Chapter 1699

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Chapter 1699: Chapter 1693, the bloody battle at Jade Cliff Pass (da Zhang)

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“And human emperor Su Mu!”The village chief stepped out and said in a clear voice without releasing his sword.

The other human emperors looked at him and were very envious. At this time, they followed closely behind the first ancestor and reported their names. They were all awe-inspiring. Who would have thought that little Su Zi would have the upper hand.

If they reported their names after him, it would be like a foil. There was not much awe-inspiring.

The village chief could not help but feel a little smug. He was very pleased in his heart, “These old fellows must be dying of jealousy!”

At this moment, deity Marquis Tai Zun laughed out loud, “I have heard of Human Emperor Qin Wu. Back then, he was scared out of his wits by son of Heaven Yin and became a deserter. As for human emperor Su Muzai, I have never heard of him!”

The other human emperors laughed out loud and looked at the village chief proudly.

Village chief’s face was filled with shame as he said, “The best man has no self, the best man has no merit, and the saint has no name. It is normal that he does not know my name. After today’s battle, my name has become very famous…”

Everyone burst into laughter.

Village chief’s face flushed red as he muttered, “You bunch of old farts, after today’s battle, I will definitely become famous throughout the world…”

Along the way, countless of their comrades were left behind to cover the rear. Only these one million gods managed to escape.

But even so, they were still ten times more than the number of eternal peace gods led by Hall of Human Emperors!

Furthermore, those who escaped the battlefield of South Sea alive were the elites of the elites, and their abilities were extremely high.

First ancestor human emperor’s body trembled, and a heavenly palace leaped out from behind him. On the skyscraping hall, his primordial spirit sat on the emperor’s throne and suddenly stood up.

“The sun revolves around the sky for all eternity!”

When the millions of southern sky gods and demons in front of the Jade Cliff Pass saw this, they were shocked. However, a dozen figures rushed into the sky and rushed towards the first ancestor human emperor at the top of the Jade Cliff Pass.

Heavenly palaces leaped out from behind their heads. They were the throne-holders among the thirty-nine vassals of the southern sky!

There were many throne-holders among the vassals of the southern sky. Although a few of these throne-holders died in the Battle of the Southern Sea, the battlefield was chaotic. Qi Xianyu, the Red Emperor, the Ming emperor, Yan ‘er, and the southern Emperor had fewer troops, in order to kill the enemy to the maximum extent, they chose to wipe out the enemy’s remaining forces as much as possible and slowly erode the enemy’s military strength. As a result, they were able to escape.

The sky collapsed and the earth collapsed, and the mournful autumn wind blew!

The 26th heavenly layer of the Heaven and earth seal technique could move mountains unswervingly!

His Dao realm erupted, and his unswerving will was in this attack!

“Fortunately, we have more people!”

The momentum of the more than ten emperor thrones was slightly hindered. First ancestor human emperor staggered back. At this moment, a sword light pierced through the curtain formed by the Divine Gold Liquid, and the heavens of Sword Dao spread out!

Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh. The sword light was shimmering, bringing with it the golden liquid and iron liquid like a tide. In his sword light, one tide rose and another tide rose!

Village chief held his sword. Although his cultivation was not high, his attainments in Sword Dao were extremely high. The first move he made was the Thirtieth Heaven of Sword Dao!

Before he retired in the early years, he was already a true God of sword path. With Divine Bridge realm, he could face a true God of South Heaven Gate realm head-on without being defeated. Sword path was even named after sword picture. At that time, his dao realm was already at ten heavens of sword path.

In the past few years, he had presided over eternal peace reform in Smell Dao College and had also been tempered by founding emperor. His attainments in sword path were getting higher and higher!

Even though his foundation in sword path wasn’t as monstrous as founding emperor, Qin Mu, and Jiang Baigui, it was still more ordinary.

His thirty heavens of sword path displayed battle prowess that was only inferior to first ancestor, and it was incomparably stunning!

The sword light shone on the 30th heaven, and countless fine sword principle runes danced in the sky, like the steel seal of sword principle.

Sword principle runes were the most basic sword moves. There were only 20 sword moves, and the 20th move was the sword domain!

“My magic power isn’t enough!”

At this moment, first ancestor human emperor stepped forward. “Su Muzhe, use your primordial spirit!”

At this moment, the radiance of the sword path allowed the southern sky emperor, Qi Xianyu, and the others who were surrounding the remaining soldiers of the southern sky to see it clearly. They could not help but look around.

“Has the founding emperor been resurrected? Or is it Celestial Master Mu?”Qi Xianyu was bewildered.

More than ten experts of the southern heavenly emperor forcefully rushed out, but they were also covered in injuries. The most miserable ones were those from the twenty-ninth heaven and the twenty-eighth heaven. There was hardly a single piece of flesh and blood on their bodies.

However, the results of the battle this time were extraordinary.

At the same time, the million defeated Gods and devils of South Heaven rushed up Jade Cliff Pass. The past human emperors led eternal peace soldiers and immediately fell into a battle to the death!

Human Emperor Qi kang shouted loudly, “Hold on until South Emperor and Qi Xianyu arrive, then victory will be ours!”

“Those who block me will die!”The soldiers of South Heaven rushed over like mad devils, making people fearful.

They knew that if they were blocked at the Jade Cliff Pass, they would be met by the pursuit of the two sovereigns of Crimson Light, the Crimson Emperor, and the Southern Emperor. At that time, all of them would be buried here.

Only by killing their way out of the Jade Cliff Pass would they be able to reunite with the army of the Heavenly Court!

This war was simply a battle of blood and flesh. It was also the most terrifying battle of cornered beasts. The defeated Army of South Heaven went crazy and did not fear death. No matter how many people were killed, none of them retreated and surrendered!

Many familiar faces fell beside the human emperors, and some of the human emperors also lost their lives.

As for first ancestor and village chief, they had to face more than ten emperor throne experts together, and the battle was even more intense.

Gradually, the sky darkened, but the battle at Jade Cliff Pass was still not over. The Moon Guardian passed by in the distance, and the moonlight shone on the blood-stained Jade Cliff Pass.

The battle continued. The Moon tilted, and the Moon Guard drove the Moon ship further and further away.

When the moon disappeared and the sunlight from Sun Ship gradually rose, Crimson Emperor Qi Xianyu’s Phoenix ship and eternal peace flying feather army led by Southern Emperor Yan ‘er finally arrived at Jade Cliff Pass.

The speed of the army of Crimson Emperor and bright emperor was slower, so they were still behind.

They looked forward and saw that the majestic pass was filled with the corpses of gods and devils. At the bottom of the cliff was also filled with the corpses of gods and devils.

As for the generals beside first ancestor, there were only six to seven of them left.

Out of the hundred thousand soldiers, only they were left. Even human emperor only had eight left.

The Battle of Jade Cliff Pass was so tragic that it was beyond imagination.

First ancestor raised his head and his eyes were filled with blood. In the blood, he saw countless nine-headed phoenixes flying over from the Phoenix ship.

Tears of blood flowed out from his eyes. They had finally held on until this moment.

The defeated Army of South Heaven was completely wiped out by the army of Red Emperor and southern Emperor Yan ‘er. The Red Emperor and Bright Emperor had also led the army of Red Emperor to arrive late. All of them gathered at Jade Cliff Pass and remained silent.

The battle at Jade Cliff Pass was truly too bitter. However, Qin Mu had no way to send more troops, so he could only let first ancestor and the rest pile up their flesh and blood.

The atmosphere was somewhat stifling.

Suddenly, a voice sounded out, they clapped their hands and smiled. “All of you are not bad, not bad at all. You are indeed worthy of being trained by seventh young master. When you fight, you are not afraid of death. “South Emperor Vermillion Bird, Red Emperor, and Ming Emperor, the three of you are gathered together. It saves me the trouble of searching for them one by one.”

Everyone looked toward the voice and saw three ancient gods with strange appearances walking over.

These ancient gods looked really strange, but the ancient gods of the myriad worlds didn’t have these three. It was puzzling.

“Heavenly Emperor Clear Heaven ordered me to come and get rid of southern emperor, Red Emperor, and Ming Emperor.”

One of the ancient gods smiled. “I won’t kill anyone else. Fellow Daoists, please.”

Carefree village, Supreme Clarity Realm.

Qin Mu’s gaze flickered. “Heavenly Emperor Yun, if I were third young master and fourth young master, I would definitely not let second young master separate from Heavenly Emperor Clear Heaven. I would take the opportunity to seal second young master in Heavenly Emperor Clear Heaven’s body and not allow her to come out and stir up trouble! “In that case, we would be left with one person.”

“With one person left, we would be able to win?”Heavenly Venerate Yun took a step forward and asked.

Qin Mu asked, “Do you know what the most useful construction of eternal peace reform is?”

Heavenly Venerate Yun shook his head.

“The most useful is the teleportation portal that Emperor Yanfeng had to build even though his eyes were red.”

Heavenly venerate yun asked, “What do you mean?”

“Hall master spirit officer needs time to fly to different places. There’s a time difference between the fast and the slow.”

Qin Mu said, “Between you and me, the remaining person has to reach the battlefields in an extremely short period of time to kill his thirty ancient god Clones!”

Heavenly venerate Yun said, “However, the person who stays must deal with second young master and Heavenly Emperor Clear Sky!”

Their gazes intersected, and they looked away from each other.

Heavenly Venerate Yun smiled. “I can’t deal with the thirty ancient god Clones of Hall Master Spirit Officer Like You. My speed isn’t as fast as yours either. You leave Shang Jun to me to deal with absolute beginning while I deal with second young master. Didn’t you say that I could deal with second young master? I’ve already thought of this idea.”

Qin Mu didn’t look straight into his eyes and smiled. “I believe you’ve already thought of it.”

He was silent for a moment. “Back then, we were separated by the Heavenly River and time and space. When I offered you a toast, you could only respond with the water of the Heavenly River. Today, you and I must drink until we’re drunk!”

Heavenly Venerate Yun smiled. “I heard that you never drink.”

Qin Mu’s eyes turned red, but his expression was calm. “I have to drink today.”