Chapter 1701

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Chapter 1701: Chapter 1695, Heavenly Venerate Cloud had broken the situation (and it was still the great chapter!)

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The most important part of this battle was hard to say whether it was on Qin Mu’s side or carefree village’s side. Because no matter which place was defeated, Eternal Peace and origin world would fall.

When heavenly venerate cloud walked down carefree village, heavenly venerate moon, God King Lang ‘er, heavenly venerate nether, supreme beginning, and Lan Yutian also welcomed their opponents.

Heavenly venerate Yue and heavenly venerate Lang’e flew up and went to stop the ancestor god King who was trying to fly past carefree village and lead the sun of Xuandu to attack eternal peace. Heavenly venerate you also went up against heavenly venerate Xu who had charged into Youdu of origin world, tai Shi was still very familiar with blocking the two ancient gods of Taiji. The three of them each took out their companion supreme treasures and tried to persuade each other.

As for Lan Yutian, he met Madam Yuan Mu in a daze, making people’s Hearts palpitate.

Heavenly venerate Yun walked towards Heavenly Emperor Hao.

Heavenly venerates and Dao practitioners walked in the sky one after another. Below them was a surging torrent of gods and devils, spreading out from the three sides of carefree village. The battlefield even extended to Supreme Emperor Heaven, and the entire Supreme Emperor Heaven was ablaze with flames of war!

This time, the Heavenly Court’s offensive was extremely terrifying. They used their full strength. Even with the heavenly pavilion taking charge of the overall situation, even with Yan Yunxi, Zhuo Cha, and Han Tang each taking charge of one side, and even with founding emperor Yi Yue personally taking charge.., but with the three masters of the Heaven Court taking action, the flames of war still reached carefree village!

Heavenly Venerate Yun ignored all of this and went up to meet Heavenly Emperor Hao.

Heavenly Emperor Hao was a man at the moment, and second young master was only surprised that Qin Mu had killed the eight ancient god Clones of Hall master spirit officer in such a short time, so she came out to take a look. However, she wasn’t interested in the great battle of carefree village.., thus, she gave her body to heavenly emperor vast heaven.

“Yun, you are just a defeated opponent of mine.”

Heavenly Emperor Vast Heaven’s gaze landed on Heavenly Emperor Yun’s face, then moved away from his face to look at supreme clarity realm, which was the highest level of carefree village, “What an exquisite scheme,”heavenly emperor vast heaven said leisurely. Every part of Hall Master Spirit Officer’s corporeal body had already transformed into an ancient god. He could send his clones to kill the leaders of carefree village, Eternal Peace, Heavenly Yin, Buddha realm, Dao sect, and beast realm. This was to attack and save him. “Heavenly venerate mu has a weakness, and that is to place too much importance on family and friendship. I’ve seen his weakness a long time ago. “As long as there’s a weakness, it’s not invincible.”

He smiled. “Regardless of whether Hall Master Lingguan can kill these mainstays of eternal peace or not, my strategy has already been achieved. That is to make the amorous heavenly venerate mu have no choice but to leave carefree village to go and save them. “He isn’t in carefree village, so carefree village won’t be able to stop me and my army. “This battle will bring peace to carefree village.”

Heavenly venerate Yun said indifferently, “Heavenly venerate hao, but you have forgotten that I’m still here.”

“You also have a weakness, heavenly venerate yun.”

Behind heavenly monarch Hao, absolute beginning slowly walked over. Heavenly monarch Hao was calm and composed, “Brother Yun, your weakness is to be ruthless and endure patiently. Ruthlessness makes it hard to gain the loyalty of others. Forbearance means giving in. “I used this weakness of yours to defeat you in the Longhan era. “You can not obtain the help of heavenly venerate fire, Lang Xuan, ancestral god King, Heavenly Venerate Gong, Heavenly Consort Qing, and the others. On the other hand, I know how to get along with them and how to form a community of interests with them. “Your forbearance means that in order to achieve your goal, you will choose to compromise and give up more interests. That’s why I can slowly nibble away the Heaven Alliance that you worked so hard to build, seize the power of the Heaven Alliance, and push you out.”

Heavenly Emperor Haotian laughed, “Are you convinced?”

Heavenly Emperor Yun smiled and shook his head, “I’ve never been convinced.”

Heavenly Emperor Haotian chuckled, “Retired emperor, he’s yours. Brother Yun, please give way. I want to go to Heavenly Emperor Qin Ye’s palace to take a look and sit down.”

Tai Chu walked forward. Behind him, the branches of the Dao tree swayed as he walked towards Heavenly Emperor Yun.

Heavenly Emperor Yun was still blocking him and Heavenly Emperor Haotian. Heavenly Emperor Haotian frowned and laughed, “Brother Yun, are you planning to stop me and retired emperor at the same time?”

At this moment, Tai Chu suddenly stopped and looked at his own shadow and Heavenly Venerate Yun’s shadow.

The ancestor god King and countless suns flew over carefree village. There were many suns in the sky and the sunlight was extremely scorching. Even the Heavenly River was boiling!

Because there were too many suns in the sky, they did not have any shadows at this moment. However, Tai Chu realized that he and heavenly venerate Yun had shadows and their shadows were connected.

Tai Chu’s eyes twitched. As he reached out his hand to pull out his sword, the Connate one qi burst out!

At this moment, the saber light in the shadow lit up and raised the saber from Tai Chu’s crotch!

Tai Chu was split into two!

Shang Jun appeared and slashed up Tai Chu’s body. Then, the saber light rained down and cut Tai Chu’s body into pieces!

Back then, Tai Chu’s body was the body of the ancient god heavenly monarch, known as the strongest body. But now, he was chopped into countless pieces by Shang Jun’s saber light!

What Shang Jun shattered was not only absolute beginning’s mortal body, but also absolute beginning’s immortal soul!

As an existence who achieved dao through killing, Shang Jun’s first move was an unparalleled killing move. Even someone like absolute beginning, who achieved dao, could not block it!

Shang Jun’s figure flew out from the falling pieces of flesh in the air and headed straight for the Dao Tree of absolute beginning’s Yi Qi Great Allheaven. At this moment, his killing intent was even stronger than the killing intent of the billions of gods and demons in the battlefield of carefree village, it was terrifying and terrifying!

On Tai Chu’s Dao Tree, the dao flowers spun and the innate qi burst forth. Boundless Dao might met Shang Jun!

At the same time, Tai Chu’s body and Yuan Shen that were cut into countless pieces suddenly dissipated and turned into the innate Qi that merged together to form a body and Yuan Shen.

The saber light was stunning as it split open the dao flowers and cut down the dao tree. Shang Jun used all his strength to slash down and the tree stump and roots of the Dao tree were split apart along with the innate qi!

Shang Jun turned around.

Absolute beginning stood in front of him, and behind him, absolute beginning’s dao tree suddenly dispersed and turned into the innate one qi. Then, the innate one qi gathered again and turned into a dao tree. The dao flower also hung on the tree.

And the split one Qi Great Allheaven also turned into the innate one qi, and then appeared again.

Behind absolute beginning’s head, the heavenly palaces formed the Great Heavenly Court. There were seventy-two treasure palaces guarding it, and their gazes fell on Shang Jun. , “You are not Celestial Master Mu after all,”he said indifferently. “Celestial Master Mu was able to plot against me and injure My Great Dao, causing me to suffer severe dao injuries. “As for you, you know nothing about absolute beginning’s Dao and innate qi. You are just a machine that only knows how to kill. “Shang Jun. . You Can’t do anything to me.”

Shang jun lowered his palm and retracted his killing intent. His gaze landed on absolute beginning’s body.

Absolute beginning’s heart tightened. The place Shang Jun was looking at was the Dao Injury Qin Mu had left for him when he had fought for the soul of East Emperor’s Green Dragon!

“The Dao of absolute beginning, innately one qi, I have indeed never killed it before.”

Shang jun said dryly, “I want to give it a try.”

Absolute beginning’s pupils constricted and he had no choice but to focus all his attention on it.

If Shang Jun attacked again, it would definitely be aimed at the Dao Injury Qin Mu had left for him!

‘thankfully, this killer can’t hide anymore! In a head-on confrontation, he’s inferior to me!’absolute beginning thought to himself.

Heavenly Emperor Clear Heaven frowned and turned his head to look at absolute beginning before withdrawing his gaze, “Brother Yun, it seems like you do have some tricks. Unfortunately, you are walking the path of upper grade versus upper grade, middle grade versus middle grade, and lower grade versus lower grade. If you fight with me, you will definitely die!”

Heavenly Emperor Hao’s eyes lit up. “You have moved my heart. Brother Yun, you have indeed moved my heart. The retired emperor is still a wily old fox. If he succeeds, it will indeed be a problem for me.”

His great Allheaven of one Qi floated over and said with a smile, “After I attain the Dao of the absolute beginning, I will definitely bury brother Yun in Glory!”

“That’s easy to say.”Heavenly venerate Yun smiled very happily.

Their great allheaven collided!

When these two great allheaven met, it was like a golden wind, jade dew, dry wood, and blazing fire. As soon as they came into contact, they began to blend together!

At the same time, the heavenly court behind Heavenly Monarch Hao’s head swayed. The 72 palaces of the 36 heavenly palaces stood tall. Not only that, there was also a purple cloud palace that shone brightly!

This Purple Cloud Hall was dazzling, far more dazzling than the skyscraping hall that the others had cultivated. It was a projection given to Heavenly Emperor Haotian by the fourth young master, Zi Xiao. It contained extremely powerful power!

His mana was much stronger than Heavenly Emperor Yun’s!

He was sure to win this battle!

His moves changed even more, but he was still being pushed back by Heavenly Emperor Haotian’s attacks!

He was going to win this battle!

Heavenly Venerate Yun thrust his sword forward. The thirty-three heavens of the founding emperor’s sword principle was in his hands, and its subtlety was no less than founding emperor Qin Ye’s. Together with the power of the primordial Emperor Sword, the power of this sword was multiplied!

Heavenly Emperor Haotian laughed out loud and smashed the thirty-third heaven of the way of the sword with one punch. His two fingers clamped on the tip of the absolute beginning Emperor Sword!

Heavenly Emperor Yun thrust forward with all his might, but the absolute beginning emperor sword did not move at all. Neither did heavenly emperor Haotian’s two fingers. He smiled and said, “Brother Yun, it’s time for you to go on your way.”

He pushed forward with the absolute beginning Emperor Sword in his hands. The hilt of the sword crashed into Heavenly Emperor Yun’s chest with a thud. It broke a few ribs and pierced into Heavenly Emperor Yun’s chest!

He allowed the absolute beginning Emperor Sword to pierce through his chest, and his hands quickly formed a seal toward heavenly emperor Haotian’s glabella!

Heavenly Emperor Haotian was caught off guard by him. Just as the red rope knot was about to reach his glabella, his appearance and body suddenly began to change rapidly, from male to female, from Heavenly Emperor Haotian to second young master!

Heavenly Emperor Yun’s palm was even covered with flesh and blood, turning into piles of bones!

Second Young Master was stunned for a moment. “It’s not the Red Knot?”

However, the red knot was just a facade. It was broken by her aura before it could touch her.

Heavenly Venerate Yun flew backward and was nailed to his dao tree with a thud.

Second Young Master touched his body but didn’t find anything strange.

Heavenly Venerate Yun grabbed the blade and pulled out the absolute beginning Emperor Sword. He fell to the ground with a thud.

“I’m good at imitation and learning. The red knot is too profound and I can’t learn it. I can only imitate its shape. But I can learn most of the difficult skills.”

Celestial Master Yun held the absolute beginning Emperor Sword and slowly got up. He looked up at the second young master and grinned, “Second young master, Celestial Master Mu asked me to send you on your way!”

“With you?”The second young master sneered.

With a wave of his sleeve, the ancestral halls that were suppressed in the Great Cosmic Heaven of consciousness flew out and were swept away by his sleeve!

“And the ultimate void space that is specialized in breaking the path of the Ultimate!”

Heavenly venerate Yun stomped his feet heavily. The two great Cosmic Heaven flew up and entered the ultimate void space. The cold and silent wind blew and collided violently with the hot and silent wind around the second young master!