collided, the sea boiled. The strength of the two was actually evenly matched, east emperor smiled and said, “You are indeed a piece of SH * t. I have just been resurrected and already possess the strength to contend with you. If I were at my peak, I would be able to crush you like an ant…”

Before he finished his words, countless incomparably thick roots flew behind Green Emperor and turned into wooden fists. Peng, Peng, Peng, Peng, Peng, countless attacks landed on East Emperor’s face, causing his face to be deformed, countless dragon teeth fell off!

The East Emperor was sent flying. His mind went blank. From the corner of his eye, he saw countless tentacles flying under the green emperor’s feet. Those were his roots.

His roots extended into the sea and shuttled under the sea. Like a wooden dragon, they chased after him!

This kind of weapon refining technique was unprecedented and had surpassed the heavenly court and founding Emperor Era by countless times!

It was unknown who was able to achieve such an unfathomable weapon forging technique. It could be imagined that this person’s weapon forging technique must have been extremely meticulous, reaching a level that was close to Dao!

The Eastern Emperor immediately urged the majestic Yuan Qi in his body to circulate along the Heavenly Palace imprints. Suddenly, an incomparably violent aura gushed out from his body. Numerous heavenly palaces rose into the air from his body, causing his strength to rapidly expand!

Eastern Emperor landed on the surface of the sea and steadied himself by stepping on the sea. Boom Boom Boom, an intense tremor came from the bottom of the sea, and the incomparably thick roots of green emperor were suppressed by his magic power!

Green Emperor rushed forward, and the two top gods of the current era fought each other until the sky turned dark. On both sides, the sound of drums shook the sky, and the soldiers of eternal peace and Eastern Heaven were beating drums to assist in the battle!

Green Emperor’s strength had exceeded his expectations. Furthermore, the strength of his vitality was truly terrifying. He could regrow severed limbs and even his head could be regrown. Furthermore, the path of creation was also unparalleled. Any injury that healed in an instant was even more profound than his!

‘If I’m killed by the Green Emperor, Will Heavenly Venerate Mu resurrect me?’He was slightly terrified.

If he hadn’t achieved anything, would qin mu still save him?

On the shoreline of eternal peace, Jiang Baigui stood on the small boat and looked at the battle on the surface of the sea. He never gave the order to send troops.

‘The battle isn’t fierce enough, I have to be more fierce.’

Imperial preceptor Jiang Baigui calculated the injuries of the Eastern Emperor Green Dragon. His calculation was different from Qin Mu’s. Qin Mu’s calculation was more like a deduction, and Jiang Baigui’s calculation was to turn all aspects of the Eastern Emperor Green Dragon into data, for example, how much magic power East Emperor had left, how much of his Divine Arts was left, how much of his Qi and blood was left, how much of his battle intent was left, and so on. When all of them were put together, they would become an accurate number.

How much time was left before East Emperor’s death.

Yet in his eyes, this number was continuously shrinking.

‘If I send out my troops, Green Emperor will definitely abandon East Emperor and flee back to East Heaven’s camp, but if the temptation is big enough, he will hesitate and try to kill East emperor before my army arrives.’

The eyes of the national advisor Jiang Baigui flickered. The number of days before the Eastern Emperor’s death was still shrinking, he thought to himself, “The reason I am sending out my troops is to come to his side and capture him before he kills the Eastern Emperor! Hence, the distance between the two sides needs to be prepared.”

He was still waiting. The injuries on the Eastern Emperor’s body were getting more and more serious. However, he was still fighting against Emperor Qing with his life on the line. He would not retreat even if he died, waiting for him to send out his troops.

In Jiang Baigui’s eyes, the numbers jumped. Suddenly, the numbers in his eyes stopped, and the small boat under his feet shot out like an arrow that had left the bow!

At the same time, the gates of the great camps in Eternal Peace Camp opened one after another. Countless eternal peace gods and Devils stepped on the surface of the sea and formed a formation to rush forward!

In the sky, tens of thousands of sails moved at the same time, and flags fluttered in the air. The turreted ships raised the firepower of the pill furnaces to the maximum!

At the same time, there were also many large ships sailing under the sea. Under the sea, the Kun race and the other celestial races were also advancing. On the seabed, there were many gods and devils stepping on the sea floor, advancing with all their might!

Jiang Baigui mobilized his wisdom to the maximum. At the same time, he mobilized the forces of the sky, the sea, the sea, and the bottom of the sea, charging toward the enemy camp!

In the sea, on a strange ship, there was a glass-like porthole. Primordial Lord Earth Virtue, Gongsun Fu, stood under the porthole with his hands behind his back and looked up.

When Green Emperor saw this, his heart trembled, but when he saw East Emperor’s miserable state, he hesitated.

He suddenly made up his mind. “I can kill Green Dragon before Eternal Peace’s army arrives!”

At the bow of the small ship, Jiang Baigui had his hands behind his back. The speed of the small ship became faster and faster as it rushed at the forefront of Eternal Peace’s army.

”… six, five, four, three! Primordial Lord Earth Virtue, Make Your Move!”

Just as he was muttering to himself, a huge boat broke through the water and appeared between East Emperor and Green Emperor. Gongsun Fu stood behind the porthole and met with green emperor.

She raised her palm and spread her fingers. A light cracking sound suddenly came from Green Emperor’s corporeal body, and the vital qi in his body quickly turned into wood. Together with his corporeal body, they quickly turned into wood.

An ancient tree appeared on the sea. Its roots were rooted in the East Sea. It was as thick as a dragon, and its trunk was coiled like a dragon. It looked very ancient.

“Earth Virtue Yuan Lord!”

Green Emperor was shocked. His Yuan Shen immediately flew out of his body and was about to escape with his huge body. At this moment, Jiang Baigui’s small boat arrived. The seventy-two palaces of the thirty-six heavenly palaces were spread out, it trapped Emperor Qing’s primordial spirit.

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