Chapter 1702

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Chapter 1702: Chapter 1696 was on the wrong side

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The second young master’s expression changed slightly. He immediately planned to retreat behind the scenes and let Heavenly Emperor take control of this body.

She possessed one of heavenly emperor’s two Dao bodies. The third young master and fourth young master were worried that she would release her true body if she separated from heavenly emperor, so they sealed her in heavenly emperor’s body.

Even so, the second young master was still stronger than Heavenly Emperor. He would often appear and push heavenly emperor’s primordial spirit and consciousness to the side. She could also let the heavenly emperor control her body at any time.

Just as Heavenly Emperor Yun said, the ultimate void and her Great Dao of the sinkhole countered each other. Hence, it was the best decision to let the Heavenly Emperor deal with Heavenly Emperor Yun.

As long as the heavenly emperor came out, he could take back his one Qi Great Allheaven. At that time, the one Qi Great Allheaven would fuse with the Divine Sense Great Allheaven. Heavenly Emperor Yun would definitely not be able to compete with the heavenly emperor.

There was a problem this time.

No matter how hard she tried, it was the same!

Heavenly Master Yun shook the primordial Emperor Sword and said with a smile, “This is my plan.”

As long as the two great allheaven merged and became the Great Allheaven of primordial, he would be able to seize heavenly emperor Haotian’s cultivation base and help him attain the Dao of primordial, becoming the strongest existence in the world!

Previously, he did not have any chance of winning against second young master. Now, he already had a 10% chance of winning.

If the two great overarching heavens were to completely merge, then he would have a 70% chance of winning!

Victory and defeat depended on the details!

Heavenly Emperor Haotian was indeed an extremely terrifying opponent. However, because he had defeated Heavenly Master Yun once in the past, he had the mentality of a victor. In addition, his cultivation base was much higher than Heavenly Master Yun’s, causing him to be negligent and look down on him.

Since Heavenly Emperor Haotian could not come out, Heavenly Emperor Yun would have the possibility to seize the one Qi Great Allheaven and cultivate the primordial great allheaven. He would also have the chance to win the battle with the second young master, even if the chance of winning was not high!

The second young master stopped trying to bring out Heavenly Emperor Haotian, he said, “This is the supernatural power of a blasphemer. It is indeed extraordinary. Your scheme is also outstanding. The Ultimate Void and the Dao of ultimate are indeed incompatible. You pulled me into the ultimate void, and indeed, you can use the ultimate void to destroy me. Unfortunately, you have forgotten my identity.”

Her expression was calm, she said lightly, “I am the second young master of the Miluo Palace. “All Young Masters have reached the pinnacle in a certain aspect after learning teacher’s mantras and Abhijnas. “Compared to the mantras and Abhijnas of the Miluo Palace, you so-called heavenly venerates and so-called Dao achievers are still barbarians in the primitive jungle.”

She walked towards heavenly venerate Yun, her face was filled with a fervent desire to destroy everything. “How Pitiful. You must have come to kill me with the determination to die. You schemed for a long time before you came up with this idea. “You think that you have a small chance of winning. You think that you can stall for time. After fusing with the two great Luo Heavens and attaining the DAO, you have the possibility of killing me.”

The Aura on her body suddenly changed. Primordial Chaos Yuan Qi emerged from her body. The cold wind and the heat wind in her body were melting away, removing her cultivation base. But now.., the appearance of Primordial Chaos Yuan Qi slowed down the trend, and it even showed signs of stopping!

Heavenly venerate Yun’s pupils constricted.

“How Pitiful. Although I don’t agree with teacher’s philosophy, teacher’s Taoist skills and Abhijnas are indeed profound and unfathomable. Therefore, I studied him very seriously and gained a lot of understanding.”

Second Young Master Wuji looked at his expression and chuckled, undermining his confidence and belief, he said leisurely, “You previously thought that you had a chance of winning, but now you don’t have any chance at all? “What a pitiful person. Even if you used your life to exchange for my death, you would only be killing one of my clones. It wouldn’t have any effect on my original body. “Moreover, you can’t be killed at all. “You’ve exhausted all your wisdom in your life, wanting to attain the DAO and transcend. You’ve also given up everything to kill me, yet it’s actually so laughable. “Such a pitiful person, let me end this lowly life of yours!”

She made a bold move!

“Fellow Daoist Taiji, no matter what, we are still the fifth supreme of the innate realm and are of the same breath. Why do we have to kill our own people?”

The Earth of Heyang Tian was torn apart, and the mountains were ground into pieces, transforming into billowing sand and dust that strengthened the might of the sand table.

Ancient god Taiji’s opponent was a little fatty that was rapidly rolling about in the sand. At times, he would violently clash with ancient god Taiji, causing his skin and flesh to split open. At other times, the clear sky mirror behind his head would shine brightly, causing him to transform into clear sky, he dodged ancient god Taiji’s attack.

The two ancient gods of Taiji could do nothing to him.

“Fellow Daoists, we are of one mind!”The little fatty attacked them.

The two ancient gods of Taiji were truly enraged. They mobilized all of their cultivation bases, and the Taiji sand table suddenly transformed into twenty-eight heavenly realms. It was as if twenty-eight Taiji diagrams had been spread out, overlapping under their snake tails, “Tai Shi, you have no face and no skin. You say that we are of the same breath, but you are using all kinds of vicious and vicious moves to attack us! “You don’t understand the general situation, and you can’t see the situation. Forget it, today we will fight to the death with you! “Do you dare to enter our Taiji diagram?”

Tai Shi stopped and cautiously sized up the twenty-eight heavenly realms Taiji diagram, he smiled and said, “Fellow Daoists, are you walking the path of Dao Realm? Dao Realm Dao realm is opened up by founding emperor. You Don’t forget to dig wells when you eat water. You have obtained the benefits of founding Emperor Qin’s business, but you came to kill his carefree village. You are not worthy of being called ‘basket’!”

The Taiji ancient God split into two and transformed into heavenly venerate Taiyang, heavenly venerate Taiyin. The heavenly venerate Taiyang’s face flushed red with shame. Heavenly venerate taiyin sneered and said, “It’s useless to talk about that! Do you dare to come in?”

Tai Shi opened his short legs and walked into the twenty-eighth heavenly realm. He said with a smile, “Why wouldn’t I dare? I’d like to see how brilliant the two of you are when you step into the Dao in the mortal world!”

At the same time, the world barrier of Heavenly Shady World suddenly broke down. A huge ancestral court jade platform broke through the barrier of Heavenly Shady World and appeared on the surface of the Sea of heavenly shady world. The Army of Heavenly Court kept flying up from the jade platform and invading heavenly shady world.

Ever since the Great War broke out, the lives of the people were plunged into misery, the destruction of the heavens one by one, and countless souls turned into black sand, heavenly shade world had become bigger and bigger. Now, Heavenly Shade World had become the biggest heavens that belonged to the origin world!

The Sea of Heavenly Shade had also expanded by dozens of times. However, when the ancestral court’s Jade Lake Fell, it suppressed the Sea of heavenly shade to the point where it was unable to rise.

Countless gods and devils of heavenly court stepped on the surface of the sea and rushed toward the land of Heavenly Shade World!

This wave of invasion could be said to be the first time Heavenly Court had stepped on Eternal Peace’s territory!

Consort Heavenly Yin stretched out her hand to grab the ocean and shook it forcefully. The surface of the ocean instantly trembled violently, and the gods and devils of Heavenly Court who were charging at the forefront were suddenly swallowed by the ocean.

However, the power of the ancestral court’s Jade Lake was simply too strong. The generals of Heavenly Court on the Jade platform led many saints to work together to activate the Jade Lake, instantly suppressing the trembling ocean surface. If Consort Heavenly Yin tried to flip the surface of the ocean again, she wouldn’t be able to do so.

Consort Tian Yin’s body trembled when she suddenly recalled how Qin Mu had asked her for the technique of the cult emperor throne. He had once said that she would face such a situation sooner or later, and she would have to make a choice then.

But now, she had to make a choice.

She turned back to look at the god cities of Heavenly Yin world. There were only a few gods and devils in those cities, but behind them were all the living beings of heavenly yin world.

Among them were the people of eternal peace, but there were many people that she had personally created to personally enlighten and mold the souls of the living beings!

She was their mother, their Heavenly Mother!

This trend was like a plague. It followed the surface of the sea and headed straight for the ancestral court’s jade platform. All the gods and demons had no way of resisting the terrifying power of the Dao Arts of the Heavenly Yin world!

The gods and demons quickly turned into shells. They had no souls, no spirits, and their corpses sank into the sea of the Heavenly Yin world!

Consort Tian Yin felt pain in her heart. She could not bear it. Although she was an ancient god of the Heavenly Yin world, she had only killed one person ever since she was resurrected, and that was son of Heaven Yin.

She had never been able to deal with other creatures, but this time, she had no choice but to take action.

The Heavenly Court had too many gods and demons, and the shady firmament world didn’t have many gods and demons. She had no way to resist them. She had to ensure the safety of her people!

“Consort Tian Yin, your dao is indeed boundless!”

On the Jade Lake of the ancestral court, the Army of the Heavenly Court formed a formation. Duke Ming, Duke Li, Duke Yu, Archduke, and duke suo each took a step forward, duke Li praised, “His Majesty ordered us to come to the Flat Sky Yin world. If we wanted to take down Consort Tian Yin, I’m afraid we would suffer heavy casualties. Fortunately, we don’t have to fight to the death with Consort Tian Yin this time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a loud bang suddenly sounded. An ancient God landed on the Jade Lake of the ancestral court. His entire body was pitch black. He slowly stood up and looked across the sea with Empress Shady Heaven. His voice shook, the sea was covered in ripples. “Spiritual official greets Empress Shady Heaven. Empress, Don’t blame me. If you want to blame someone, you can only blame the Empress for standing on the wrong team…”

A strange sound of air being torn apart was heard. A figure passed through the jade platform. The pitch black ancient god and the figure disappeared without a trace!

The shady firmament world shook violently. Everyone hurriedly looked over and saw a large hole in the sky above the shady firmament world. The ancient god called the spiritual official was torn into pieces and fell from the sky. His corpse fell into the sea with a plop, waves were stirred up.