Chapter 1703

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Chapter 1703: Chapter 1697, hunting the spiritual official

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“Who is this spiritual official?”

Consort Tian Yin was at a loss. The spiritual official had suddenly appeared. He looked very powerful and frightening, but he had suddenly died for no reason. She was at a loss. “This person looks very powerful. Who Killed Him?”

She quickly put this strange matter aside and wholeheartedly dealt with the army of the Seven Chancellors of the Heaven Court who had charged into the Tian Yin world.

The seven chancellors of heavenly court were the most ancient experts on the emperor’s throne, and they were also the seven that were rarely replaced. They could be said to be the seven elders of heavenly court and the meritorious ministers of the Emperor in the era of long Han!

They were in charge of the seven policies of heavenly court. Politics, war, law, fire, Fiend Prison, water prison, and Sui. They were extremely powerful. Even without that spirit official, it would be extremely difficult to deal with just the seven chancellors, let alone the ancestral court Jade Lake!

“Heavenly shady world must never fall into the hands of heavenly court, or else they will release black sand and turn it into a ghost of death. The entire eternal peace and even the origin world will turn into Great Ruins!”

The Battle of Heavenly Shady had officially begun!

On carefree village’s supreme purity realm, Lan Yutian was sitting beside Madam Yuan Mu in boredom. Madam Yuan Mu seemed to have met with some problem. She was still laughing and talking to him just a moment ago, but she suddenly fell into a daze and didn’t move for a long time.

After a moment, Madam Yuan Mu woke up and continued the topic. She giggled and said, “Who would have thought that the handsome and valiant heavenly Lord Royal back then would become a little fatty now? My sister must be very sad to see you.”

Lan Yutian raised his head and rolled his eyes at her. He threw the small stone in his hand out and said, “You’re no longer fat. Yuan Mu, you’ve been schemed against.”

Madam Yuanmu asked curiously, “I was ambushed by someone? Why didn’t I know?”

“You’ll always be absent-minded. After being absent-minded, you’ll forget about being absent-minded.”

Lan Yutian said seriously, “When you came to look for me just now, you were already absent-minded twice in a short period of time! Every time you were absent-minded, the time taken for one word, twelve seconds, and three flashes, you’ll wake up.”

Madam Yuanmu blinked her eyes, she did not feel her mind wandering at all.

Lan Yutian held his chin, he thought, “You must have been hit by someone else’s supernatural power. If I wanted to kill you, I would definitely be able to kill you. But I also felt that there was a strange power in your body that was sealed by you. If I killed you, I would release that power. At that time, I will definitely not be able to defeat you. Even if we gang up on you, I will not be able to defeat you.”

He raised his head. Madam Yuan Mu’s eyes revealed a fierce light, but she stood there in a daze without moving. Clearly, she had entered a absent-minded state again.

“Whether it is correct or not, as long as I enter your consciousness to take a look, I will know!”

Lan Yutian’s spiritual sense fluctuated. With a swoosh, he entered Madam Yuan Mu’s consciousness. A moment later, he came to Madam Yuan Mu’s mind. Looking around, he could not help but be shocked.

Madam Yuan Mu did not reincarnate once when she had the intention to kill, as he had expected. Instead, she reincarnated 960 times!

Not only that, he also saw that in the depths of Madam Yuan Mu’s Sea of thoughts, the Empress’s consciousness was lurking. It was like a pitch-black hole hidden under the sea, constantly expanding!

Clearly, the danger he sensed came from this!

If he killed Yuanmu, Empress Dowager would be released, unable to be suppressed!

Therefore, Yuanmu absolutely couldn’t move, or else he would release Empress Dowager!

Yuanmu was a method created by someone to suppress empress dowager!

And that person was definitely Qin Mu!

He racked his brains and racked his brains. Supreme Purity realm was truly as its name suggested, it was extremely peaceful. Meanwhile, the other heavens in carefree village were fighting even more ferociously.

However, in Youdu of the origin world, which overlapped with carefree village and eternal peace, Youtian supremacy was fighting against heavenly venerate void. The battle was also abnormally fierce.

Fengdu could no longer hold on. King Yama led the ghosts and gods of Fengdu to fight against the Youdu Devil Monsters and Devil Gods, and they were already attacked into the god cities of Fengdu. King Yama abandoned several God cities consecutively and defended the eighth God city with his life while Fengdu only had nine God cities!

At this moment, heavenly king Tian Shu charged into Youdu and led many devil gods to come to support him. This was to temporarily relieve the pressure on Fengdu.

On the other side of the battlefield, heavenly venerate you transformed into a young man and summoned the life and death book. He held a lantern in his hand and stepped on a paper boat, battling against heavenly venerate Xu who held the Underworld River Whip in his hand!

Both of them were famous for their vast immortal souls and their immortal souls were extremely powerful. In the vast and boundless Youdu of the origin world, they fought with all their might. The long whip, the river, the golden light of the life and death book, and the lantern danced in the air. With each step, they crossed thousands of mountains and rivers!

Heavenly venerate Youdu’s primordial spirit was a little stronger. All these years, he had tried to bring his strengths to the extreme, striving to achieve the attainment of the Dao with his primordial spirit. The power of his primordial spirit had become increasingly powerful.

The battle between the two of them was filled with excitement. The dao techniques of Youdu were originally known for being strange and treacherous. In their hands, the strangeness of Youdu was displayed to the fullest.

Suddenly, the two of them killed their way to the hinterland of eternal peace. From Afar, they could see an incomparably huge six paths heavenly wheel revolving around a towering figure. It was none other than Qin Fengqing.

The small Earth Count Qin Fengqing closed his eyes and opened the vertical eye between his brows to maintain the safety of Youdu in the origin world.

If Youdu invaded and he didn’t maintain Youdu in the origin world, the Devil Gods and monsters in Youdu wouldn’t charge into Youdu in the origin world, but would ascend to the world of the living and charge into eternal peace. It would definitely lead to a bloody massacre!

He spread his six arms and the six heavenly wheels revolved around him. His gaze shone on the heavenly wheels and all kinds of magnificent characters and runes on the heavenly wheels flashed and changed continuously, causing the Great Dao of Youdu in the origin world to change.

Strange Dao sounds came from the heavenly wheels, and the souls of gods and devils that had died in battle flew over from the battlefield surrounding carefree village and were drawn by the six heavenly wheels.

Even the other ten thousand worlds in the heavens were affected by the six heavenly wheels.

Heavenly venerate Xu’s heart trembled when he saw Qin Fengqing. He waved his underworld river whip, and the Underworld River surged toward Qin Fengqing who was in the six heavenly wheels!

As long as Qin Fengqing was severely injured and his body was destroyed, Youdu would immediately become Youdu. Once Youdu of the origin world was destroyed, Youdu’s devil gods and Devils would be able to charge straight into eternal peace and turn eternal peace into Hell on Earth!

“Don’t even think about it!”

Heavenly venerate you blocked in front of the Underworld River Whip. His corporeal body was shattered by the Underworld River Whip and turned into countless heavenly venerates flying in all directions while his primordial spirit leaped up and blasted heavenly venerate void’s primordial spirit out of his body with a palm!

The two of them could not do anything to each other in a short period of time. They stabilized their formation and stared at each other cautiously.

Suddenly, demonic qi surged over. A demon god with the head of a bull and the body of a human descended from the sky and landed in front of Qin Fengqing in the Youdu of the origin world with a thump.

The Demon God looked like an earth count, but it was somewhat different. However, there was a vertical eye between its brows. It looked around before its gaze landed on Qin Fengqing, who was in the six heavenly wheels, it said, “Fellow Daoist Qin Fengqing, spirit official is here to greet you…”

The earth count ancient God suddenly exploded. The power of the Heavenly Dao rippled at this moment, causing heavenly venerate you and heavenly venerate Xu to be bewildered. The earth count ancient god was extremely powerful, first, it was attacked by a terrifying power, and then it was wiped out by the power of the Heavenly Dao!

The two of them hurriedly looked over and saw a teleportation light carrying a human figure as it sprinted away. Its speed was so fast that it left a deep black mark in Youdu of origin world!

Following that, the human figure leaped out of Youdu of origin world and vanished!

Heavenly venerate void and heavenly venerate you both looked away with astonishment in their hearts. However, they had to determine the victor of this battle, and they couldn’t afford to be distracted.

At the same time Qin Mu leaped out of Youdu of origin world, the expression of the clone of ancient god Spirit official who was rushing toward the land of the northern border changed drastically. He sensed the death of his ancient God clone from carefree village and Jade Cliff Pass of South Sea, he couldn’t help feeling his heart skip a beat.

His speed was too fast, and the distance was too far. Each of the ancient god Clones was an independent body, so it was only now that he sensed the death of the other clones.

“With such speed, only seventh young master can kill thirteen of my avatars in such a short period of time!”

At the same time, the avatars of the spirit officer ancient God who had rushed to the great thunderclap temple and arrived at the foot of the mountain also sensed the death of the twelve avatars at the same time. He could not sense the Darksky world and the Yuan world because they were independent worlds.

“Seventh young master is attacking me, his speed is so fast!”

At that moment, the other two ancient gods had already seen heavenly duke and Ah Chou. They were raising their heads to look at the ancestor god King who was fighting heavenly venerate moon and Langbao in the sky. The heavenly duke and Ah Chou were preparing to launch a sneak attack, they should be planning to sneak attack the ancestor god King!

The faces of the clones of ancient god Spirit official who had rushed to Eternal Peace Dao sect, capital city, eternal peace primordial wood, and other places also changed drastically. The death of the clones couldn’t be hidden from their senses.

However, Qin Mu’s speed was too fast, so his senses couldn’t keep up with his speed. This resulted in a strange scene that happened in a split second.

‘seventh young master is chasing after my clone at such a speed, and his body and magic power might not be able to withstand it! But even so, my clone isn’t his match

‘he found me because I was too ostentatious, but if I hid my tracks, he would run back and forth if he couldn’t find me

“If he kills me at this speed, he will soon be so tired that he will vomit blood and be completely exhausted!”

The Avatars of ancient god spirit officials immediately retracted their auras and went into hiding.

Under the Great Thunderclap Temple, ancient god Spirit officials transformed into a great monk and walked up Mount Meru unhurriedly.

The great thunderclap temple on Mount Meru was the residence of the world-entering Buddha, the guardian of this place, Zhan Kong rulai. Above the great thunderclap temple was the twentieth heaven of the Buddhist world, and the Twentieth Heaven was the residence of the Great Brahma Heavenly King Buddha.

At the same time, the heavenly duke and Ah Chou prepared to sneak attack the ancestor god King, while the other two spirit officials and ancient gods prepared to kill the two of them!

Qin Mu leaped out from Youdu in the origin world and appeared in front of the heavenly duke and Ah Chou!

The expressions of the two ancient gods changed drastically, and they escaped in different directions!

The expression of the ancient god Monk who was climbing the mountain changed drastically. He sensed that two more of his clones had disappeared!

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