Chapter 1706

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Chapter 1706: Chapter 1,700, young master Xu of Eternal Peace and the spirit official of Miluo Palace

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When Xu Shenghua saw this ancient god, he raised the metal bucket in his hand. The ancient God looked at him curiously and saw this gentle and refined man actually raising the metal bucket in front of him and drinking all the water in it!

“Spirit Official Palace of Miluo Palace, Spirit Saint greets fellow Daoist Xu.”

The dao fruit at the back of the ancient God’s head spun and emitted a clear dao sound, he asked curiously, “Fellow Daoist Xu, the water in your bucket should be the Dao Dew from the Great Change Dao Tree, right? This Dao Dew is a treasure that you used to repair the Great Black Mountain. Why did you drink it all?”

He couldn’t help but laugh. “Seventh young master left you here to guard the crack in the world tree so that you wouldn’t be smuggled in by the prehistoric experts. Yet, you drank all the Dao Dew. How Do you explain this to him?”

“Actually, I drink it every day.”

Xu Shenghua put down the metal bucket and said seriously, “For the past thirty years, I Have Been Drinking Dao dew every day. Every day, I have been missing a mountain.”

The spirit officer laughed. “The seventh young master doesn’t know people well enough. He is a crony. How can he accomplish anything by leaving a person who practices favoritism and cheats here to guard the World Tree?”

As Xu Shenghua refined the dao dew, he sized up the body of the ancient god who called himself spirit saint. He was travel-worn, and there was still some morning dew on his body. He must have traveled through the night and arrived outside the Great Black Mountain at night, he did not enter the mountain at night.

The Great Black Mountain was extremely unique.

At night, the outside world was a terrifying scene of the destruction of the universe. During the day, it would return to normal, so entering the mountain at night was an extremely dangerous thing.

It was common knowledge among the residents of the Great Black Mountain to not go out at night. This person called Spirit Saint should also know this common knowledge.

“The reason why I drink a portion of dao dew every day is to solve a difficult problem.”

Xu Shenghua explained patiently. In fact, he didn’t need to explain anything to spirit officer’s clone, but it was because of his personality.

When he was with Xu Shenghua, regardless of whether he was friend or foe, he would feel as if he was bathing in the spring breeze. This man was gentle and refined, modest and considerate of others. This was the charm of his personality.

The people who interacted with Qin Mu all wanted to beat him down and trample him under their feet. Even their closest relatives wanted to hang him up and beat him ruthlessly.

However, the people who interacted with Xu Shenghua would develop a kind of respect that came from the bottom of their hearts. They wished they could put down their grudges and chat happily with him.

“What I want to resolve is that the ancestral court will become a huge blood sacrificial altar, and the dead will be sacrificed to the universe of the past.”

Xu Shenghua was very serious, he said, “Since the immemorial era, since the beginning of life, there has been an endless stream of death. Regardless of whether it was a natural disaster or a man-made disaster, the dead will be converted into energy and flow into the past universe. “Up until now, the accumulated energy is already extremely terrifying. “I was afraid that the young master of the Myo Palace would take the opportunity to descend, so I tried to drink a portion of the Dao dew and release a prehistoric stowaway every day.”

The spirit official was astonished, he thought for a moment and said, “By doing this, you can indeed solve the problem of energy exchange, but there is also a drawback to doing so. That is, the prehistoric stowaways will go on a rampage and wreak havoc, causing even more energy to be sacrificed to the past. “In this way, wouldn’t it speed up the descent of the Miro Palace?”

“So every night, I will face a battle.”

Xu Shenghua explained patiently, “Cult Master Qin asked me to guard this place. He only told me to guard this place well. As for how to do it, he didn’t give me a detailed explanation. My disposal space is very large. “So, I chose to release an expert from the past universe every day. “As long as they die here before they walk out of the Great Black Mountain, they will not trigger the ancestral court’s blood sacrifice.”

The spiritual official’s expression changed slightly. “How long have you been doing this?”

“Since Youdu defeated founding Emperor Qin Ye and died in battle, it has been eleven thousand seven hundred and forty-two days.”

Xu Shenghua raised his hand and pointed at the mountain ranges. “At the foot of each of these black mountains, there are graves. They are the gravestones that I set up for them. These prehistoric dao friends are buried inside.”

The spiritual officer turned his head and looked in the direction of Xu Shenghua’s finger. His expression changed drastically. He saw that the countless mountain peaks around the Great Black Mountain had already been covered by green vegetation. The trees were dense and no longer looked as desolate as before. At the foot of the mountain, there were many graves. In front of the graves, there were many gravestones.

Some of the gravestones had names, while some were blank.

There were eleven thousand seven hundred and forty-two graves.

The corners of spirit official’s clone’s eyes twitched. In the past thirty years, all the prehistoric strong practitioners who had sneaked into this place had been killed and buried here by this young man in front of him!

And he drank a portion of Dao Dew every day in order to raise his own abilities and deal with even more unexpected situations!

The way this young man did things was far more meticulous than seventh young master Qin Mu, and he was even more patient!

The things Xu Shenghua had to do every day were very monotonous. He had to receive dao dew at night, kill a stowaway, repair the Black Mountain during the day, bury the stowaway, and build the gravestones for the dead. Thirty years were like a single day!

“No wonder the other dao practitioners of Myluo Palace were unable to descend.”

The spirit official let out a turbid breath, “In these thirty years, there have been many battles, and countless lives have been injured or killed. “I have already moved the blood sacrifice array to the origin world, thinking that it would allow more of the Myluo Palace’s Dao practitioners to descend. However, I haven’t seen them come all these years. I didn’t think that you would be the one playing tricks here. “Every night, you lure out a prehistoric stowaway. This way, you can use up the replacement energy. The Myluo Palace’s Dao practitioners are stronger and require more replacement energy, so they are unable to descend. You are very smart! Then, when you saw me just now, you took the initiative to drink all the Dao Dew because you knew that I was here to kill you?”

Xu Shenghua nodded, he said, “You are very strong, and you understand the great black mountain very well. You also have the Dao fruit. I don’t have full confidence in dealing with you. “If I were to die at your hands, the Great Black Mountain would become a passage for the prehistoric powerhouses. Every night, there would be countless prehistoric powerhouses smuggling over. “And if I were to survive, I could still rely on my skyrocketing strength to fight against them. That’s why I chose to drink all the Dao Dew.”

The spiritual officer smiled, he praised, “You’re a very troublesome person, and also a very smart person. “In addition to the seventh young master who committed all kinds of evil, this seventeenth epoch also gave birth to a person like you, which surprised me greatly. “Are all the delicacies and evilness in the world concentrated on the two of you?”

“The cult master is not an evil person. To You, he is evil. To us, the cult master has paid too much.”

Xu Shenghua said seriously, “There are still many people like me and Cult Master Qin, such as LAN Yutian, heavenly venerate cloud, founding emperor, Hua Xuanxiu, and so on. We are not the only two. “The reason why there are so many talents in the seventeenth epoch is not that Lingxiu has gathered on us. It’s mainly because there are no invaders like you who achieved dao in the prehistoric era.”

The spiritual officer raised his eyebrows.

Xu Shenghua continued, “This is the merit of Tai Yi. Tai Yi blocked you in the sixteenth epoch. Without your invasion, the seventeenth epoch was able to grow. It had a wider space, a longer history, and a thicker accumulation. That’s why it exploded in the last million years. Because of the tenth heavenly venerate, the explosion was not intense. However, in the past few hundred years, the explosion had caused a qualitative change! “If the 17th epoch continues to exist, there will be more and more dao practitioners in the future. They will be prosperous and prosperous. They might not necessarily be inferior to the Yiluo Palace.”

The spiritual officer laughed loudly. Xu Shenghua looked at him and did not continue.

The spiritual officer’s laughter gradually died down. He walked towards Xu Shenghua, and a strange movement of the Great Dao came from his body, xu Shenghua said indifferently, “Xu Shenghua, there will never be another mi Luo Palace in the 17th epoch. “The completion stage of this universe will soon complete its evolution and enter the completion stage. “When there are more and more of you who have achieved the Dao and the ultimate void is unable to withstand it, you will enter the stage of destruction and everything will eventually become empty!”

Xu Shenghua put down the metal bucket and said indifferently, “Whether it is entrusted to the void, the Dao of the Dao realm, or any other dao techniques, the Dao lies outside. The true completion of the Dao lies within.”

His aura spread out, and within the calmness, there was a surging torrent, which made the spirit official hall master’s face a little solemn.

When he looked at Xu Shenghua just now, he couldn’t see anything special, but when Xu Shenghua’s aura spread out, it made him feel a little shocked!

It was as if there was a universe hidden within Xu Shenghua’s body. As his aura erupted, the various Great Dao in his body seemed to awaken at the same time, making him somewhat uncertain of Xu Shenghua’s battle strength!

“There’s no need to entrust Great Dao, why must the Dao Tree Force It?”

Among them, there were the heavenly gate, Yaotai Jade Lake, Heavenly Sea, God slaying platform, nine prison platform, four extreme heavens, and other holy lands. However, there was no jade capital city!

Instead, there were five major mineral veins, Taiji, Taisu, Tai Shi, Tai Chu, and Tai Yi. The five major mineral veins emitted rays of multicolored light and steam, rising into the sea of clouds. The dao rhythm was long and magnificent!

The five mineral veins were like the five meridians of the ancestral court. The Heavenly River was the passage connecting the three realms, the ancestral court, and the quadrupole heaven!

In the middle of the five mineral veins stood a towering world tree. The light from the five mineral veins gathered in the world tree!

When the spiritual officer’s clone saw the world tree, his face changed.

The World Tree was a tree that was hard to come by.

The Dao Tree of a dao practitioner could be said to be a world tree. However, to imitate the Great Dao, one needed to entrust it to the void!

And within the body of the void flower, there was actually a world tree!

This World Tree was the Dao Tree of the void flower!

Not only that, he also saw the void within the body of the void flower, the 33 layers of void!

This kind of void was the void brought about by the Dao realm, not the void of the universe. It was the void formed when the Great Dao within the body of the void flower was comprehended to the 33 heavens of the Dao realm!

Most likely, after Xu Shenghua cultivated to the 36th Heaven of the Dao realm, there would be 36 layers of void in his body. The world tree would also mature. At that time, Dao Flowers would grow and bear dao fruits!

He did not cultivate any heavenly palaces, much less jade capital!

The spirit officer could not hold it in any longer and pushed the power of his dao fruit to the limit!

Xu Shenghua’s strength was somewhat beyond his expectations. He had originally thought that he could kill this person with ease, but now it seemed that this was a monster who lived in seclusion here. He had to use his full strength!

He could see that Xu Shenghua was stalling for time to refine the energy in the bucket of Dao Dew, but he was also stalling for time. His speed was the fastest, and the other two clones were slightly slower and were still on their way.

But now, Xu Shenghua was ready to make a move, forcing him to make a move in advance!

The power of his dao fruit exploded, and dao patterns spread out from the dao fruit, turning into thirty-six heavens domains, layer upon layer of domains spreading out.

He had to win this battle!

His body suddenly bulged. This trip was extremely important, so he used the most powerful ancient god body.

He also brought a dao fruit. The dao fruit was enough to supplement the deficiency of his body in the Dao realm!

His other clones could die, but this body could not die. He had to complete the task entrusted to him by the third and fourth young masters of the Miluo Palace!

He rushed over, and even the Great Black Mountain formed by the world tree stump trembled and cracked under his feet. The power in his body was pushed to the extreme, and his great dao achievements burst forth from the power of the Dao Fruit!

Xu Shenghua suddenly stopped and stood on the top of a mountain. He looked at the spirit official who was rushing at him. The ancient god was like a giant that had split open the heaven and earth, but before he arrived, the pressure felt as if the heaven and earth had been overturned!

“Cult Master Qin is the so-called seventh young master. He once said that I am the one who has achieved great success in the reform of Eternal Peace.”

Xu Shenghua’s footsteps staggered and his body sank slightly. The Great Dao in his body moved and let out a roar!

“I don’t agree with many of his views, but I have never refuted these words because!”

His magic power circulated and his feet exerted strength as he faced the spirit official’s strongest attack head-on. “I am indeed the one who has achieved great success in the reform of eternal peace. In fact, I have walked even further than eternal peace!”

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