Chapter 1705

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Chapter 1705: Chapter 1699, mechanisms were too clever

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‘there are twenty-one clones of ancient god Spirit official that have died in my hands. One of them is trapped by me while the other is trapped by junior brother Jiang Baigui. These two ancient gods of spirit official don’t have much power left. In that case, there are still seven left.’

Qin Mu rushed towards the land of the northern border. His speed had already slowed down a little from the beginning, causing his heart to sink.

West Earth might not be able to make it in time.

With his current speed, even if he abandoned Wei Suifeng and Black Tortoise and went straight for West Earth, the two ancient god clones of the spirit official would have already arrived there.

‘but I have to kill these two ancient god Clones! ‘otherwise, after they kill Yue Tingge and West Emperor White Tiger, they will turn around and kill first ancestor, Dao ancestor, and the rest! Hopefully, Yue Tingge and the West Emperor will be able to hold on! Yue Tingge is the number one celestial master after all!”

He was as fast as lightning. There were three ancient gods in the northern borderlands, dealing with Emperor Xuanwu and Wei Suifeng respectively.

There were two in the West Earth, one in the South Heaven or the beast world to deal with the Dragon Qilin, and the last one to rush to the ancestral court.

This great swamp was the ancestral land of Black Tortoise and two emperors, and it was extremely magnificent. Among the Four Emperors of ancient gods, Black Tortoise and two emperors were the strongest. These two ancient gods were the strongest race of creators in the immemorial era, they were the gods that Juyu clan had worshiped!

At that moment, on the Heavenly River in this great swamp, a huge ship was galloping in the river, pressing down on the water.

Wei Suifeng led the imperial guards to set up the formation of great heavenly court on the huge ship. This was the newest formation map of eternal peace. With eternal peace’s skilled craftsmen, they had only created four formation maps, and one of them had been taken by Emperor Yiyue, it was used in the battle of carefree village.

Wei Suifeng had one on his side, Jiang Baigui had one, and Yue Tingge had the other.

As for that huge ship, it was the one that Wei Suifeng had designed to break the Heavenly River Navy’s Heavenly River Futu. It was also an incomparably heavy weapon.

Even with the support of two heavy weapons, Wei Suifeng and the Yulin Royal Guards found it extremely difficult to face the spiritual official palace Lord’s ancient God clone. The formation could be broken at any time!

On the other side, the Black Tortoise had merged and revealed its true body. It was fighting against two spiritual official clones in the Great Swamp. One of the husband and wife was the black tortoise, and the other was Teng She.

Soaring snake coiled around the black tortoise, and the black tortoise spread out its incomparably thick limbs. It sprinted in the Great Swamp as if it was flying, stepping on the black tortoise formation map to mobilize the power of the Great Swamp. It used the body of an ancient god to fight against the two ancient god clones, slaughtering them until the sky collapsed and the earth cracked, the Great Swamp was also almost shattered into pieces!

The corporeal bodies of black tortoise and black tortoise were tattered, and they resisted with all their might. The husband and wife had combined skills, but the clone of the spirit official was also a combined skill. It was even more tyrannical than the husband and wife. If they weren’t in the ancestral land.., they would have been killed by the spirit official long ago!

His hands were placed on the left and right of the eyebrows of the two ancient gods, and the power of the Red knot instantly exploded!

The two ancient gods grunted and fell from the sky. Just as they landed, the power of the Red Knot had already shattered their primordial spirits.

Qin Mu’s footsteps didn’t stop as he tore through the sky.

Wei Suifeng was originally overjoyed when he saw Qin Mu coming, but when he saw that Qin Mu hadn’t rushed over to his side and disappeared in the blink of an eye, he couldn’t help becoming furious. “I’m still eldest senior brother after all, and he actually left me to die!”

After two emperors of black tortoise were saved, they couldn’t be bothered and immediately came over to help him. They worked together to kill the clone of ancient god Spirit official.

‘there are still four left! But it’s already too late for West Earth…’

Qin Mu became more and more anxious, but it was useless no matter how anxious he was. The journey from the northern border to West Earth was originally a long one, so it would take some time.

Hall Master Spirit Officer’s clone had started ahead of him, and his speed was extremely fast. In addition, he had traversed almost all the war zones in eternal peace, so the spirit officer would definitely have reached West Earth by now!

The Flames of war had already reached high heavens. High Heavens was Xu Shenghua’s hometown, but it had already been taken over by White Emperor. When White Emperor saw the army of West Emperor coming, he retreated to defend high heavens and avoided the battle.

After the western Emperor’s white tiger descended, the Battle of High Heavens began. The white emperor activated the ancestral court’s West Heaven’s Gate and used it as the gate of high heavens. He defended High Heavens with his life and waited for the Heavenly Court’s reinforcements.

At that moment, a handsome ancient god appeared in the heavens above high heavens.

At the same time, the sky suddenly shook violently, and the void tore apart. A huge void mother beast carrying a dragon qilin descended from the sky, and behind it were countless primordial beasts that had descended on West Earth!

When the ancient god saw this, he was astonished, “The Master of the Beast Realm! He’s actually not in South Heaven and has come to West Earth! But that’s fine, I didn’t go to look for him anyway. Since I’m here, I’ll take care of him, Yue tingge, and West Emperor in one go.”

When Qin Mu rushed to West Earth, he saw spirit official’s ancient God clone being trapped. This ancient God clone was handsome and had high abilities. He could be said to be a top existence among celestial venerables, but he was trapped by Yue Tingge’s formation.

The fourth complete formation map of the Great Heavenly Court that blind had led the formation experts of eternal peace to design was in Yue Tingge’s hands.

Yue tingge had surrounded him and saw that the power of the formation couldn’t kill him, so he invited the West Emperor White Tiger to enter the formation personally and beat this ancient god into a pulp.

As for high heavens, they were blocked by the Beast Army led by the Dragon Qilin in West Heaven Gate and couldn’t come out to save him.

‘Why is Fatty Dragon Here? Furthermore, why is there only the clone of a spirit official here?’

The clone of Spirit official had taken the initiative to enter the trap he had set up. It could be said that he had walked right into the trap and was caught red-handed.

‘in other words, Hall master spirit official didn’t go to South Heaven at the moment and should have sent two clones to West Earth, but he only sent one!’

Qin Mu frowned. Logically speaking, in order to be safe, Hall master spirit official should have sent two ancient god clones to kill Yue Tingge and West Emperor White Tiger.

In her territory, the West Emperor White Tiger was also an existence of celestial venerable level. Even though Yue Tingge’s battle prowess was only at the level of Celestial Master, his intelligence was extremely high and he was the first existence to crack the Green Glass Heaven stronghold formation, there had once been people in the Heaven Court who praised him for being able to fight against three masters alone!

The three masters here referred to the three Masters — Divine Master, Earth Master, and Water Master!

Hall Master Spirit Officer’s two ancient god clones could easily get rid of the two of them, but sending just one clone was a little too much.

‘If Spirit Officer didn’t go to South Heaven, then one of the remaining three clones would have to go to the world tree of the ancestral court! The other two clones should also go to the world tree!’

Even though Qin Mu was extremely tired.., his mind became clearer. ‘Heavenly Emperor Vast Heaven had invited him to kill the leaders of the armies of eternal peace and carefree village, but spirit official had his own goal, which was to go to the ancestral court and unseal the seals under the world tree of the ancestral court so that the prehistoric smugglers could enter this universe and cause a calamity

‘Heavenly Emperor Vast Heaven has his plans, and spirit official has his own plans! In order to verify my guess, there’s only one way!’

His body suddenly moved and rushed into the formation of the Great Heavenly Court that Yue Tingge had laid down. When West Emperor White Tiger saw this, he immediately stopped his attack while Yue tingge continued to maintain the formation to prevent spirit official’s clone from escaping.

The pressure on spirit official’s clone lightened, and he saw Qin Mu standing in front of him. His expression couldn’t help changing slightly, he then laughed out loud. “Seventh young master, your speed is peerless in the world, but I’m not slow either. You have yet to reach the DAO after all, so you are not a young master of Miluo Palace. “You have already lost this battle. Third Young Master and fourth young master will definitely descend and send you to the prehistoric universe, making you the seventh young master! “At that time, seventh young master will still have to thank me!”

Qin Mu stretched out his hand and pointed. Spirit officer hurriedly tried to block, but he missed. His ancient God clone also gave birth to his primordial spirit, which was shot out from his body by Qin Mu’s finger and floated in the air.

His primordial spirit tried to escape, but it was astonished to find that it couldn’t move at all.

Qin Mu spread his fingers, and the primordial spirit of Spirit Officer clone immediately split into three parts.

Qin Mu stretched out two fingers and pinched his primordial spirit. His left hand drew a circle in the air, and with a flick of his finger, he sent his primordial spirit into the round wheel.

The other three clones of Hall Master Spirit Officer had two of them carrying dao fruits and one of them carrying dao flowers as they crazily rushed toward the ancestral court!

The clone with the fastest speed had already seen the ancestral court from afar!

Qin Mu’s sleeves trembled, and the three souls of the clone spirit officer were shattered!

He rose and tore through the sky!

The West Emperor White Tiger saw his exhaustion and immediately took out the bugle horn, blowing it with all its might.

In the sound of the bugle horn, Qin Mu’s Qi and blood suddenly became several times more vigorous. Yue tingge, the dragon qilin, and the West Emperor White Tiger raised their heads to look and saw a purple teleportation formation that spanned tens of thousands of miles. It was incomparably complicated.., the formation suddenly revolved and with a loud boom, the teleportation formation vanished along with Qin Mu!

“Heavenly venerate mu seems to be extremely tired. I wonder if he can catch up to those three clones?”

Yue tingge had a worried expression. The two clones of Hall Master Spirit official had their own dao fruits while the other had dao flowers. Their abilities were far from what the other clones could compare to.

Qin Mu was clearly running for a long distance. Whether it was his corporeal body or magic power, the consumption was huge. With his exhausted body, even if he caught up to Hall master spirit official’s three great clones, he would probably be exhausted by them!

‘with his leg strength, even if he had to fold space, add teleportation formations, and run at full speed, he would probably need five to six days to reach the ancestral court.’

Yue tingge calculated for a moment and said in a low voice, “And in five to six days, I’m afraid that the first avatar of the spirit official has already reached the ancestral court world tree! He won’t be able to make it in time…”

Four days later, the ancestral court was shrouded in darkness.

Before dawn, the East had already spat out white. Xu Shenghua raised his head and watched Tai Yi’s dao tree disappear into the ultimate void. Then, he carried the metal bucket down the World Tree and prepared to repair the cracked mountain peak on the periphery of the Great Black Mountain.

Even though the Yuan world was in a state of chaos and chaos, it was still peaceful under the ancestral court’s World Tree.

Xu Shenghua was as peaceful as the world tree in the morning. He carried the metal bucket and unhurriedly came to the periphery of the Great Black Mountain. That night, the outside of the Great Black Mountain was in a state of darkness. It was a terrifying scene of the destruction of the universe.

He was used to it and did not mind. He only waited for the Sun to rise.

He waited for the Sun to rise and everything would be restored.

Finally, the Sun Rose. The first ray of sunlight shone on the world tree. In his line of sight, the Great Black Mountains gradually became clearer.

Xu Shenghua carried the metal bucket and stood on the top of a cracked cliff. He saw an ancient God walking out of the Black Mountain. A Dao fruit was hanging high above his head and spinning.

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