Chapter 1704

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Chapter 1704: Chapter 1698, Hell on Earth, not empty without Buddha

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The corners of the eyes of the ancient god Monk twitched, and he walked past Zhan Kong rulai, who was sleeping soundly, into the twenty heavens of the Buddha realm.

At the same time, Qin Mu went straight to great thunderclap monastery, ‘Senior Brother Wei is leading the Yulin Army and has the power to fight against heavenly venerate, so I can temporarily protect myself,’he thought to himself. “The Xuanwu two emperors are guarding their ancestral land, and they are extremely powerful. They can resist the two avatars of the Spirit Officer Palace Lord for a period of time! “I can’t afford to delay. I don’t have time to find the three avatars of the spirit officer and ancient God Here, so I’ll let them resist for a while!”

The 20 heavens of the Buddhist world were extremely vast.

The 20 heavens were the realm of the Buddha. The Great Brahma Heavenly King and Buddha used their great wisdom to create the heart study and reached the Tathagata realm. They cultivated from the Yama Luo realm all the way to the great Brahma realm. Their state of mind improved, and their cultivation also improved.

For example, the state of mind of Di Shi Heavenly King and Buddha Li Youran was the state of mind of Di Shi Heavenly Realm, which was second only to the great Brahma realm.

It was extremely difficult to cultivate to the great Brahma realm. Although di Shi Heavenly King and Buddha Li Youran cultivated to the throne realm, they did not cultivate to the great Brahma realm. They were still very far from the great Brahma realm.

The improvement of the state of mind was the most difficult.

The ancient god Monk passed through the layers of heavens in the Buddhist world and arrived at Di Shi Heavenly realm. Suddenly, he felt a chill in his heart. He hurriedly raised his head and saw a huge head rising from the 20th Heaven of the Buddhist world, the light of reincarnation revolved behind his head and enveloped the entire 20th Heaven of the Buddhist world!

That body was even bigger than the 20th Heaven of the Buddhist world and taller than Mount Dashu. Just the head alone was bigger than the heavens!

“Seventh young master…”

The ancient god Monk’s heart skipped a beat and he calmed his mind. He changed his appearance so that even a dao practitioner would not be able to tell.

‘I have too many clones, and I’ve already rushed to different places. It’s impossible for me to come back and reassemble my corporeal body to fight seventh young master. ‘there’s only one way to go, and as long as seventh young master is delayed for a moment, he will slow down.’

He was very sure that his ancient God clone would definitely be unable to escape and would be caught by Qin Mu sooner or later. However, as long as Qin Mu wasted a moment here, it would be enough to form a chain reaction!

In a moment, his other clone would be able to enter Dao sect and kill Dao ancestor!

By the time Qin Mu arrived at Dao sect, his other clones had already killed Wei Suifeng and northern Emperor Xuanwu. By the time Qin Mu arrived at the land of the northern borders, primordial Lord of Earth Virtue, Gongsun Li, Emperor Yanfeng, and the rest were already dead!

This was one slow step, one slow step!

If Qin Mu wasted even a little bit of time, it would cause unpredictable consequences!

Suddenly, Qin Mu’s figure vanished.

The ancient god Monk was stunned. “Seventh young master has given up?”? ‘He’s prepared to give up the life of great Brahma Heavenly King and Buddha to go to Dao sect or other places to chase after my other clones?’? ‘hehe, isn’t seventh young master too naive? He can’t find me here, nor can he find my other clones in other places!’! “He will still show signs of slowing down one step at a Time!”

He relaxed and walked towards the Brahma heavenly realm.

The ancient god Monk found the Brahma Heavenly King Buddha and greeted him, “King Buddha, greetings from the spiritual official.”He then rose up and took the life of the Brahma Heavenly King Buddha in one move.

The ancient god Monk killed the King Buddha and destroyed his soul. Even his soul black sand no longer existed.., he chuckled and said, “The great Brahma king Buddha’s ability is only so-so… Hehe, seventh young master is too naive. He can’t find me here, and he can’t find my other avatars in other places! He will still be able to slow down one step at a Time!”

He relaxed and looked up. He saw the great Brahma realm above the Di Shi Heavenly realm.

The ancient god Monk found the great Brahma king Buddha and killed him with one move, turning his soul into chaos. He smiled and said, “The great Brahma king Buddha’s ability is just so-so… Hehe, seventh young master…”

Not long after, the ancient god Monk raised his head to look at the great Brahma realm and walked towards the great Brahma realm.

“Venerable one, there is an outsider Monk here.”

He had a worried expression on his face as he instructed the Buddhas to descend the mountain, he said, “This monk is indeed not from our Buddhist sect. I’m afraid he is a monk from the heavenly court or the ancestral court. Since he is able to come here, it means that the heaven’s power has already invaded this place and not just from Youdu. Now that the Human World Is Hell, you can all go down the mountain. The human world is not empty. Don’t come back.”

All the Buddhas were respectful. One of the Buddhas took the initiative to extinguish the Buddhist light behind his head and said, “The great Brahma is blocking the Youdu Demon God alone. Can he withstand it?”

The Great Brahma heavenly king said, “As long as the heavenly venerate doesn’t come personally, I have my own way to save my life. There’s no need to worry about me. Go quickly!”

All the Buddhas left the mountain and left the Buddhist realm. When they arrived at the great thunderclap temple, they shouted, “Senior brother Zhan Kong, Wake Up!”

The demon ape that was sleeping in the Great Thunderclap Temple woke up. All the Buddhas said, “The world has already turned into Hell and is about to be destroyed. We should eliminate the compassion in our hearts and subdue demons and devils. Senior brother, do you want to go?”

The devil ape said, “Let’s go together.”

He looked up at Great Brahma heavenly realm, where the light of Buddha shone eternally and shone brightly. However, his hair fluttered in the wind, and a faint worry appeared on his resolute face.

All the Buddhas hugged him and left.

The twenty heavens of the Buddha realm and great thunderclap monastery instantly became empty. Only the ancient temple and ancient bell were left, along with the ancient god Monk who was standing in Di Shi Heavenly realm with a smile on his face.

The bell chimed loudly.

At the highest level of the Buddha realm, in Great Brahma Heaven Realm, there was a place called Youdu. It was where Qin Mu had transformed into a small earth count and slaughtered everyone, threatening to get rid of the old Buddha and become the Earth Count of the Buddha realm himself.

The Buddha realm originally didn’t have Youdu, so there was no pain from birth, aging, sickness, or death. However, Qin Mu had caused a huge ruckus and helped the old Buddha cleanse the forces that the heaven had placed in the Buddha realm. Thus, Youdu was here, and Youdu’s devil gods and Devils could directly reach this place.

At that moment, great Brahma heavenly king and Buddha were sitting in Youdu. Countless devil gods and devils swarmed like a tide and pounced on the old Buddha!

Youdu’s devil gods and Devils were formed from the evil thoughts of all living beings. They were the filth in the thoughts, and Devil Qi was the most filth of vital qi. Looking from Youdu and Youdu in the origin world.., at that moment, great Brahma heavenly king was like a mountain that was shining brightly in the heart of eternal peace. No matter how many Devil Gods and Devils swarmed over, they couldn’t move his body!

There were seventeen halos at the back of his head, and one of them was the first Heavenly Palace. The Buddha’s light transformed the devil nature and devil thoughts of the Devils and devils, turning them into fire.

He was the final checkpoint to protect eternal peace and prevent Youdu from invading!

If he was defeated, the Devil Gods and devils of Youdu would rush into great Brahma realm in one go. They would whistle down from Great Brahma realm, and darkness would envelop the twenty heavens of the Buddha realm. It would then drown Great Thunderclap Monastery and flood all over eternal peace!

Great Brahma king and Buddha were as steady as Mount Meru, unmoving as they gradually entered their dreams.

The consumption of his cultivation increased, but the number of dead and injured devils and devils also increased. Gradually, the number of devils and devils that rushed over decreased.

Suddenly, a voice sounded. Great Brahma king and Buddha woke up from their dreams. They raised their heads and saw an army of less than fifty thousand gods and devils rushing over from Youdu.

“Heavenly Court’s Divine Strategy Guards?”The Great Brahma Heavenly King Buddha stood up and asked.

The Heavenly Court’s Divine Strategy’s left guards and 50,000 gods and devils set up a formation. One Heavenly Palace after another rose up from the ground, as if the heavenly lord of emptiness had personally come.

The Brahma heavenly king Buddha sighed, “The origin is from the cultivation of both nature and Buddha, how can one be in the first place if one is confused? If one is enlightened, one will instantly become a Buddha, and if one is confused, one will fall into all calamities. The Devil Ape, the Devil Ape, is the Devil Ape that surrenders to the heart. Zhan Kong, you will understand this point. Everyone, please.”

You Bijun bowed and said, “I was once indebted to the great monk in the early years. Today, I will leave the great monk’s corpse intact!”

His figure rushed toward the East Sea, and at that moment, huge waves rose from the surface of the sea. Among the surging waves, the nest of ten thousand dragons exploded. It was a sacred ground that had risen from the ancestral court and was formed from the Qi and blood of the universe.

In the immemorial era, the creator had worshiped there and given birth to a sacred being that controlled qi and blood, the Eastern Emperor’s Green Dragon.

Now that the ten thousand dragon nest had exploded, the flow of qi and blood instantly poured out and filled the surface of the sea, turning the huge waves red and surging towards eternal peace!

Qin Mu flicked his finger, and a lotus leaf appeared. It landed on the top of the waves, and the huge waves instantly calmed down.

Qin Mu flew over, but he didn’t kill the Green Dragon. Instead, he went straight for the army led by Jiang Baigui. There, the numerous Eternal Peace God and Devil armies formed a formation and used all kinds of formations to lock down the dragon-headed ancient god!

Jiang Baigui was the eye of the formation, and the seventy-two treasured palaces of thirty-six heavenly palaces came out at the same time. Together with the armies, they formed a complete formation of the Great Heavenly Court and worked together to kill the dragon-headed ancient god.

“Seventh young master, you have already lost this battle!”

Hall master spirit official’s voice came from the Divine Dragon’s mouth as he shouted, “If you can save North Emperor and Wei Suifeng, you won’t be able to save West Emperor, let alone the Lord of the Beast Realm in South Heaven! Even if you have a choice, you won’t be able to save everyone!”

He was smashed into pieces by Qin Mu. Qin Mu didn’t stop for a moment and left. On his way to Kan di, he suddenly saw the twenty heavens of Buddha realm appearing in the sky above great thunderclap monastery in the heart of eternal peace. The twenty heavens surrounded Mount Dashu, the sky was high and the clouds were faint. It was a majestic sight.

Suddenly, a dot of black ink appeared on Great Brahma heavenly realm. It was like a black ink halo spreading out, dyeing the entire great Brahma heavenly realm pitch black. The black ink then surged toward di Shi Heavenly Realm, Duowen Heavenly realm, and country supporting heavenly realm!

Very soon, the twenty heavenly realms surrounding great Meru mountain were dyed pitch black. The darkness surged downwards and towards great thunderclap monastery.

Qin Mu’s body trembled slightly and he didn’t continue to look. He continued to rush towards the northern border.

In eternal peace’s Golden River Manufacturing factory, Dao ancestor raised his head and looked in the direction of great thunderclap monastery. Suddenly, tears flowed down his face.

The old Buddha who had been begging for him with the black iron alms bowl in his hand and the great monk who had accompanied him for a million years should be gone.

“Daofather?”Lin Xuan revealed an inquisitive look.

The daofather turned his head away. “It’s fine. Continue working.”

Meanwhile, the Buddhas who had left the Buddhist world were also looking back. Zhan Kong rulai didn’t look at the situation in the Buddhist world. Instead, he continued to walk forward with his staff. In a muffled voice, he said, “Advance to the west.”

He recommended Changfeng’s new book, ‘Secret Warfare Without a trace’. Those who liked spy warfare could go and take a look.